Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Father-to-be tells of shooting

11/07/2006 07:27 - (SA)

Pieter Jordaan, Beeld

Johannesburg - An eight-months pregnant West Rand woman is out of danger after being shot by robbers while she and friends sat chatting around a table in their home on Sunday evening.

Elize Fivaz, 23, of Lewisham near Krugersdorp is being treated in hospital and doctors are keeping an eye on her unborn daughter, Thalita.

Fivaz went into labour shortly after the incident and doctors managed to stop the birth.

Both mother and unborn daughter are out of danger.

'She was very calm'

The child's father, Fanie du Toit, 41, says the bullet "penetrated Elize's side and not her stomach.

"Elize is still attached to machines, because they're trying to stop the labour. Thalita is only expected to be born on August 20 or 22nd.

"It seems as if Elize is coping better than me and she and our baby should be fine," Du Toit said.

Louis Meiring, 35, and his fiancée, Cecilia Venter, 40, told how the two couples were attacked by three robbers shortly after they arrived home.

Meiring said: "We sat in the kitchen. When we looked again, the robbers were there. They didn't say a word and just started shooting. I immediately pushed my fiancée to the floor.

"I also grabbed Elize and fled with the women."

Du Toit was wrestling with the robbers inside the house.

Meiring and Venter only discovered a short while later that Fivaz had been shot.

"She was very calm. The women and I went to the neighbours to contact the police and we heard shots in the house. I thought they had shot Fanie," Meiring said.

Du Toit said it was "a blessing from above" that he wasn't shot, Shots were fired while he wrestled with the robbers for their firearm.

"They told me, 'today we will kill you, you white p***'".


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