Saturday, 16 August 2008

Couple tortured - for R720

14/08/2008 09:09 - (SA)

Ramsgate - A confession that three attackers burnt Kokstad farming couple Raymond and Yvonne Fitch with molten plastic and broke their ribs was ruled admissible evidence in the murder trial of two of the alleged attackers in the Ramsgate High Court on Tuesday.

The confession was made by Simon Duma, 21, of Matatiele, who is accused of the murders of 78-year-old Raymond and Yvonne, 79, who were attacked in their lounge in July 2007.

He is standing trial with his uncle, 29-year-old Moses Duma. They also face a charge of aggravated robbery.

Post mortem reports handed into court indicated that both victims had many burns caused by the molten plastic burning into their skins. Raymond's clothes were also set alight by the molten plastic after the couple was trussed.

Walked 15km to Fitch's house

The attackers - along with a third suspect named Seya who is still being sought - decided to rob the Fitch's and walked 15km to their home, crossing several farms.

Simon Duma confessed: "Moses and Seya kicked the window and jumped in. I followed. Moses and Seya caught them as they tried to run away and threw them down.

"I used shoelaces to tie their hands behind their backs. They did not fight back. We shouted at them, asking where the money was and Mr Fitch said that they did not have any.

"Mrs Fitch was thrown to the floor next to him. Moses and Seya kicked him all over his body and head. I did not try to stop them as we were all together to do the same thing.

"He was bleeding from the head and she was woken up. Moses and Seya took her to a room and they came back with a small revolver.

Each got R240

"Moses got a plastic bag and lit it and started burning the plastic over Mr Fitch. His legs and upper body were burnt and his clothes also burned. Mrs Fitch was also burnt with the plastic.

"They were not talking and we went to a spaza shop and broke the door. We took R720 and each got R240."

The post mortem reports indicated that they died of trauma caused by blunt force. A broken tennis racket and a broken frying pan were found at the scene and it is believed that they were used in the assaults.

They drove away in the Fitches' Mercedes Benz, taking a vest pocket revolver, a computer, a gunsafe, the money and other valuables. They have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Judge Gregory Kruger adjourned the case to November.


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