Sunday, 10 July 2005

Mom tells of rape 'raid' by 4

15/06/2005 21:58 - (SA)

Carina van Wyk

Germiston - "Everyone in the house is shattered," said a shocked 44-year-old woman after two of her daughters had been raped on Wednesday morning on the East Rand.

"Now, I must be the strong one. It will probably hit me tonight, and then I am going to cry my eyes out.

"But, now I must remain calm and let some sanity prevail in this totally insane world."

According to inspector Thomlyn Jacobs of East Rand police, four men in their early twenties gained access to a garden flat in Koedoe Street, Primrose, about 03:00 by lifting the sliding door out of its frame.

The armed robbers - three had firearms and one a knife - tied up the eldest daughter, aged 24, and her 25-year-old boyfriend, and then took them through the back door into the house.

The daughter's father, aged 55, her two sisters, aged 19 and 17, and one of their boyfriends were all pulled from their beds.

Everyone had to lie on the floor while the robbers searched the house for valuables.

The mother said: "They tied everyone up in the bedroom at the back of the house.

"One of the men took my eldest daughter to the bathroom and another took my middle daughter to a bedroom where they were both raped.

"And, that was after they had promised they wouldn't hurt anyone."

About 05:00 the four men left with two hi-fi sets, six cellphones and a laptop - worth about R50 000 in all.

The daughters' parents are divorced. A neighbour phoned their mother about 05:30 and she raced to the house when she heard what had happened.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old man.

The daughters are on antiretroviral medication.

The mother said: "It's bullshit that such things should happen. How would you feel if you had been raped?"

Source: News24,,2-7-1442_1722082,00.html

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