Thursday, 3 August 2006

White Kids Abducted, Sodomised by New South Africans

Two White teenage boys who were sexually assaulted over the weekend, were turned away from reporting the incident at the Pretoria Moot police station by New South African policeman, allegedly because they were minors and not allowed to report crimes unless accompanied by adults.

The two 13-year olds walked to a café about 100m from the one kid’s house in Mayville, to buy soft drinks, when they were held up by four New South Africans with knives and taken to an open field.

There they were sodomised and robbed of their clothing before the New South Africans ordered them to leave, according to one of their mothers.

The two kids walked in the dark to the police station to report the attack. There they were told by the New South African policemen to go and fetch their parents and come back the next day.

“The police didn’t even offer to take them home. You can’t behave like that. The children thought that the police represented help,” the mother said.

Insp. Paul Ramaloko, New South African police spokesman, denied that the children were chased away. “They were helped the same day,” he said, claiming that cases were opened on Friday 28 July in connection with the attack.

However, according to the parents of the victims, the two kids walked back to one of their houses, where a parent was informed. She took them to the Pretoria West hospital, but, because that institution does not have facilities to invesigae if children have been sexually assaulted, they were referred to the Laudium clinic.

According to the parent who took them, they could not get a doctor to do an investigation straight away because the children did not have a police case number.

The one child’s parents were informed later on of what had happened, and they went to the police station around 06:00 on Saturday morning, where they laid the charge. The police officers on duty clearly backdated the reporting time in order to try and cover themselves.

Only once the case had been registered, were the kids able to be taken back to the Laudium clinic for an examination. They were also given anti-Aids retroviral medication, and other medicine for sexually transmitted diseases.

“I cry and cry and cry, but he holds everything back,” one of the mothers said. “The worst of it is to lay awake at night and to think what went through is head. Did he think ‘why is my mother not here?”

Source: South Africa is Crap Blog

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