Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Farmer dies after attack

24/04/2006 15:10 - (SA)

Brits - A 40-year-old farmer died in hospital after he was shot on his farm in the North West province on Friday night, police said.

De Ville Roos, 40, and Johanna Roos, 37, were attacked on their farm in Uitvalgrond in the Sonop area near Brits at about 19:30, Marico area spokesperson Inspector Erica Roos said on Monday.

The couple were in the kitchen when an armed man entered through an unlocked door and demanded they lie face down on the floor. He then fired three shots at Roos, hitting him twice in the chest and once in the neck.

A second man entered the house and demanded vehicle keys from Johanna Roos, while a third suspect carried a television set and a computer outside.

The men fled when they saw lights at the gate from a security company responding to the alarm which had gone off when the shots were fired. The stolen items were found outside the house.

Roos was taken to hospital and died on Saturday from bullet wounds. His wife was not injured.

Police are investigating.


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