Friday, 28 July 2006

Wife tells of man's bravery during robbery

July 27 2006 at 01:00PM

By Miranda Andrew

Brendan Muldoon, a Kloof resident, tried against all the odds to protect the "love of his life" this week.

Armed only with a wooden plank, he fought off an entire gang of armed robbers who had stormed into his home.

Muldoon paid for his courage and was stabbed with a screwdriver, but he saved his wife from harm.

The 55 year old was admitted to hospital and survived the incident. At approximately 8.30pm on Tuesday night, Muldoon was building a cupboard in the lounge when four intruders, armed with guns, knives and screwdrivers, entered the home through an open kitchen door.

Muldoon's tearful wife, Helen, who heard the commotion from the lounge, told the Daily News on Wednesday that the armed men ran into the lounge and put a gun to her head and began making demands.

They took her into an office - from which they ran a business from home - and demanded a laptop and cash.

"But we do not own a laptop," said Helen.

"So I obeyed all their other commands and offered them anything they wanted in the house," she said.

"My husband tried to defend me and attacking the robbers was one of the bravest things he has ever done," she said tearfully.

The gang then ransacked the house and took her cellphone, cash from her handbag, a digital and video camera and jewellery and fled.

This article was originally published on page 3 of Daily News on July 27, 2006


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