Sunday, 8 February 2009

Domestic worker 'waited with a grin'

February 07 2009 at 10:48AM

A domestic worker casually leaned against a chair with a smile while waiting for police to arrive after her employer's brutal murder, the Pretoria High Court heard on Friday.

Brooklyn businessman Henry Vermaak, 70, testified that in December 2006, he arrived home after work to find his wife Susan strangled and stabbed to death in their study.

He also found their domestic worker, Don Maloka, loosely tied up in another room.

Maloka, 46, and her son Samuel, 24, of Hammanskraal, have denied murdering and robbing Vermaak.

The state alleges the pair conspired with two unknown accomplices to rob and murder her.

Henry Vermaak testified that his wife's garage door was half open when he returned home after work. He went inside but could not find her.
The whole house was in disarray.

He eventually found Maloka, who had started working for them about a month before, loosely tied up and sitting in an empty room in the house. A cloth was draped around her face.

He thereafter found his wife's body in the study.

A plastic bag had been pulled over her head and tied tightly with a rope around her neck.

She had blood on her arm and three stab wounds on her chest. There was a pocket knife next to her body.

She was already cold, and Henry realised that she must have been dead for several hours.

After untying Maloka, he went outside, where he asked a neighbour to phone the police.

When he returned, he found Maloka leaning casually against a chair with a grin on her face.

He said it struck him that for a person who had been sitting tied up on a cold cement floor the whole day, she did not appear to have experienced any discomfort.

The trial continues.- Sapa

This article was originally published on page 10 of The Star on February 07, 2009


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