Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Taxibestuurder het my gejaag, erg op my gegil

Feb 24 2009 05:51:26:240PM - (SA)

Ek wil nie graag onder my volle naam skryf nie, want ’n mens weet nooit wat met iemand kan gebeur nie. Ek het vanoggend die berig van die meisie gelees wat doodgery is.

Dit het amper met my ook gebeur. Ek is 22 jaar oud en het met my motor van die Tzaneen-pad af gekom in Polokwane in. Daar was ’n taxi agter my, maar ek het duidelik vir hom te stadig gery en hy het die toeter gedruk en ligte gewys.

Ek kon nie opskuif nie, en toe ek uiteindelik kon padgee, is daai taxibestuurder woedend. Hy het op my geskreeu en my van die pad af probeer druk.

Ek was so angsbevange dat ek begin huil het en vir hom geskreeu het “ek’s jammer” .

Die ergste van als was dat die taxi vol mense was en niemand het hom eens probeer stop nie. Ek moes tot oor ’n rooi verkeerslig jaag om van die taxi af weg te kom maar hy’t aangehou kom.

Hy het my eers uitgelos nadat ek in die dorp ingegaan het. Tot vandag toe is ek bang as ek verby ’n wit taxi ry, want ek hoop en bid dat hy my motor vergeet het.

Die rede vir my brief is dat ek hoop iets word gedoen aan hierdie saak van die meisie wat doodgery is, want niemand mag wegkom met dit nie.

Ek is maar skrikkerig oor watse inligting ’n mens gee, net nou kry iemand my adres of iets in die hande.

Marlize, Polokwane


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Taxi driver slapped and spat at me - granny

Candice Bailey

March 07 2009 at 07:19AM

A Johannesburg woman has laid a charge of common assault against a taxi driver who spat and slapped her in the face when she confronted him about driving into oncoming traffic.

Kempton Park motorist Diana Davis has had a first-hand experience of the lawlessness of taxi drivers and is enraged at her assault.

"It is absolutely disgusting. I am gob-smacked," Davis told the Saturday Star this week. "If he is going to do that to me and I am a perfect stranger, what is he doing at home?"

Edenvale Police are still investigating her case.

Davis's case comes as a Pretoria taxi driver Percyval Mlungisi Matji, 31, was released on R1 000 bail from the Pretoria Magistrate's Court this week after knocking down and killing 17-year-old Garsfontein schoolgirl Bernadine Kruger.

In a separate incident, another taxi driver killed motorcyclist Alastair McLarty, 45, when the taxi driver drove on the wrong side of the road on Witkoppen Road in Sunninghill. The taxi driver also died in the accident when his van went up in flames.

In Davis's incident, she was driving with her two grandchildren in Edenvale last week when she got caught up in peak-hour traffic on Laurie Road.

"The traffic was travelling in a northern direction and was at a gridlock. A taxi overtook the stationary traffic on a solid white line and came into my oncoming traffic lane, blocking it. I remained stationary facing the taxi.

"Once the traffic travelling in a northerly direction began to move, he moved slightly - allowing me to mount the pavement - (and pulled) alongside me. I asked him what he thought he was doing as he was endangering all our lives. He then spat in my face. I shouted at him and he leaned out of his window and slapped me in the face."

Within seconds a patrol car had arrived at the scene and apprehended the taxi driver just before Modderfontein Road. He was then taken to the Sebenza police station.

But nearly a week after the incident, nothing has happened. All she has received is a call from the Edenvale police station, confirming receipt of the case.

"They called me and told me that the case had been transferred and that they would contact me if there is a court case. But there has been no movement yet."

And now Davis is even angrier.

"They haven't been co-operative at all. I think this whole case is just going to go up in smoke. The police are taking a totally too-relaxed stance. They've said it is a domestic violence case. But as far as I'm concerned I don't know him from a bar of soap and this is common assault."

She said that the police have refused to give her any information about the man and the only information she has is his vehicle registration number, which she took down herself.

"I think he must face some kind of action. First of all, he broke the rule of the road, crossing a solid lane and coming into oncoming traffic. Then he spits in my face and slaps me through the window. And now it is just going to be ignored and pushed away. I am very angry. I would like to sue the state. I wish I had the money. They need to take more responsibility."

Edenvale police have confirmed that the case has been opened, but were unable to make any further comment.

Has something similar happened to you? Tell the Saturday Star about it. SMS 34110 or email us on

This article was originally published on page 5 of The Star on March 07, 2009