Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Man recalls how trio 'raped' his wife

Hanti Otto

June 10 2008 at 07:00AM

"Naughty! Naughty!" a two-year-old girl shouted as three men raped her mom.

She lay on top of her father, who was tied up, but could see as the attackers - one at a time - raped his wife while the others held her legs apart.

It is believed the attackers also defecated in the Lyttelton house and wiped themselves with the little girl's dress.

A visibly shaken and traumatised husband on Monday testified against Steven Motlou, 32, Reuben Motlhamme, 24, and Lucky Piet Sifunda, 23, in the Pretoria regional court.

The suspects earlier pleaded not guilty to charges of rape, robbery with aggravating circumstances, kidnapping and the unlawful possession of firearms.

The husband, who cannot be identified in order to protect his wife, told the court: "We used to be this open cosmopolitan family. But since the incident we have closed up against other members of the Rainbow Nation. We wander from country to country. We don't know who we can trust in South Africa, as people are being chased out of here."

He recalled how they were awoken at 2am on May 22 2005, by "those three men" he said, pointing to the accused.

The family lived in a complex.

"The three men had pistols, laughing at us. Motlou asked where the money, guns and laptops were. Motlhamme kept saying to my wife: 'Shuut. We won't hurt you mommy'. I said we were good, poor people with no money or guns," the witness testified.

According to him, Motlou hit him in the face with what he suspected was a firearm.

The other two tied the husband and wife and ransacked the house.

With his voice emotionally pitching higher, the husband recalled how they returned and Motlou allegedly told his wife to open her legs as he "wanted to see".

They covered the husband with a duvet.

"I lifted my head from under the duvet. I saw my wife on her stomach. Accused 2 (Motlhamme) was raping her. Then accused 3 (Sifunda) and then accused 1.

"My little daughter was lying on top of me, shouting at them: 'Naughty! Naughty'," the husband testified.

After the attackers had left, the man managed to untie himself.

However, they returned, tied him again and said: "We are coming back, we want to n**i her again". They left and locked the bedroom door.

Most of the items the attackers packed to steal were left behind.

The husband said his wife was eight and a half months pregnant now. They returned to South Africa for the delivery of the child.

"This is, after all, our country."


This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on June 10, 2008


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