Saturday, 12 July 2008

Man dies in battle with robbers

July 10 2008 at 05:35PM

By Beauregard Tromp and Gill Gifford

Pia Bowman had just closed the gate to her Glenadrienne home and was busy deactivating the alarm when she heard the gunshots ring out... bang, bang, bang, bang!

Then she heard her husband Wim cry out that he had been shot.

The couple were returning from a dinner outing when the attack occurred at 8.30pm on Tuesday night.

Evidence at the scene indicated that Wim was able to fire at his attackers and was possibly even the first to shoot.

Unfortunately the 61-year-old stood little chance against his three assailants who were lurking in dark outside the house.

He died of a gun shot to the abdomen.

Wim's gun was found at the front door, facing his body.

Police recovered another firearm on the property, its serial number filed off.

It had been abandoned, presumably by the suspects, in the backyard near a neighbour's house which is situated behind on a pan handle.

According to Johannesburg metro police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, a neighbour saw three suspicious-looking men approach the house shortly before the incident.

Another neighbour, Penny Steyn, said: "I heard about four or five very loud shots, then a pause, then four or five softer shots."

The couple had been victims of robberies a number of times before, with their cars being broken into.

Minnaar said metro police had received a call about the shooting at about 9pm on Tuesday night and had responded.

He had arrived on the scene soon after Bowman was declared dead.

"There appeared to have been some kind of shootout between Mr Bowman and the attackers because there were quite a few bullet holes in the yard and in a tree," he said.

Minaar added the assailants had possibly been disturbed while trying to break into the Bowman home when the couple arrived or else they had lain in wait, intent on hijacking them.

Steyn, who trains domestic workers in crime prevention and police officials in customer service, was on the scene on Wednesday night lending emotional support.

She said Pia Bowman had not stayed in the house, had not returned on Thursday morning and could not be reached.

Steyn said the security company ADT, which has worked extensively with her in the past, had indicated that they would step up security patrols in the suburb and would arrange trauma counselling for Pia.

Steyn, who said she herself felt very traumatised on Thursday morning, had spoken to other neighbours who all claimed to have heard the gunshots.

Parkview police spokesperson Captain Cynthia Magoai confirmed that a murder docket had been opened and the case was under investigation.

She said no arrests had yet been made.


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Philippus said...

Wanneer gaan ons tot die besef kom; alle slagspreuke vanaf 1992 tydens anc saamtrekke...kill the whites...buhlala ama buhlu. Nelson Mandella was een vd. voorbokke met John Casrils aan sy sy, regter vuis omhoog. Inbrake; gesteelde goedere word deur assuransie vervang, BTW word weer bygesit, wat die korrupte staats koffers weer aanvul. Hoekom sal die regering misdaad hok slaan??? My innige simpatie met die wat geliefdes afgestaan het in die wettelose warboel. God slaap nie, sy plan is lankal in wording, vertrou op hom alleen. Jul vriend in die Here. Philippus.