Friday, 11 February 2005

Man made to watch gang rape

10/02/2005 21:44 - (SA)

Nkosana ka Makaula

Nelspruit - A husband was forced to watch as four men raped his wife just two weeks after she miscarried a baby.

Only one of the suspects was arrested and he pleaded not guilty to rape and armed robbery in Nelspruit regional court in Mpumalanga on Thursday.

Sifiso Mubi, 34, said he was nowhere near the scene of the crime, but forensic evidence submitted to the court matched his DNA with semen found on the woman.

The couple was walking past the Why Not Tavern in Tonga, south of Malelane, on their way to a night vigil on August 14 last year when they were attacked.

They claim Mubi had a gun on him and that they were taken to a secluded area where the husband was robbed of his hat, R60 and wallet, while his wife was robbed of her jewellery and R80.

She was stripped naked and raped on the ground while her husband was forced to watch.

Wife pleaded for mercy

Her husband calmly told the court how his wife pleaded for mercy as she had not recovered from the miscarriage.

He said that when he tried to struggle free, he was stabbed in the ear with a sharp object.

He said Mubi convinced one of the rapists not to steal his shoes and the four men then fled.

Mubi was arrested two weeks later and has been in custody.

The case has been postponed to April 28 for more witnesses to be called.

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