Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Kids' vigil over dying grandpa

03/04/2007 23:36 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler , Beeld

Pretoria - Two young children sat with their granny and their dying grandfather after an intruder had gunned him down as he bent to kiss his wife goodbye.

Johan Jacobus Faber, a 66-year-old pensioner of Booysens in Pretoria's western suburbs, was bending over to kiss Annetjie, 64, when he was felled by a single shot to the heart.

Faber died half an hour later in his lounge in front of his wife and two grandchildren JJ, 10, and Caroline, 12, of Wespark , who were staying with them for the holidays.

Their father, Philippus Faber, 37, said the attack took place just before his father left home to drop off security guards at their posts.

He usually left at 03:00, but on Tuesday morning he was a bit later than normal.

Saw somebody outside

Philippus said: "He had unlocked the gate at 03:30 and returned to the house.

"Just as he was bending over to kiss my mother, who was sitting in a chair in the lounge, she saw someone moving outside."

Annetjie thought at first it was her son, Mathys, 39, who lived two houses away from them, but then she saw a stooped figure running to the door.

Philippus said: "The next moment, she saw someone push a firearm through the door and a shot was fired.

"My mom said that as my dad fell he told her to close the door."

Caroline heard the shot and woke her brother.

JJ said: "I saw my granny crying and grandpa was lying on the floor, groaning.

"My sister and I and my grandma stayed with grandpa all the time."

Mathys, who had heard the shot and grabbed his firearm, was on the way out when his mom phoned to tell him his father had been shot.

He ran to their house, but the killer was already gone.

He said he became panicky when neither the police nor an ambulance had arrived half an hour later, and they called his brother-in-law, Theuns Gerike, who works for Netcare 911.

Resuscitation didn't work

Gerike called Netcare who arrived soon afterwards.

Gerikle tried doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the grandfather, and massaged his heart, but to no avail.

According to Philippus, the murderer did not steal anything.


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