Monday, 18 August 2008

Robbers flee fierce gran, 78

Shop owner Despina Aspostolides, 78, in the Bloemfontein-Medi-Clinic. (Emile Hendricks, Volksblad)

18/08/2008 00:44 - (SA)

Karen Ebersohn

Dewetsdorp - A 78-year-old woman's decision to fight back against three young robbers has given new meaning to "There's life in the old girl yet".

Despina Apostolides was alone when three youngsters came into the family's shop late on Friday afternoon.

Speaking from her hospital bed in Bloemfontein Medi-Clinic, she told how she'd resisted until the three finally fled.

"I was ready to lock up when three young men walked in.

"One asked me for a packet of chips. Then, suddenly, one of the others produced a knobkierie and began beating me."

Apostolides said she had decided that the thugs were not going to get the better of her.

She tried to take the knobkierie from them so she could return their blows.

"I was determined to fight with all my might because I decided not to become another victim of a senseless murder."

One of the suspects tried to open the cash register, but to no avail.

"They were so surprised when I fought back that they dropped the knobkierie and ran away."

Apostolides said they did not steal anything.

"It is only the Lord who gave me the strength to fight back.

"I would like to tell other people not to be scared during a robbery and to fight back."

Apostolides has injuries to her head and was also beaten on her arms.

"She is a true heroine and one can only admire her for her actions," said her daughter, Vasoula Patrinos, in Bloemfontein

Three suspects (aged 16 and 17) reportedly were arrested on Saturday morning.


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