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Rapists having fun

January 04, 2007, 10:15:36 AM

Durban - During a three-hour gang-rape ordeal at a South Coast holiday house at the New Year weekend, three attackers carried on with the victims' braai, cooking and helping themselves to beers.

According to sources, the attackers also allegedly forced their victims to eat meat from the braai.

Police said a man was taken in for questioning on Wednesday about the gang rape of three young women in Pennington on Saturday night, but no arrests had been made.

Superintendent Anton Booysen of the South Coast serious and violent crimes unit said late on Wednesday that reports of arrests were untrue.

Were having a braai

Instead, the investigating team comprising various units spent the whole of Wednesday scouring the crime scene.

He said dogs were used to search the holiday cottage for evidence and forensic experts had also been called in.

The three victims - aged 18, 19 and 20 - were part of a group of five young people spending the New Year weekend in Pennington.

They were braaing on the verandah of a holiday cottage in a residential complex on Saturday night when they were allegedly confronted by three men armed with guns and a knife.

All were tied up and forced back into the house. The young men were pushed on to the floor and the young women repeatedly raped.

All the while, the attackers continued to braai meat and eat and drink.

Just 1½ hours later, a couple from Gauteng were accosted while cleaning the kitchen of their holiday home in the same complex.

The wife was indecently assaulted. Booysen said the police team was looking into possible links between the two cases.

He said the modus operandi was the same as well as key elements of the descriptions provided by victims.

Too much coincidence

It is believed that some clothing taken during the first robbery may have been worn during the second.

"There is too much coincidence. I would be very surprised if they were not linked in some way," he said.

Hechter said police were investigating links to burglaries in the area in the past couple of months.

04/01/2007 10:32 - (SA)

Shirley Jones

Source:South Africa the truth

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