Thursday, 17 August 2006

Why the violence?

One of the most frequently asked questions on this site is why the violence? Why do these criminal swine have to resort to extreme and prolonged violence in the perpetration of what is usually a petty crime like the theft of a cell phone and a few household belongings – nothing of which could ever be worth a human life.

The answers are clear. This is a country that after the release of Nelson Mandel and the build up to “democratic” elections was birthed with electioneering slogans and chants that actively and unequivocally called for the slaughter of white South Africans.

How else is one to understand the meaning of “ONE SETTLER ONE BULLET” and “KILL THE BOER – KILL THE FARMER”?

These chants were the platform upon which was engineered the ANC rise to power in SA and formed part of their campaign to rally support – word of mouth undertaking throughout the entire population of South Africa that whites were to be slaughtered after the “Liberation” of South Africa on a piecemeal protracted basis in the exact manner that we see taking place in South Africa at this precise moment.

We do not exactly have the most sophisticated electorate on the planet – which African country does – and the question has to be asked, how would an unsophisticated electorate respond to the continuous brainwashing that white people have robbed him of everything he ever had or could have had and that white people are the cause of all ills that he, his ancestors and his descendants have, are, or are ever going to experience.

Indoctrinating the population in SA in this manner has been the most infantile accomplishment of the current powers that be with the most incredible outcome. The rest of the world, absolutely incapable of fathoming the rudimentary workings of the indigenous African mind are at a loss and white South Africans at as much of a loss as to understanding why the violence.

After some thoughtful consideration, the answer becomes easily apparent. We are dealing with a race that for the entire history of its existence has not developed or evolved in the same way as most of the world’s other races have. They have no written history prior to this being recorder by white people a few hundred years ago and this fact in itself challenges the exclusivity that South African blacks claim to this country at the exclusion of everybody else, particularly whites.

We are dealing with a race that is infinitely fragmented into tribal and ethnic divisions, sub divisions, languages, dialects and others defining separatist mechanisms that makes defining them as simply as “Black People” outrageously simplistic and myopic if any effort is to be made to understand the absolute inability of these people to contribute anything constructive or positive to humanity.

Nevertheless, in keeping with simply definig these murderers as "Black" we need to understand that as such we are dealing with a race of people that for whatever history is apparent of their existence have shown us that they have lived in as close proximity to their other splinter tribes and ethnic kin as geography, hostilities and speed of travel provided for.

There was no economic activity other than that if one tribe or group required anything that they could not grow or make, they simply went over the plains to a neighboring tribe, wiped them out, usually very cruelly; took their belongings and livestock and burned down their dwellings before disappearing.


It is this same culture of entitlement and absolute lack of any economic evolution by indigenous black Africans that still manifest today as violent crime in modern societies all over the planet. It is a congenital peculiarity of blacks that no amount of integration into western societies will eradicate, maybe refine a little to give the illusion of similar levels of sophistication as western societies but never eradicate, as is amply evidenced by people like Mugabe who wears a suit, is by Western standards eminently civilized and educated with SEVEN university degrees – look what he did to Zimbabwe for all his western style sophistication and education – exactly what his ancestors have done throughout their history. He has plundered, murdered and pillaged to acquire what he wanted because he simply knows no other way despite his westernization.

That is all these people know and this is all they will ever do. It is the reason that they were colonized in the first place and the reason they will be colonized again – for certain. Black Africa will be colonized again and this time, having been exposed as a murderous liability no matter where they put down their roots, their new colonizers are not going to be the benevolent kindly BOERS that they are killing daily. This time their colonizers will be a race of people that can currently put 200 million armed soldiers into the field at any time and THEIR approach to violent crime is simple – a bullet to the back of the head and the bill therefore to the criminals kin.

In the meantime white South African are being slaughtered like pigs in an orgy of retribution and by way of penance for Apartheid – a system that was implemented precisely to preserve white people from the attentions of these savages that we see today – but has been twisted by the international bleeding hearts society to be perceived as a diabolical mechanism for persecuting blacks. Opponents of apartheid by way of their voluble opposition, sanctions etc, etc. have shown that what they understood of Apartheid was that white South Africans could only function if some perverse desire to see blacks squirming dying and being humiliated on a daily basis was assuaged sufficiently for them to be able to build the South Africa that the ANC inherited, took credit for and then proceeded to destroy.

Never has the thought been given by these bleeding hearts to the possibility that the implementation Apartheid was an act of survival by white South Africans to isolate them from the attentions of blacks that we see currently in a form and on a scale that by any definition can be labeled a Genocide of whites in SA.

A genocide that has been cunningly planned all along by the ANC and equally as cunningly executed. A genocide that is justified by apartheid and the victims thereof acceptable losses for redressing of “Past injustices”. A genocide that is explained away as crime. A genocide that the ANC government fully approves of, fully encourages, fully supports and fully endorses by its absolute refusal to do anything about violent crime against whites in South Africa.

It is a genocide the agenda of which is clearly apparent to any thinking person without the odd loose cannon black giving it away at a “youth rally” at which the call was made to black youths to “Go and steal from whites because they stole from us…”

This is the kind of indoctrination that generations have black youths have been subjected to to such an extent that they see little merit in applying any personal effort or endeavour into acquiring anything that their “leaders” are telling the they can simply take from white people and if it involves killing the white pig all the better – remember “KILL THE BOER KILL THE FARMER”

They don’t have to go to “Youth Rallies” to be told this, it’s all they hear all the time because it is an ongoing part of the indoctrination strategy that the ANC has inherited from the communists and implemented with absolute results.

What the idiots haven’t figured out yet is what they are going to do when all the whites have been slaughtered or driven out of South Africa and every last possession of white people has been plundered and destroyed. The answer is equally as clear – they turn on themselves and before long the beautiful country that whites built is reduced to rubble and is just another African civil war zone – until the neo-colonizers move in.

In the meantime law abiding, unarmed, productive white South Africans are slaughtered without the immediate realization that for every white life gratuitously snuffed out hundreds of blacks will ultimately end up starving and dying in the years to follow.

And when things in the “Liberated” country get unbearable because the economy has collapsed the “Free” blacks invade the very countries from where their “Oppressors” originated and go and perpetuate their culture of entitlement there.

So to all those bleeding hearts countries gleefully clapping their hands and laughing “Serves you right for Apartheid” (isolating yourself from black on white hate crimes); take note of who the perpetrators are in your cozy countries of unrest, riots, civil disobedience, murder, rape and robbery. I’ll put my money on it that it’s usually a black African…..

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

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