Monday, 14 August 2006

Farm Attacks

Received: Sunday, July 30, 2006 4:26 PM

Friends have related their story to me. For years they were threatened with death as the husband would go to town for fresh water from their farm. Every week it was like running a gauntlet just to get water. They never knew if he would make it back to the farm or not. Groups would surround him in town and threaten to kill him and his family, threaten to come and take his farm and his life. They used racial slurs and justified their planned actions because he was white and his farm should be theirs.

One day when the farmer was in the fields and his family was home alone a group of blacks came onto the property. The wife was outside, with the children locked inside of the house as was their practice even when the mother was just outside. The wife heard the group talking as she hid behind implements. They were planning to murder and rape the family. They did not see any movement or hear anything, so they thought the wife and children were not at home and they were very disappointed. They weren't there to steal, as this would have been the perfect opportunity to take anything and everything, they had come to kill, to rape, and their intended victims were supposedly not at home and they were very disappointed. The blacks simply left, taking nothing. These were not poor blacks trying to survive by taking from those with more than them, these were racist murderers. They didn't want their money or goods, they wanted their lives and they would settle for nothing less.

Then one night, very late the family was asleep. They heard noises outside of their windows, the blacks were back again. They heard them taunting them, threatening to kill them all, completely surrounding the house. The family got out their guns and turned on the lights to let the intruders know that they were awake and armed. Everyone was terrified. With the escalation of threats and incursions onto their property, with the stated intentions of the blacks to kill and rape them and these incidents coming closer and closer together, the family finally packed up and left the country. They simply could not live like hunted animals any longer, just waiting for the final attack that would one day be successful. They knew the blacks were not coming to rob them, but would only be satisfied when they had killed them and simply because they were white. This was afterall exactly what they had told the family in just those words. These were not blacks with a personal grudge against them; the family did not know any of them that had come any of the times they were there.

This is not one single incident, this is a planned intimidation campaign for years by a group of blacks to drive a white family off of their land and finally out of the country. This is a planned genocide of a minority group by the majority for no other reason than race. The farm place lies empty of people but with everthing still inside the house and sheds. Nothing has been taken, which speaks again to the motivation behind the incursions. The blacks do not want the things that are left behind; they only wanted to make sure that the white family was driven out. Well, they succeeded; the family is gone and is never coming back. With the government trying to tell the world that there are only simple robberies that sometimes go wrong, they are only fooling themselves as no one who has been hunted for years with threats and invasions will believe a single word of it. Was the family to wait until someone was killed to act? Don't believe the excuses given by the government, it is war out there and the government knows all about it.

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

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