Sunday, 8 May 2005

Wounded woman fights off armed men

Ingrid Oellermann

May 05 2005 at 09:25AM

A Dundee woman, Joy Scott, 65, amazed her family, community and police when, in spite of being severely wounded, she succeeded in fighting off three armed men who had attacked her and her husband, Vic, 71, on their farm in KwaZulu-Natal.

One of the assailants was shot dead at the scene, another was seriously wounded and the third ran off.

A suspect was arrested and had confessed to his involvement in at least one other farm attack in the district, Dundee Station Commissioner Hennie Botha said on Wednesday.

Botha said police believed the armed trio were responsible for several robberies and attacks in the district in the past eight months.

Joy Scott was recovering in hospital. She has had a kidney and part of her liver removed and suffered damage to her colon, as a result of being shot through the back and stomach during the incident, which happened on April 24.

Vic Scott sustained a minor stab wound to his wrist. Her daughter-in-law, Janine Scott, said on Wednesday that she was "doing well".

Janine Scott said Joy and Vic were working in a shed on their farm, Bloemhof, when the three men approached. The men opened fire on them, shooting Joy, and then attacked Vic with a knife.

Joy reacted swiftly, drawing a handgun and shooting back, in spite of her own injuries. She was armed only because two relatives had been accosted at their farm gate by two attackers with knives two weeks earlier, but the woman and her 11-year-old son escaped unharmed.

"This incident made them (Joy and Vic) vigilant," Janine Scott said. "Joy was lucky to survive. . . she's amazing," she said.

Vic and Joy Scott have lived on the farm for about 25 years.

Their son, Barry, said he was extremely proud of his cool-headed mother.

"She said she knew it was a question of 'them or us' when she looked these guys in the eye. But she just kept a cool head when the shooting started and got out her gun."

He said crime in the area had been rife over the past year.

"We've all had enough. Just a few weeks ago our neighbour, Jaap Lourens, who's 86, and his wife, who is about 82 years old, were attacked. He died two weeks later," he said.

Barry Scott said members of the community had helped police locate and arrest the third suspect.

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Mercury on May 05, 2005

Source: IOL

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