Thursday, 14 August 2008

'I did not try to stop them'

Bob Frean

August 14 2008 at 08:22AM

Retired Kokstad farming couple Raymond, 78, and Yvonne Fitch, 79, were tortured with molten plastic, which burnt into their skin, and their ribs were broken before they died at the hands of three attackers in July 2007.

Ugu district surgeon Lekram Alli told the Ramsgate High Court in the trial of two men on Wednesday that the couple had extensive burns and bruises.

Both died as a result of assault with blunt instruments.

A confession by one of the accused, Simon Duma, 21, of Matatiele, implicating himself and his uncle, Moses Duma, 29, and a third man, was ruled as admissible on Wednesday.

He said they had agreed to rob the Fitches and walked 15km across other farms to the Fitch farm.

"Moses and Seya (the third man, who is still being sought) jumped through a window and I followed. Moses and Seya caught the Fitches as they tried to run away and threw them down.

"I tied their hands behind their back. They did not fight back. We shouted and asked where the money was and keys for the safe. He said he did not have any.

"Moses and Seya brought her and threw her next to Mr Fitch. We asked for money. Moses and Seya kicked him all over the head and body. I did not try to stop them.

"We asked them for the safe key, but they did not reply. Moses got a blue plastic bag and lit it and started burning it over Mr Fitch's legs and upper body. His clothing was also burning. She was (also) burnt with the plastic."

The case was adjourned to November for a date to be arranged.

This article was originally published on page 5 of The Mercury on August 14, 2008


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