Monday, 12 February 2007

'Sadistic barbarian' guilty

08/02/2007 22:52 - (SA)

Marisa Phillips, Die Volksblad

Parys - A "sadistic barbarian", who raped and tortured 72-year-old Eugene Schaefer before killing her, has been found guilty of murder.

The High Court heard that Schaefer, who was entertainer Soli Philander's mother-in-law, was murdered at her home by Matshwane, after he had watched her sleeping.

Judge Arrie Hattingh found Matshwane, 20, guilty of murder, breaking and entering with the intention of rape and rape, robbery with aggravating circumstances and theft.

After he had broken into her home, he watched her sleeping for about half an hour and, when she woke, he stabbed her twice in the neck.

He then raped her as she lay bleeding.

Thought of raping corpse

He stabbed her altogether 38 times, with a pocket knife and dagger.

He admitted that he considered raping her again after she had died, but he looked at his watch, and fled after deciding that it was getting late.

Matshwane said he used a condom so that there would be no evidence pointing to him.

Police found a condom in a toilet in Schaefer's house.

Judge Hattingh said Matshwane had stalked her like a wild animal with its prey, and had tortured Schaefer before killing her.

Most of the goods that Matshwane had stolen were of sentimental value. He had even taken photo albums and frames from her home, and put his own pictures in them.

Hattingh said Matshwane had seen that his victim was a defenceless, helpless and elderly woman, a soft target who lived alone.

"She was easy prey for his murderous tendencies.

Not only is he a murderer and a rapist, he is also a coward. He looks for something easy to attack."

Matshwane was armed with knives when he went to Schaefer's home.

"Like a snake, he slithered down the passage to her room.

"He is a self-confessed, sex-obsessed criminal.

Indecent photographs

"He carries a condom around with him like other people carry peppermints."

Judge Hattingh said Matshwane's room was covered with indecent photographs. He was on parole for house breaking when he murdered Schaefer.

"To call you a pig, would be insulting to the pig," said Judge Hattingh.

"Not even pigs would do something like that. I don't want to compare you with any other creature."

Matshwane was due to be sentenced on Friday.


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