Thursday, 2 November 2006

Victim needed brain surgery

31/10/2006 21:52 - (SA)

Pietermaritzburg - After an elderly woman shot and lightly wounded a robber in her home she was so badly beaten, stabbed and kicked that she had to have neuro-surgery, Pietermaritzburg High Court was told on Tuesday.

Allanah Valentine, of Hilton, near Pietermaritzburg, told the court that the man she had wounded and an accomplice robbed her of watches, rings, a gun, clothing, jewellery, money, semi-precious stones and other items after they broke in about 23:00 on August 29 last year.

She said that the assaults left her semi-conscious at times during the hour they were in her home.

The robbery and assaults took place while she was alone as her husband had gone to attend to an alarm raised at his factory.

Bongani Ndlovu, 21, and Kansas Madlala, 23, of Sweetwaters, near Hilton, pleaded not guilty to the charge of aggravated robbery.

Shot at robber

They tendered alibi defences, saying they were elsewhere at the time.

Valentine said that while her husband was away her dogs barked loudly and she fetched a revolver from her bedside.

A robber confronted her and she shot at him, the bullet grazed his stomach.

She and the wounded man fought for the firearm and the other robber hit her on the head, dazing her.

They kicked, stabbed and hit her while dragging her around the house and demanding money. She showed them a purse and they took the money.

They saw a safe in the office of the house and demanded that she open it and they took money from it.

They ransacked the house, taking items of value.

Lowered their trousers

In February this year, Valentine was called to Hilton police station to identify goods which had been stolen.

She also identified the two accused at an identity parade from a line-up of 14 men.

She identified the man she had wounded when those in the line-up were asked to lower their trousers.

The suspect she shot had a badly healed wound on his stomach, she said.

The case continues.



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The ANC has always been a terrorist movement

Terrorism is a term used to describe violence or other harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians by groups or persons for political, nationalist, or religious goals. As a type of unconventional warfare, terrorism means to weaken or supplant existing political landscapes through capitulation, acquiescence, or radicalization, as opposed to subversion or direct military action.

"Terrorist attacks" usually are characterized as "indiscriminate", the "targeting of civilians", or as executed "with disregard for human life".

The Oxford English Dictionary defines terrorism as "a policy intended to strike with terror those against whom it is adopted; the employment of methods of intimidation; the fact of terrorising or condition of being terrorised."

Webster's New International Dictionary defines terrorism as the "act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; specif.: a The system of the Reign of Terror. b A mode of governing, or of opposing government, by intimidation. c Any policy of intimidation.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism as "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons."

A leopard does not change it spots. The ANC was, and has always been a terrorist movement. The current problems with the crime in South Africa are these terrorists method of maintaining & growing their dominant position. They are hereby forcing their political ideologies and policies onto the general public, and specifically onto their archenemy, The Afrikaner.

The ANC told the world, through their church leaders (Alan Boesak & Desmond Tutu) that that they want to re-built South Africa. They told the world that they want to create a “Rainbow Nation”, free of racism, but they are doing the opposite of what they preach. They are dividing the Nation, creating unparalleled racism and racial hatred in South Africa.

The ANC is predominantly Xhosa. These Xhosas has taken control over the indigenous Zulu tribe, by buying Zulu leaders loyalty. (Chequebook politics) Young Zulu warriors are becoming intolerant towards this, therefore supporting Jacob Zuma and his statement “bring my machinegun”.

The system of Apartheid is misunderstood. By keeping the different races in South Africa apart from each other, you prevent the racial tensions that surfaces in a mixed multicultural society. Hendrik Verwoed had this foresight, and created homeland for the different tribes, where they could each govern themselves. The work of HF Verwoerd was not complete when he was murdered. The aim was to create independent countries for the different tribes, where they could have governed themselves, without being dominated or governed by others.
No race wants to be governed by another race. This will always end up in racial tension, especially when significant numbers of a race is present. Races prefer to mismanage themselves, rather than to be managed by another.

Under the Apartheid Government of H.F. Verwoerd, South Africa had problems with blacks wanting to enter South Africa from neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique, but under the ANC Government whites, Asians, Indians, and many blacks are fleeing the terror the ANC created in South Africa.

The ANC have effectively used the term “Apartheid” to obtain control over South Africa. They have no intention of creating peace among the different races in South Africa, because they want complete and total control over the entire South African society, in all areas. Thereby they want to enforce their own political agendas, policies and ideologies onto all.

This arrogance will eventually misfire onto them, because they ignore the differences in values & cultures between the different races.

Crime pays for the ANC. Its support base is criminals, and individuals that support crime. They give work (an income and therefore money) to all their supporters, and they want to destroy their political opponents (mainly South Africans of European decent) because they don’t politically support them, their ideologies & policies. Therefore they have implemented the Black Economic Empowerment policies, and the Land Claims Commission. These are used to punish & destroy their political opponents. Therefore the Genocide of the Afrikaner.

The ANC uses (only in the short term) political opponents of other tribes & races to achieve their objectives. After they have achieved their objectives, ANC supporting Xhosas are systematically replacing individuals of other tribes or races. The ANC would therefore use whites, Indians, Cape Colourds & Jews to achieve their goals- but in the long-term they are all replaced by ethnic Xhosas.

As an example, an Indian person would get a position in a National Department or Municipality to transform it. The Indian will then use all the tools available to him to “make life miserable”, fire, discredit, investigate & suspend white persons working in the Department. They will also appoint as many black persons as possible, until the entire Department is transformed. After this work is completed, the Indian person is investigated, dismissed and replaced by an ANC Xhosa.

It is unbelievable that businesses supports the ANC, whilst it is very clear that all these businesses will be transformed (and eventually be destroyed) over the medium to long term. As an example: Why is it so difficult for Raymond Ackerman of Pick ‘n Pay to speak out against the violence & crime in South Africa? Does he fear the ANC terrorists, or does he support the crime?

Why do Prominent South African business leaders not lash out on the ANC for failing to control crime in South Africa? It appears that they don’t want to speak, out of fear for retaliation.

Why did prominent companies relocate their head offices to London or New York?

There is no Future for South Africa with the ANC terrorists in power.

Not only foreign tourists, but also foreign investors should take note of it. There are safer countries to visit & invest in. The service delivery of South African Governmental Department is shockingly poor, providing very poor support to tourists, companies and investors.

Under the ANC terrorists, the entire South African society is collapsing. The collapse is in all areas, from roads to medical services. This is also part of their plan, because they want to replace the capitalist system (which they actually enjoy), with a communist system. (This is the ANC terrorists’ political & ideological objective).