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Son's dire prediction comes true

15/04/2009 09:48 - (SA)

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - After a robbery on a smallholding at Mooiplaats, east of Pretoria, belonging to Johan van den Bosch and his wife Cobi, their son told police that the robbers would be back within six months.

"I told the police I will either have to take my parents to the hospital, or attend their funeral. And that's exactly what I have to do now," the son, who doesn't want to be named for security reasons, told Beeld on Tuesday.

The couple were murdered on their smallholding on Good Friday. Johan van den Bosch, 63, went to the milking barn at approximately 04:00. He was presumably accosted at the doorway and hit over the head with a heavy object.

Murder was six months after robbery

The robber took Van den Bosch's house keys and overpowered his wife in the house. She died after being stabbed repeatedly in the upper body with a sharp object.

The murder took place about six months after a farm labourer stole R15 000 from the house, while the couple were busy in the barn.

According to the son, the police never investigated that incident. Four days after the theft, police arrived at the house to arrest the suspect, who was identified by the son. It was at that point that the son told police he would guarantee that the robbers would return.

Apparently he also told police that, if, on the day they return, they can't find any money in the house, they would wait for his parents.

The farm labourer was arrested and was released by police on the same day.

More than just murder

The son doesn't know whether the robbery and his parents' deaths are related, but he says he does know that there is far more to this murder than crime alone.

"They (the attackers) had time to go through the house, but they didn't," he said. "On their way out they locked the back door and threw the keys in the dam."

The murderers stole two cellphones and the pocket knife which Van den Bosch always carried with him.

The son, who lives about 100m from his parents, found their bodies. "I don't know if I'm going to stay in this country," the son said. "I can't look at that place every day, the place where I found my parents."

- Beeld


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