Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Elderly couple hijacked, beaten

Nick Cornelius, 80, in his blood-stained clothes after being hijacked and assaulted in Midrand. (Beeld)
21/11/2006 09:17 - (SA)

Marlise Scheepers, Beeld

Pretoria - An elderly delivery contractor for Beeld and his wife were hijacked and assaulted while delivering newspapers in Vorna Valley, Midrand early on Monday morning.

Nick Cornelius, 80, and his wife, Lynette, 56, had stopped at a complex in Van Heerden Road when three suspects in a vehicle stopped behind them.

According to Jacobus Waardhuizen, Mrs Cornelius's son, the three men pulled the couple out of their vehicle and assaulted them.

"They hit my mother and stepfather over the head with such force with a rifle that the magazine fell out. They threw my stepfather on the ground and jumped on his chest," said Waardhuizen.

"One of the men put a bottle of beer he had with him on the ground before they left in my parents' brand new Toyota Tazz," he said.

"A woman who lives in the complex heard my mother's screams and called the police."

Cornelius and his wife were taken to Tembisa Hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

They were discharged on Monday morning and were recuperating at their home in Newlands, Johannesburg.



Anonymous said...

Is there no depth that these primates cannot sink to. They rape babies, old women, pregnant woman and they assault a defenceless old man.
Kindness and compassion is like foolishness to them.
Pull together white people because I think that these are the good days.
These beasts have no self control and left to their own devices they will return to swinging in the trees and eating each other.
To the elderly gentleman who was assaulted I say to you, you are a man and they are a lower undeveloped form of life.

Anonymous said...

Criminals have a changed mindset on life. These individuals lose the human function of basic humanity. Crime, in South Africa, is endorsed by lack of what politics is all about. Criminals should be held accountable for their hateful crimes by not sitting in jail (or not) but by working with their hands and brains. Let them work by cleaning up the streets, rebuilding the schools and farms they tear down... maybe they will find the reason for farming is for the providing of FOOD for the people. Let them make good on anything they are criminally responsible for. Occupying their brains and bodies by positively enhancing the country back to its once beautiful state.