Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Gang force man to watch fiance being raped

Graeme Hosken

February 28 2005 at 09:12AM

Police are hunting for a gang who abducted a couple at their home and raped and sodomised both of them, before killing the man in cold blood.

The killers forced the man to watch his fiance being gang-raped after sodomising him in front of her.

The gunmen launched the vicious attack on the Pretoria couple moments after they had arrived at their new home in Laezonia, south of the city, during the early hours of Saturday morning.

The couple, aged 19 and 34, who cannot be named because they were raped, had spent Friday evening moving their possessions from their Zwartkops house to their new home near Gomes Sand & Stone on the R114.

The rapists attacked the couple as they parked their bakkie outside their farmhouse.

Forcing the two into the car at gunpoint, the men drove their victims 4km along the R114 to an abandoned cafe and petrol station, where they dragged them behind the buildings.

There they tied up the young woman, who is an epileptic, forcing her to watch her fiance - the father of her eight-month-old child - being repeatedly sodomised.

The attackers then untied the woman and forced the couple to have intercourse before repeatedly raping and sodomising her as well.

As they raped his fiance, the man took a screwdriver from his shirt pocket and attacked one of his rapists, stabbing him in the face and neck, allowing his fiance to flee.

The rapist then shot the man through the back of the neck as he tried to escape, killing him.

The woman, who sustained injuries to her legs and feet while running through dense bushes, managed to flag down a passing motorist, who called the police.

Police immediately began an air and ground search for the killers but were unable to find them.

The woman was rushed to hospital, where she was held overnight before being discharged on Sunday.

Her devastated mother on Sunday night said she could not believe what had happened.

"Why do something so brutal, cruel and inhuman? Why hurt two people who are so loving and had so much love for each other?" she asked.

The mother said about her daughter: "Her spirit has been broken, and all the love and laughter that she had is no longer there."

The mother said that what hurt the most was the way her daughter had been attacked and the way her future son-in-law had been tortured and killed.

"If they were going to kill him, why not just do it? Why play with him like an animal? Why scare him and hurt him like that?" she said.

Police spokesperson Inspector Percy Morokane said rape and murder dockets had been opened.

A team of detectives from the Pretoria serious and violent crime unit are investigating the attacks.

Anyone with any information on the identity or whereabouts of the gangsters should phone inspectors Marius Crafford or Francois Moller on 012-334-4420.

This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star on February 28, 2005