Monday, 23 June 2008

Slow pensioner punched

June 22 2008 at 12:24PM

By Agiza Hlongwane

A Durban pensioner is nursing a bruised face and recurrent headaches after being punched by a group of men when he failed to make way for their speeding, blue light-flashing motorcade.

The attack on Glenwood's Peter Driver, 63, last week was more than a case of Friday the 13th bad luck as he is only one of a growing number of KwaZulu-Natal motorists to fall victim to the notorious blue light brigade.

Driver was in the fast lane of the N2 highway near Umhlanga, coming from Richards Bay about 6pm last week when four cars came up behind him.

"They screamed up the road behind me," he said.

"The car behind me was hooting and flashing lights, indicating I should move to another lane. It was not possible to change lanes at the time, but these people seemed to feel I was in their way."

The drivers forced him to stop. Six men, all well-built, got out and he was surrounded.

"They came up to me and asked, 'How come you drive like that?' I said, 'But what have I done wrong?'

"They started swearing at me, before punching me twice in the face through the driver's side window."

The impact was such that his glasses fell off his face.

He said the men had punched him four more times before driving off, leaving him nearly unconscious and in excruciating pain.

Driver, whose face still bears evidence of the beatings, went home. He sought medical attention the next day.

"On Saturday, the doctor told me I had come close to being concussed. My head is still sore. I'm still not 100 percent."

He said he could not report the incident to the police as he had not been able to record his attackers' vehicle registration plates in the dark.

The vehicles' dark windows had also made it impossible for him to see if there were other occupants in them.

Driver said he felt helpless after the attack.

"How much longer are these people going to be allowed to terrorise ordinary drivers? Somebody will get killed by this."

This article was originally published on page 3 of Tribune on June 22, 2008


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