Wednesday, 30 August 2006

'Shoot the white bitch'

29/08/2006 23:33 - (SA)

Pieter Jordaan, Beeld

Krugersdorp - A businesswoman has been raped by two men who kidnapped her, then threatened to "shoot the white bitch".

The ordeal began when the 49-year-old woman stopped at robots about 16:00 on the road to Randfontein, said police spokesperson Paula Nothnagel.

A man who asked to remain anonymous told Beeld he had been told by "someone close to the woman" that a man had indicated to her at the robots that one of her tyres was flat.

The man said: "She waved an acknowledgement and to say thank you and continued driving.

"She stopped near a garage on the road to Randfontein and leaned out of the car to look at the tyre.

"All of a sudden, there were men at the window.

"Four men got into the car and put a revolver to her head. They ordered her to drive to a nearby mine dump."

Threatened to 'come back and get you'

The man said the woman was kicked and beaten "and two barbarians raped her".

"They tied her hands behind her back and shouted: 'Shoot the white bitch'."

After they took her jewellery, cellphone and credit cards from her bag, they fled, but told her they would return "to get you".

"She managed to free her hands and found her car still had the keys in the ignition."

Nothnagel said that the "seriously traumatised" woman drove to a doctor in Krugersdorp for treatment.


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