Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Attackers leave weird message

18/07/2006 07:59 - (SA)

Pieter Jordaan, Beeld

Krugersdorp - An elderly woman from Krugersdorp had to struggle for nearly five hours to free herself after she was stabbed and tied up by attackers.

The elderly woman then found the body of her 78-year-old husband where he lay dead in the passage of their home.

Only then did Niesje van der Kaam, 72, manage to push the panic button to raise the alarm.

Although Hendrick van der Kaam had no visible injuries, his feet had been tied by the three armed robbers who had attacked the couple while they were watching TV in Voortrekker Road about 22:00.

Police are puzzled

After police arrived and began investigating, a strange message, presumably left by the robbers, was found.

According to police spokesperson Milica Bezuidenhout, police found writing on a wall inside the house.

"The officials found pieces of paint on the floor below the place where the inscription had probably been made with a knife."

"The inscription will also be investigated, as we cannot at present say what it means," said Bezuidenhout.

Beeld heard that the inscription - which appears to spell "1/v END" - was found inside the house.

It also seemed as if the letters END might rather be the letters E and F, I and Y and T and J.

A DVD-player, a video machine and money were stolen from the house.

A post-mortem will be done to determine van der Kaam's cause of death.

According to Bezuidenhout, police were concerned about the recent spate of armed robberies at homes in the Krugersdorp area.

The 35-year-old Reinard van Zyl was wounded in the chest and shoulder after robbers had overpowered him and his family in Noordheuwel while they were having supper.

A pregnant woman, Elize Fivaz, 23, was admitted to hospital the previous week after being wounded by robbers in her house in Lewisham.

Van der Kaam and her family didn't want to comment from the Krugersdorp private hospital, where she was being treated.


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