Monday, 15 November 2004

Bullet hits farmer, daughter

15/11/2004 07:13 - (SA)

Tom de Wet , Die Volksblad

Heilbron - A farmer was paralysed by an attacker's bullet that also hit his three-year-old daughter in the stomach.

Juan van Rooyen, 32, his wife Renette and their two children, Anri and Janus, 4, were driving towards their farm on Saturday evening when Juan stopped at an intersection to speak to a farmworker.

Renette saw two men approach, one of whom pulled out a gun.

A shot was fired, hitting Van Rooyen in the back. The same bullet hit Anri in the stomach.

Van Rooyen tried to drive on, but after only a few metres his lower body became paralysed. The men fled on foot, and Renette called for help.

Father and daughter were taken to a Vereeniging hospital, where an emergency operation was done on Anri.

The bullet shattered vertebrae in Van Rooyen's back.

Fritz van Rooyen, Juan's brother, said they were in a serious but stable condition.

Captain Rosa Benade for police said the man Van Rooyen greeted was helping with the investigation. His father works for Van Rooyen.


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