Tuesday, 10 March 2009

AfriForum turns to HRC

09/03/2009 21:28 - (SA)

Pretoria - The SA Human Right Commission will assess a complaint from civil rights initiative AfriForum that a Delmas policeman threatened a man with a firearm.

SAHRC spokespersonn Vincent Moaga said on Monday: "We have received the complaint, we will assess it to determine whether the commission is the relevant body to deal with it."

AfriForum has lodged the complaint with the Commission and with police watchdog body, the Independent Complaints Directorate.

AfriForum's head of community safety Nantes Kelder said Joe Wilkinson was threatened with a firearm by a policeman at a scene of a road accident.

Kelder said Wilkinson turned to AfriForum for help because he did not receive support from the police.

'My iron also shoots whites'

The policeman, who allegedly was under the influence of alcohol at the time and was not identified as member of the police, blocked the only lane open to traffic after the accident with his vehicle.

When Wilkinson asked him to remove his vehicle, because it was obstructing the traffic, the policeman allegedly shouted at Wilkinson and after pulling his vehicle off the road, charged at him with a 9mm pistol in his hand.

He allegedly told Wilkinson: "My iron also shoots whites".

Wilkinson then rushed to the Delmas police station to report the incident, where the policeman continued with his threats against him.

"At one stage, Wilkinson even had to hide between vehicles on the premises of the police station," said Kelder.




Roelof said...

As hulle kan moor en skiet en wegkom daarmee, wat keer ons om ook 'n paar geweldadig dood te martel. Dan sal die regering dalk luister. Geweld het mos nie 'n kleur nie so wit teen swart en swart teen wit is dieselfde. Ek is gatvol vir die way wat hulle ons blameer vir hulle foute.

van Zyl said...

Roelof, ek stem 100% saam met jou. Hoe lank nog voordat mense wakker skrik? Moet ons almal eers 'n geliefde verloor?