Saturday, 8 July 2006

New Site: Crime Expo South Africa

CRIME EXPO SA aim to provide foreigners with detailed information and regular updates regarding the issue of safety in South Africa. Each year, about 20000 people get slaughtered in the most gruesome manner by killers who have absolutely no respect for life.

Our police force are loosing the battle, as they themselves now get killed by these killers on the loose. Our courts from time to time release dangerous criminals by mistake. Our government seems to be happy with a 20000 murder rate, as it appears if sport is regarded as the most important portfolio in Parliament.

South African tourism agencies are only interested in the money spent by international tourists, therefore they stop short in revealing the truth when it comes to violent crime in the country.

They are only interested in getting the tourist or Soccer 2010 fan in buying a ticket to South Africa, therefore they will not dare in revealing the violent crime situation. It is not going to be business as usual! as from July 2006. Ordinary South Africans now are prepared to release vital information regarding the horror in this country.

CRIME EXPO SA aim to provide victims of violent crime, as well as friends and families of the slaughtered, with an opportunity to collectively register their anger and provide the world with a preview of violent South Africa. Enough is enough my fellow citizens! We will not allow politicians and tourism agencies a smooth ride, as they pretend if we have a non-existing murder rate when dealing with the international community. Now is the time to claim a safer life for all.

CRIME EXPO SA will provide an opportunity to the murdered to raise from their graves and haunt those who let them down! Families and friends thus have a duty to come forward and tell the stories. It will get published unedited.

Insulting politicians is not going to do the trick.

Protesting outside in the streets is not going to do the trick. Voting for a fancier politician is not going to do the trick. Telling the international tourist in what is happening between the airport and hotel is going to do the trick! MARK MY WORDS! Who wants to die in a foreign country?

By exposing the truth about the danger within South African borders, we aim to spark a re-think on the side of our government on the issue of safety and security. It is the duty of any government to protect all and to prioritize the right to live. Issues like sport should not dominate the right to live! Since we have notified the government and media about our intention in launching CRIME EXPO SA, the National and Safety Minister (01) apologized to the nation for his "take-your-stuff-and-move" remark in Parliament, (02) admitting that police officials lack the skills in dealing with the horror situation and (03) calling the top police structure for a meeting, A start perhaps, but not good enough. We aim to get the government to stabilize violent crime to acceptable levels, otherwise WORLD SOCCER 2010 fans are going to step into hell on earth!

Source: Crime Expo South Africa


Tel said...

I was gonna mention the World Cup but you mentioned it at the end.

I live intheUK& mnost SouthAfricanpeople I've met are genuine nice people, I think their are problems everywhere really, just SA's stand out more cos its abig place, I dont know.

Oh & cool blog.

Anonymous said...

You're right, you don't know.

You think there are problems everywhere and SA's stand out more?

They stand out more because they're a hundred times worse than elsewhere.