Friday, 20 August 2004

Mandela Honorary Degree at Antwerp University Protested

ANTWERP. Belgian students have demanded the withdrawal of a Mandela honorary degree at Antwerp University.

Students at Antwerp University published a press release demanding the withdrawal of the university's decision to award an honorary degree to convicted terrorist and subsequent first Azanian (New SA) president Nelson Mandela on May 26.

Student Leader Gert Gillis said the NSV (the student society publishing the press release) opposed awarding the honorary degree to veteran ANC leader -- because they see him as being co-responsible for the farm attacks due his "inaction' during his presidency to stop these.

The students said Mandela, as the ex-president of South Africa and still a highly influential veteran ANC leader, undertook nothing to effectively stop the killing of white farmers, which started in 1991.

The statement read: “As former president of South Africa, and still an influential veteran leader of the communist ANC, Mandela is and indeed must be seen as co-responsible for this horrendous ethnic-cleansing campaign targeting [white] Afrikaner farmers, and which the international news media remains so silent about."

Source: Southern Cross Africa News

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