Monday, 17 April 2006

Hijacker drives over woman during getaway

Graeme Hosken

April 17 2006 at 05:17AM

A Pretoria woman is in a serious condition in hospital after a hijacker drove over her with her car during his attempt to escape.

Frieda Lombard, 53, who is in the Pretoria East Hospital's intensive care unit, was about to pull into the driveway of her Waverly home on Saturday when a gunman attacked her, pulling her out of her car and throwing her to the ground beneath her vehicle.

Screaming for help as she tried to stand up and run to safety, Lombard smashed her head on the pavement and was dragged beneath her new Nissan Almera as her attacker reversed the car over her.

The hijacker, who had a handgun, crushed her left ankle and lacerated her legs as he drove over her again before racing off.

'I ran as fast as I could to see what was happening' Lombard was rushed to the hospital's emergency room, where doctors spent four hours stabilising her.

Lombard's shaken husband, Pieter, 58, said he had been in the kitchen fixing a stove when he had heard his wife screaming.

"I ran as fast as I could to see what was happening," he said.

As he ran outside, Lombard watched and listened in horror as his wife screamed in agony when she was dragged beneath their car as the hijacker drove over her.

Coming to his wife's aid, Lombard shouted for help as his wife lay bleeding on the pavement.

Neighbours and a shop owner, who had tried to stop the hijacker, tried frantically to stem the bleeding while waiting for paramedics.

Lombard said he could not believe how quickly the attack had happened.

"It is as though life means nothing to these criminals. It is as though criminals have a licence that allows them to take what they want and do what they want," he said.

He said his wife would be undergoing reconstructive surgery to her ankles on Monday.

Lombard said he was waiting for the police to contact him to say what was happening with the investigation, or whether there was anything they needed to do to help the police.

Police spokesperson Lucas Sithole confirmed that a case of hijacking and attempted murder was being investigated.

"Although no arrests have been made, we are confident of making a breakthrough soon and are following up on a number of leads," he said.

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Mercury on April 17, 2006


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