Saturday, 10 February 2007

Dad puts robbers to flight

09/02/2007 08:03 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - A father in Daspoort, Pretoria West, threw one robber into his son's blow-up pool and "really thumped" another one, to protect his family.

Sarel Nel, 34, his wife Deidré, 34, and five-year-old son Christo, were overpowered by three armed robbers at their home at about 06:00 on Wednesday.

Nel went outside to see why his refuse bin was not in its usual spot. As he came out the kitchen door, the robbers charged.

Nel said: "One pointed a pistol at me and the other two grabbed my hands.

Pointed pistol at boy

"The one with the pistol grabbed my son, who was behind me, and held the pistol to his head while he pushed him through the kitchen door.

Nel's wife and their son were held in the kitchen.

Deidré said: "Every time the robber pointed the pistol at Christo, he shouted 'Mommy, they're going to shoot us!' "

The robber shouted at her: "Shut him up or I promise I will shoot him."

Meanwhile, the other two robbers were trying to force Nel back into the house.

"I knew that once we were all in there, we wouldn't have a chance against them.

"I managed to throw the man on my right into my son's inflatable pool. I gave the one on my left a good hiding."

The robber with the pistol put his head out of the door to see what was going on and Deidré Nel hit the alarm button. Nel also shouted loudly for help. The robbers ran off, with Nel chasing them.

"I caught the one who had been thrown into the pool. I think his wet track suit was weighing him down."

Found butcher's knife

Nel said the family's two Jack Russells were missing. He suspected they might have been poisoned and were lying dead somewhere.

They found a brick, a butcher's knife and tape on their property, presumably brought there by the robbers.

Police spokesperson Paul Ramaloko said a 22-year-old man had been arrested on a charge of attempted murder.

He is due to appear in court shortly.


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