Monday, 28 August 2006

Robber 'wanted to rob whites'

28/08/2006 07:26 - (SA)

Christel Raubenheimer, Beeld

Pretoria - A robber was apparently furious at the weekend when he found out his victims were black and not white.

Karobo Mohapeloa, 26, said one of the two robbers was angry when he realised the house they were busy robbing belonged to a black woman. They nevertheless continued to rob them.

According to Mohapeloa the two men arrived at the house in Garsfontein, traditionally a white area in eastern Pretoria, at about 20:00. Mohapeloa was threatened with a firearm while the second robber gathered the rest of the residents.

The owner of the house was not home, but the robbers said they would wait for her return in order to take her car. They later changed this plan.

'Blacks shouldn't live in suburbs'

One of the men allegedly told Mohapeloa that he had been in prison for a long time and that blacks should not live in the suburbs. "I'm not sure where he actually wanted us to live," said Mohapeloa.

The men took about R5 000 in cash and cellphones before fleeing. Mohapeloa's girlfriend was in another room and called the police, who arrived minutes later and launched a search for the suspects.

The police shortly afterwards spotted the two men in a nearby street and stopped. One of the suspects opened fire on the police, said inspector Anton Breedt, a police spokesperson.

Police fired back, but the man kept shooting. One of the men was hit in the chest and he died in the street.

His accomplice was arrested.

The police members were not hurt. "I don't feel sorry for the dead man. He threatened us and got what he deserved," said Mohapeloa.

"The children (who were inside the house) were frightened. I just hoped that nothing would happen to them."

He had told the robbers to take what they wanted and leave without hurting anybody.


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