Thursday, 15 June 2006

Grandfather 'played dead' during robbery

June 15 2006 at 05:16AM

By Janine du Plessis

A grandfather looking after his grandchildren played dead after he was shot twice by robbers at his home near Cullinan.

Andries Benadie, 64, his wife and two grandchildren were at his home on Tuesday night when they heard a noise outside.

While his wife hid with the children, he waited behind the door with a knobkerrie.

Two men armed with R4 rifles stormed the door, shooting Benadie twice, in the leg and in the arm.

The men tied up Benadie's wife and grandson, while the granddaughter was told to open the safe.

Benadie lay still, pretending to be dead, while the men ransacked the house before making off with a pile of possessions.

Benadie was later admitted to the Eugene Marais Hospital. The rest of the family were not hurt.

The chairman of the Cullinan Farmers' Union, Louis Meintjies, said the incident was not like the average armed robbery.

"He (Benadie) was waiting for them. He wanted to fight them, but they shot at him.

"As he lay there pretending to be dead, he said he heard the men saying 'we killed him and it is done now'. It seems they wanted to kill him - an R4 is an army-issue gun," said Meintjies.

"They couldn't find anything much, but took their cellphones and jewellery," he said.

Henri Combrink, a fellow union member involved in the Community Policing Forum in the area, said he heard "quite a few shots" and went to see what was going on.

"When we arrived, they were trying to start the car but they ran away. We attended to Benadie, the police arrived and we took him to hospital."

Combrink said it was the second attack in a year.

"This is also the second one with an automatic firearm.

"These are military and police weapons, which are either being supplied or stolen. We have had a few farm attacks in the past few years," he said.

Police spokesman Inspector Paul Ramaloko said: "The armed robbers stole household goods and personal belongings.

"There might have been a struggle and that was why they shot Benadie twice, or the police interrupted them and they got a fright.

"He is in a serious but stable condition in hospital."

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on June 15, 2006


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