Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Robber 'just laughed'

12/07/2006 07:34 - (SA)

Eduan Roos, Beeld

Pretoria - "When he pulled down my pants and underwear, I told him I have Aids, but he just laughed and said: 'Don't worry, so have I'," a 57-year-old woman said on Tuesday after being assaulted and robbed by bogus policemen who'd entered her home in a security complex.

Susan Adler became suspicious after "police officers" arrived at the couple's upmarket home in Sandown in Northern Johannesburg in a white Volkswagen Golf about 12:00 on Monday, wearing police uniforms and bullet proof vests.

They also had a "suspect" in their car and insisted that she identify a man who'd allegedly broken into the house eight months earlier.

Adler on Tuesday told Beeld how she and her husband, Harris, who has a heart condition and is fitted with a pacemaker, allowed the men to enter the house after they'd offered to show them a cellphone photo of the suspect.

She said one of the men later appeared inside the house with the "suspect", who allegedly wanted to use the bathroom.

"I told my husband that something wasn't right, but the next moment the suspect wasn't shackled any more and they were holding guns to our heads."

The robbers tied their hands and feet with pieces of clothing and telephone cord before demanding money and threatened to shoot them, 702 Talk Radio reported on Tuesday morning.

'Apartheid is over'

"One of them hit my husband in the face with a gun and wrapped his head in a towel. They called him a "fucking white bastard" and told him apartheid was over," she said.

"They insisted on being taken to a second safe, just like they'd done during the previous robbery, but we have only one.

Two of the men took Mrs Adler into the study and, putting a gun into her mouth, threatened to rape her if she didn't give them money.

"When he pulled down my pants and underwear, I told him I had Aids, but he just laughed and said: 'Don't worry, so have I'. I pleaded with his accomplice to help me, but he just ignored me," she said. One of them then indecently assaulted her.

After they'd taken her wedding ring, purse, keys and a nail set, they escaped, and her husband managed to free himself.

"He had to climb over an electric fence with his bare feet and seriously injured them," she said.

Commissioner Oswald Reddy, Johannesburg police chief, told Amanda Roestoff that three top police officers were investigating the incident. They would soon conduct an identity parade.

"Police members associated with the car's registration number have an alibi, but all possibilities are being investigated," he said.


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