Saturday, 30 September 2006

Elderly woman 'gun-slapped' in Pretoria

September 28 2006 at 08:49PM

A 60-year-old woman was hit with a firearm and injured on Wednesday night when three armed men robbed her and a friend on her farm near Renosterspruit, south of Pretoria, police said.

Inspector Paul Ramaloko said on Thursday the woman and a friend had taken their dogs for a walk and on return were confronted by the robbers around 8pm on Wednesday.

"The robbers threatened them with firearms while they took their jewellery and home appliances."

They hit the woman with a firearm on the head before fleeing on foot.

She was taken to a local hospital. - Sapa


Friday, 29 September 2006

Farm Attack: Robbers tortured elderly woman with burning candles

Farm Attack: Robbers tortured elderly woman with burning candles

Posted: September 28, 2006 14:00

LIMPOPO - Four men have put an elderly farmer's wife through four hours of torture, burning her feet with a candle, hitting her with a hammer and stabbing her in the legs. A farmer's wife was tortured with a flaming candle held under her feet, she was hit on the head and shoulders with a hammer and stabbed several times in the leg with a kitchen knife.

Bets Prinsloo, 60, of Prinshof small-holdings in Limpopo's Kromdraai area where she and her husband have farmed for the past 11 years, wants only to sell their property and move to Pretoria. Joggie Prinsloo, 62, has deep wounds on his wrists where the attackers bound his hands with wire behind his back.

Four attackers hit the small-holding after crawling through a broken fence on Tuesday evening. The Prinsloos' son, Dries, said: "The dogs usually crawl through that opening to get off the farm. "Trackers say the robbers definitely entered the farm there. It looked as if they knew what they were doing."

The four forced open the back door of the house and overpowered the Prinsloos as they watched television.

Malesela Ledwaba of Waterberg police said the men had a panga and an axe. They overpowered the couple and tied their wrists behind their backs with wire. Dries said his parents were locked up in the bathroom from 20:00 until about midnight. During their ordeal, Mrs Prinsloo was burnt under her feet with a candle flame. She was hit on the head and shoulders with a hammer

Dries, who lives in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths), said the men also stuck a kitchen knife into his mother's legs several times. During the couple's four-hour ordeal, the men plundered the home and stole household goods as well as five firearms from a safe. They fled in the Prinsloos' bakkie. Dries said on Wednesday: "My parents are going to sell everything on their farm as soon as possible and move in with family in Pretoria."

"The attacks on farmers are out of control. When is someone going to do something to stop these attacks?"

The Prinsloos were treated by a doctor in Bela-Bela on Wednesday.

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

Sunday, 24 September 2006

Stop feeling guilty!

Dear South African friends,

I am a French Canadian that has lived off and on in Joburg in the 90's. Previously we were living in Australia. Your country is much more beautiful. Presently my spouse is back working in S.A. I was told that Joburg is much safer now. I had started packing but stopped when I started reading your website. I think that I would rather be trembling of cold than fear. I miss my spouse terribly and I dont know what to do. I miss S.A. (the people, the blue sky and the great food). I made many friends in S.A. and it was difficult then to discuss politics with anybody. I felt there was maybe an element of shame and quiet dread regarding the future.

Well, I am writing to let you know that you are not alone with this problem. Today, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the government said it was putting aside 6 million + dollars (R37 millions) to try and dismantle black street gangs. These are 2nd generation black kids from either Africa, Haiti, etc... They were welcomed here with open arms with "free" everything. They get free schooling (primary, high school and college). They have free medicare and even unemployment insurance (thats a whole year worth of salary in case you loose your job). We also offer an "equal opportunity" program that ensures that you are hired on the basis of your performance and not your race. So why are these black kids involved in violent crime and terrorizing quiet suburbs. What did we ever do to them? Just last week, 2 black youths got on a bus and stabbed a female driver 3 times and took nothing. There are many black immigrants that turn out fine but when they decide to turn to crime they become extremely violent more than any other nationality.

We are also a "Rainbow Country". Most nationalities come here very appreciative of their new opportunities and many arrive with only the clothes on their back. With a little effort everybody has a chance to become successful. I wish more South Africans would support Neil Watson. He is in my eyes a hero. Please stop feeling guilty! Enough already! It's been 12 years +! You did not create this culture of crime. There are many other countries that are very poor and they do not resort to torture, rape and brutality. It's time to put your pants on and fight for your rights. Be very proud of who you are, you do not deserve this violence! Nor you or us in Canada. (English is a 2nd language for me please excuse my spelling)

An admiring Canuck2

P.S. For those of you that are contemplating immigration, please consider the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are, for instance, hiring police officers from Great Britain because of a shortage. Google "Calgary Herald" newspaper and look up "employment". Because of an oil boom this city is experiencing a big shortage of workers in all kinds of fields. Good luck!

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

Elderly Free State farmer and wife slaughtered

Posted: September 23, 2006 08:43

VREDE - An elderly Free State farmer and his wife have been found murdered. A cattle herder found the body of 78-year-old Kobus van Tonder on the farm Merino near Vrede. His 68-year-old wife Charlotte was found stabbed to death in their house.

Thabo Mbeki and his Ministers are responsible for these murders, as they are not doing anything about the situation of farms.

According to reports the couple had lived on the farm for about 30 years. It is believed the couple was murdered at the weekend, but their bodies were only found yesterday.

Meanwhile it is reported from Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal that four men were sentenced to life imprisonment in two separate cases for farm murders. Thuthukami Miya was sentenced for the murder of 46-year-old Jacqueline Chatterton of Boston. In passing sentence, Judge-President Vuka Tshabalala said killings on farms gave South Africa a bad name. In an adjacent court, Judge Leona Theron sentenced three men to life imprisonment for the murder of Cedarville farmer Christiaan Colin Moolman. Two of the three killers were only 19 years old.

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

My twin brother's life was taken with a bullet through his heart

Posted: September 24, 2006 02:45

UNITED KINGDOM - On the night of the 10th of September 2004, a few days after his 29th Birthday, my only sibling and twin brother was shot and killed in an attempted Hijacking.

The robbers did not manage to claim the vehicle, but they claimed Marco's life; with one bullet through the back of his right shoulder as he drove off.

He saved the life of the passenger in the car, but the bullet pierced his heart, and he died within minutes.

My Dad, Mom and I must now live with this tremendous loss and sadness. No words can describe an experience like this; as equally as no words can genuinely describe the state of affairs in South Africa. The crime effecting innocent members of the public is despicable, certainly when one looks at the number of lives lost at the hands af callous individuals who do not deserve another breath of fresh air on this planet of ours! Can you believe that the SA Government is content to let these low-lives run free?! It's true.

My brother's killers are but two of millions of murderers out there today; protected by the Government's incompetencies! Like most positive change in our lives, it must be self-fulfilled. To regain some dignity, harmony and safety in your lives as South Africans, action must be taken! Say something, do something; just don't resort to nothing. Those who have lost their lives in this awful manner surely deserve some recognition and a long, hard fight for justice!?

My heart goes out to all those effected by crime in SA, especially those who have witnessed murder or suffered the indescribable loss of a loved one. LONG LIVE THE FIGHT FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS!

(ps: My parents and I no longer reside in SA. After many wonderful years spent there in my youth, I am afraid to say, I no longer love the country. I have my happy memories, but sadly, loads of pain too.) - Nathalie Kelderman

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

White Child Slavery in the New South Africa

By the Uhuru Guru of the Why South Africa is crap blog

18 September 2006

In the cruel and dystopic hell of the New South Africa, the gangrenous stench of all-pervasive decay has been wafting over the dark continent since white capitulation in 1994. The olfactory senses of scavengers and carrion eaters from as far afield as Ghana and Nigeria have locked on to the distinct odour of a beckoning feast, and have, just as in nature, descended on the huddled, terrified group of whites. Like a writhing mass of maggots, hordes of criminal West African scum have infested our cities and towns, establishing markets for the narcotic death they purvey. Formerly quiet, isolated towns like Bloemfontein & Kimberley now feature a burgeoning drug culture of crack, heroin, cocaine and other mind-altering substances.

Their modus operandi involves the handing out of generous samples to (especially) white suburban school kids as well as to the spawn of newly empowered black middle classes. Once they’ve ‘grown’ their markets and the profits roll in, they next branch into prostitution and abduction rackets. White crack whores takes a little too long to produce, so the mostly Nigerian filth then turn to kidnapping our children. A growing trend in recent years (most notably in, but not limited to the Johannesburg East Rand suburbs of Benoni, Boksburg, Kempton Park) has been to prowl the streets in vicinity of schools in search of young girls between the ages of 12 and 16. The young, largely white teens walking home from school are seized in broad daylight. They are then held at Nigerian snake pits, and are force-fed a diet of crack cocaine and intravenous heroin.

Brutal beatings, relentless assaults and the most barbarous rapes imaginable complete the job of turning them into permanently damaged zombies, after which they are put to work in child prostitution rings. For weeks or even months, these hapless, pitiable creatures are forced to work as sex slaves, satisfying the twisted sexual demands of mostly black clientele. (Nigerian pimps charge triple, even quadruple fees to eager black steamers wanting to taste white flesh, compared to what black, coloured and Indian girls earn them) Some are smuggled out of the country, usually destined for Western African locations, but most are (mercifully?) murdered when their sell-by date of approximately 3 months arrives. Most often, their bodies are disposed of and never found, but sometimes, police will find their dumped corpses and the heart-rending evidence of the very worst that Africa has on offer.

Of all the reprehensible black on white hate crimes being committed in South Africa, this is the single most surpressed and downplayed act of genocide of them all.

Teens escape clutches of sex ring

Four teenage South African girls have survived the horror of being abducted and sold into a sex ring, coerced into crime or murdered. The girls, rescued by Sunnyside police over the past three weeks, were lured from their homes in Pretoria, the East Rand and Northern Cape. The teenagers, picked up by truckers and long distance taxi drivers believed to be members of a paedophile organisation preying on the vulnerable, are the lucky ones. For the families of 22 Pretoria children, who have disappeared over the past two months, the anxiety of not knowing what has happened to their loved ones continues. This week the Pretoria News reported on the disappearance and murder of Janine Rooi, eight, whose body was found close to her Eersterus home. She is the ninth murdered or missing child the Pretoria News has reported on in the past year.

The other murdered or missing children reported on include Connie Ncube, four, whose mutilated body was found in February dumped in a river in Nellmapius; Mamelodi childhood friends Lerato Ndinisa, 18, Tsholofelo Aphane, 19, and Lindiwe Mbonani, 17, who were found dead in May in Mamelodi West; Aaron Masongo, 12, whose body was found dumped in the city centre on the Apies River bank in November; Lindiwe Magoro, seven, who fell to her death during a burglary at her parents' second floor Berea flat; Thulani Shisana, 15, who was shot dead at his Mamelodi school in May; Thulani Soyizwapi, 16, who was stabbed to death at his Olievenhoutbosch school in May; and Dineo Motaung, nine, who disappeared from her Winterveld home in March. She has yet to be found.

Despite these murders and disappearances, police have consistently declined to divulge to parents how safe children are in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban; even though crimes against children had been declared a national policing priority for the past 10 years. The reason: statistics with regard to the breakdown on the figures per city of murdered or missing children are not readily available. (Or so they claim - the truth is that the real situation is so shockingly bad, it will cause a massive backlash)

However, the South African Missing and Exploited Children's Centre (Samec), has revealed that in the past two months 44 children have disappeared in Johannesburg, 29 in Cape Town and 22 in Pretoria. Its website states that one in three girls and one in five boys suffer sexual exploitation and that nearly 2 000 children are murdered each year in South Africa.

Missing children often fell prey to crime syndicates.

Childline Director Joan van Niekerk also expressed concern about the country's child murder rate. Reports to her organisation of children in danger were on the rise. Missing children often fell prey to crime syndicates, she said, who usually ended up killing their victims. According to the SAPS annual report, 1 128 children were killed in South Africa in 2004/2005. The SAPS claim between 1 200 to 1 500 children disappear every year in South Africa.

Missing Persons Bureau commander Superintendent Fanie van Deventer, who declined to divulge figures on the number of children murdered in 2006, said the worst provinces for missing children were Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. While most children who went missing were runaways, he said, problems occurred with what happened to them after they left home. "These children are vulnerable and often fall prey to criminal gangs involved in the sex trade and other criminal activities such as drug smuggling," he said.

Van Deventer said time was of the essence when it came to finding missing children. International statistics showed that "after 72 hours the search changes from finding the child alive to looking for a body". This made it paramount that missing children were reported to the police immediately. SAPS spokesperson Director Phuti Setati said the SAPS had an 82 percent recovery rate of finding missing children. There were various programmes in place to raise awareness surrounding crimes against children, he said.

Source:Why South Africa is crap blog

Baby brings light into victim's life

Happy ending: The woman who was attacked and raped in her Gordon's Bay home while she was pregnant has given birth to a baby boy. Photo: Ian Landsberg, Cape Argus
Murray Williams

September 22 2006 at 11:41AM

Rape is every woman's worst nightmare, but for a 25-year-old Gordon's Bay woman it was worse: she was pregnant.

The violence that unfolded on the night of May 22 shocked greater Cape Town when details emerged the next day.

On that night, a gang of nine men from Khayelitsha travelled to Gordon's Bay. They smashed their way into a house and bludgeoned 78-year-old Joy van Aarde to death.

They then moved next door, where they surprised Clifford Bacon, his son and a friend. The trio were tied up.

One of the gang then forced Bacon's pregnant fiance into a bathroom.

She gave birth to her child four months later. Months of anxiety, panic and worry were finally over.

"No, it wasn't easy," she said on Thursday. "I took a lot of stress and strain.

"They had to checks every two weeks, because they were concerned that my stress was going to affect my baby.

"The doctors told me I can't let myself fall apart... The baby would suffer. I'd put my body into stress and my body would choose me over the baby. A lot of women can have still-born or premature babies."

It was a shock, a wake-up call.

"It was touch and go for the first month. I had to force myself not to freak out when I walked into a dark room. I would think that someone was hiding in the corner and that the alarm hadn't picked him up.

"Or if I walked into a shop and there was a guy who looked similar (to one of the gang of attackers) I started panicking.

"I still had these little scares in my mind. But somehow, somewhere, someone was watching over me.

"I knew I couldn't let it overwhelm me."

September 11 is a day remembered for its violence. But the day, this year, was one of joy and peace.

Connelly Bacon was born at 10.40pm, weighing 3,2kg.

A natural birth had been planned, but his mother had contracted flu a week earlier so she had to have an emergency Caesarean.

"He was able to be born. I'm able to touch him, bath him.

"It's closure that I was able to see the pregnancy through.

"It's an absolute relief," she said. "He's so perfect."

"He only cries when he's hungry. He's such a placid little baby.

"I just thought he was too beautiful. I couldn't believe this little person was what we made. All mothers think that all newborns are beautiful, but I think mine is the exception.

"I still have fears. But because newborns can sense that something's wrong, I can't let myself succumb to them. It would lead to a whole chain of events."

The only outstanding closure of her ordeal is the trial of their attackers.

"I want to know what happens to them. I want closure.

"From there, it can only get better."

The men arrested in connection with the rape are awaiting trial in Pollsmoor Prison while laboratory tests are completed.

Two of the men - Simon Lolo, 20, and Thomas Baraza, 22 - unsuccessfully applied for bail. Both have criminal records.

Vuyisila Msaseni, 19, Siyabonga Zanzele, 22, were facing further charges, but were released by mistake in a court bungle.

The other men arrested are Lungile Mayo, 19, Siyathemba Tshanyela, 21, Thembile Ngxowe, 19, Mzamu Ncwana, 18, and Luganda Zaza, 19. A prosecutor has told the court that three of the nine were wanted for other murders.


Farmer armies in the killing fields

Sheena Adams

September 23 2006 at 03:37PM

The phrase "killing fields" doesn't quite conjure up the rolling hills of the Cradle of Humankind, a Unesco World Heritage site west of Johannesburg.

But beneath the veneer of the tourist buses and Jersey cows are horrifying murder and robbery statistics, which received yet another boost this week.

The area bore witness to its 96th farm attack this year when Belgian national Mattias Noack, 58, who survived another attack on his life last November, was murdered by five attackers at his Lindley, Muldersdrift, home on Thursday night.

Raising more than a few eyebrows among neighbours is the fact that Noack and his wife Susan were witnesses in the criminal trial of a police inspector, from Muldersdrift police station, arrested in recent weeks over last November's attack.

West Rand police spokesperson Inspector Solomon Sibiya told the Saturday Star that the suspect, who can't be named until he has pleaded, appeared in the Krugersdorp magistrate's court this week and had his case postponed until October 26. He was released on R2 000 bail.

Shockingly, the policeman is still on duty and has been transferred to Norwood police station pending an internal disciplinary hearing on October 10. Sibiya said the suspect would be charged with attempted murder and robbery.

The inspector was arrested after being identified by Noack's wife at the Douglasdale police station, where she works as a receptionist.

Noack retired to South Africa three years ago to set up a nursery. Last year, the couple were attacked in their driveway, along with two German tourists, by four men. Noack was shot in a leg before the attackers fled.

On Thursday, the couple returned home at 8.30pm to find five attackers waiting for them. Noack was shot at three times and died on the scene. Money, cellphones, a revolver and the couple's Nissan Almera were stolen, but Noack's wife was not harmed.

Muldersdrift, with an average of more than 10 farm attacks a month and eight murders this year, has been labelled a national crime hotspot by the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU), which says it is by far the most violent farming area in the region.

Trevor Roberts, the owner of a Muldersdrift security consultancy, Conserv Security, said the attack on the Noacks was the fifth "double attack" on a farmer in the area, and, like the others, looked suspiciously like a revenge attack.

Conserv Security assesses individual communities and draws up security plans for them. This includes rosters for community patrols, firearms training, rural survival skills and self-defence. The company serves about 3 000 landowners in the area.

Roberts said that in a three-month period, patrols by local armed landowners had helped bring down the crime rate in Muldersdrift from one attack every two-and-a-half days to one every 21 days. Police have slammed these local farmer patrols, saying they went against the laws of the country.

The unofficial farmer armies patrolling the Muldersdrift streets, many of them set up in response to the government's decision to phase out military commandos in 2003, is illustrative of a growing trend around the country.

More and more farmers are organising themselves into rural protection units, and in many provinces have rejected the South African Police Service's sector policing strategy as incompetent. The complaints range from police being involved in crime to a lack of vehicles and staff.

The initiative appears to be led by ex-military officials who, in the northern reaches of the country, lead military-style exercises against suspected criminals with names like Operation Clenched Fist.

Velskoen-and-firearm brigades have led to a significant drop in crime, according to Gideon Meiring, chairperson of the TAU's safety and security committee.

Meiring, a former army colonel in charge of military intelligence, said candidly that his point of departure was that "it's either us or them".

Meiring was unapologetic about the security support groups he has helped to set up in provinces like Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga, saying the police "are not part of the solution but part of the bloody problem".

He has been involved in setting up what the TAU calls the Greenlight Police, an association of patrolling farmers with flashing green lights fixed to the top of their vehicles.

Meiring also runs frequent three-day self-defence courses. Men, women and children are taught first aid, how to use ordinary household items to protect themselves, and how to fire AK-47s, R-4s and pump-action rifles.

The president of the National African Farmers' Union, Motsepe Matlala, said some white commercial farmers were politicising the problem of farm attacks by creating the impression that it was only white commercial farmers who were being targeted. This was "far from the truth".

"In Limpopo, certain white commercial farmers are taking the law into their own hands under the pretence of protecting themselves, which is not very good, neighbourly behaviour...

"You can't say per se that people can't protect themselves, but when those farmers patrol, they must act within the limits of the law. I don't imagine that the ordinary, poor farmworkers, if they see someone coming at them carrying big rifles, wouldn't feel uncomfortable and intimidated," Matlala said.

This article was originally published on page 2 of Saturday Star on September 23, 2006


Thursday, 21 September 2006

Two men shot dead while asleep

Zelda Venter

September 20 2006 at 08:08AM

The Pretoria High Court on Tuesday heard how two Centurion residents were shot dead at point-blank range by housebreakers while asleep in their homes in Amberfield Heights.

In the first incident, David du Toit was shot in the stomach and chest on November 11 2004. The robbers fled with only his wallet. Du Toit died in his bed after paramedics took about 50 minutes to get to the scene, Acting Judge Mahomed Ismail was told.

The robbers - allegedly part of the same gang - broke into another townhouse in the security village some three weeks later. This time Martin Gilfillan was shot at point-blank range while asleep. He died on the scene after the paramedics took an hour or more to get to him.

Billy Peter Mbewe, 21, of Marabastad, and Jabu Nkosi (age unknown), of Driedoring plots, outside Pretoria pleaded not guilty to 11 charges, including two of murder, two of attempted murder and an array of robbery and housebreaking charges.

Devon du Toit, whose father was murdered in November 2004, testified how he heard his father calling out to him in the early hours of the morning. "I went to his room. He was lying on his back, holding his cellphone. He told me to phone the paramedics."

Du Toit said he was under the impression that his father could not breathe. It was only while phoning that he noticed two cartridges on the ground. He then saw his father had been wounded. Du Toit said he did not notice any suspects in the house, but he did notice that several appliances, such as the video machine, were dismantled. The culprits only ran off with his father's wallet.

Constable DA Porter told the court he was investigating a housebreaking in Rooihuiskraal on December 2 2004 when he heard shots at the nearby Amberfield Heights. He saw two men running from the complex. He and another officer rushed to the scene.

He could not find the suspects and went to check on Gilfillan, who was shot in his home. A security officer tried to stop the blood while he (Porter) phoned the paramedics. "I tried to contact them a few times and they took very long to get to the scene. It was about an hour, if not longer."

Porter said he could see Gilfillan becoming weaker and weaker. "He eventually lost consciousness. When the paramedics eventually arrived, they declared him dead," he testified.

Another victim, Josias Cilliers, who had a narrow escape, said he was in his townhouse unit in Amberfield Heights on December 2 2004 when he heard shots being fired.

"I looked out of the window and saw a man standing at the nearby wall. I shone my torch into his face. He came to stand right in front of my window and I saw he had a firearm in his hand. He fired a shot and it hit the bricks next to my window."

Cilliers said the man went away briefly, but returned to the window with two others.

They looked at him through the window, but the three then for some or other reason ran off.

Mbewe, through his advocate, told the court that he only went along that night to carry the loot. He said he waited outside the complex and that he did not know that his accomplices were going to kill people.

The case continues.

This article was originally published on page 3 of Pretoria News on September 20, 2006


Suspect held for George resident's murder

September 20 2006 at 06:06PM

Detectives arrested a 26-year-old man on Wednesday in connection with the murder of a George resident, police said.

Captain Malcolm Pojie said the 26-year old man from Thembalethu, George, was found in possession of stolen electronic equipment. He was being held for questioning in the murder of 44-year old Theo Bernard van Niekerk.

Van Niekerk's half-naked body was found by police at about 10pm on Monday after a search for the owner of an abandoned Nissan 1400 bakkie led them to his house.

"There were no signs of forced entry, although the doors were locked," said Pojie.

The motive for the murder is unknown, but it is "believed that electronic equipment such as a music centre, TV and video recorder were removed from the house," said Pojie.

An autopsy will be held to determine the cause of death.

The suspect will appear in the George Magistrate's Court soon. - Sapa


Couple wounded in attempted hijacking

September 20 2006 at 06:52PM

A 69-year-old man and his 56-year-old wife were shot and wounded while driving out of their home in Ridgeway, south of Johannesburg, on Wednesday, police said.

"They had just gone out of the gate at noon when three armed men appeared and demanded that they give them their Toyota Corolla," said Constable Sefako Xaba.

When the man refused to give them the car keys, they fired shots at the couple before running away.

Both the man and his wife sustained leg wounds.

"The man tried to drive to Mondeor police station, but stopped on the way because he could not feel his legs. His wife then phoned the police and an ambulance."

They were taken to a local hospital.

The attackers were still at large, said Xaba. - Sapa


Horror attack : This could have been your mother or wife

Posted: September 20, 2006 20:35

SOUTH AFRICA - On Monday, this lady was severely assaulted and raped in her own home by intruders. She was only found the next day by her neighbours. CESA decided to publish the photograph of this victim to add a face to the horror in South Africa.

She does not have medical aid is is currenty in a state hospital. Treatment is not what it should be due to a lack of personnel. It took the whole day to find somebody to simply put up a drip! She has not eaten since Monday and the fact that she's diabetic only complicates the situation.

The family can not say with certainty that she is receiving AVR treatment and if so, if it is administered correctly.


Wednesday, 20 September 2006

'They've hurt my daddy'

19/09/2006 23:44 - (SA)

Eduan Roos, Beeld

Johannesburg - Moments after his father was shot dead execution-style next to him in their new bakkie, his three-year-old son ran to neighbours to get help.

"They've hurt my daddy," he told a neighbour.

Steven John Lindsay, 32, was probably already dead next to his bakkie.

Lindsay, who worked in the construction industry, had just parked in the family garage in Sinker Road, Olivedale, Johannesburg, about 19:20 when they were attacked by a gang.

Lindsay was shot once in the back of the head as he was getting out of his silver Toyota double-cab bakkie.

Police spokesperson Sefako Xaba said the attackers left with screeching tyres, without stealing anything, hitting a bin as they escaped.

Found him next to the bakkie

A shocked family member told Beeld the family was crushed.

He said: "They left me just 10 minutes earlier."

Lindsay had wanted to show him the new bakkie.

Emergency workers, security guards and police found Lindsay lying next to the car, with the garage door still open.

Netcare 911 emergency services spokesperson Nick Dollman said Lindsay's neighbour had heard a shot, she went to investigate and found the boy.

Dollman said: "The child told the neighbour they'd hurt his daddy and she called for help."

Lindsay's wife, Pamela, was too shocked to talk to Beeld.

"She and the child are sleeping," said her father, who had travelled from Durban shortly after getting the news.

"All we know at the moment is that the boy ran down the street to get help after the shooting," he said.

The Lindsays moved to Johannesburg from Pinetown in KwaZulu-Natal in Pinetown.

Emergency call was 'cut off'

The family member said they were upset because an operator at the police's 10111 centre apparently put the phone down in Pamela's ear, because "she was hysterical".

Xaba said police would investigate the allegation as soon as a written complaint was received.

"We suspect the motive was not robbery, because nothing was stolen. Lindsay's cellphone and car keys were found next to him."


Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Businessman's '15min of hell'

18/09/2006 08:08 - (SA)

Pieter Jordaan and Eduan Roos, Beeld

Pretoria - "More shots were fired than in a war zone - it was 15 minutes of hell," said a businessman from the East Rand, who decided to pursue a taxi full of heavily armed robbers and got involved in a shoot-out with them.

John Nicholls, 41, from Alberton, was shot three times and his son Johnny, 6, sustained a wound to his head caused by glass shards.

Nicholls, a firearm specialist and former member of the special forces, told from his hospital bed on Sunday afternoon how he had taken on between 10 and 15 robbers.

According to police spokesperson Superintendent Andy Pieke the gang of robbers robbed a Spar in Leondale, Germiston, of an unknown amount of money shortly before 17:00.

'They missed my vitals'

Members of the police crime prevention unit followed the taxi after it had skipped a busy intersection in Kritizinger Road, said Pieke.

"The taxi shortly afterwards stopped and the robbers and police members started shooting at each other. Two suspects fled on foot, but were later apprehended."

According to Pieke, some of the suspects hijacked another motorist's black Honda Ballade, while those remaining in the taxi sped away.

Nicholls and his son were on their way to the same Spar when the Ballade, with flashing emergency lights, passed him in Kritzinger Road, and pulled off on the wrong side of the road.

"I realised something was wrong. The men jumped out of the Ballade and into a taxi and started driving away. I decided to pursue them," said Nicholls.

After he had forced the taxi off the road in Van Rensburg Street about 350m further, he told Johnny to lie down, got out of his vehicle and approached the taxi. "They shot me in the hip with an AK-47.

"I immediately sought shelter from where I could fire back," he said. Nicholls, armed with a 9mm pistol, fired 16 shots before he ran out of ammunition.

"They also wounded me in the left arm and thigh, but fortunately missed my vitals. The robbers fled when the police arrived.

Nicholls then drove to hospital in his own car, where he and his son were treated.

He was in stable condition, and Johnny had been discharged.

"I thought there were only three people in the taxi, while there were actually 15. I wouldn't have stopped if I had known that," he said.

According to Pieke, six of the alleged robbers, among them those whom Nicholls had wounded, were arrested.

"We also confiscated an AK-47, three unlicensed pistols, a revolver, cash and cellphones," said Pieke.

The suspects were expected to appear in court on Monday or Tuesday.


'Brenda, they've shot me'

17/09/2006 23:05 - (SA)

Mariana Malan and Eduan Roos , Die Burger

Johannesburg - "Brenda, they've shot me. Phone the ambulance - I've been shot."

These were the last words of Dominee Stefan Louw, 34, to his wife shortly before dying of his wounds after a failed robbery in his Westdene home in Johannesburg on Friday evening.

Louw, a minister of the Melville Kruisgemeente, apparently was shot in his bedroom shortly before 23:00. He crawled to his study to contact his wife, Brenda, who was visiting family in Cape Town.

Brenda said: "The shock made me practical. I first contacted the neighbourhood watch and afterwards Stefan's brother, Johan.

"Stefan was still alive when the security guards arrived, but he died shortly afterwards."

The robbers apparently gained entrance through a sliding door which Louw had kept open for their dog.

Brenda said: "He was someone who became very upset about violence. He had a lot of sympathy for people on the fringes of society.

'We could see he was dying'

"Sometimes, I thought he was too gullible and trusted people too easily."

Stefan's brother, Johan Louw of Northcliff, said: "Nothing justified this barbaric murder.

"He was apparently shot once in the chest in the bedroom and he then crawled to the study to phone his wife.

"The phone was off the hook and we could see he was dying."

He said it was tragic that his brother, who never thought twice about helping people, "paid with his life".

Louw's parents, Dominee Willem Louw, and his wife, Louisa, of Somerset West, arrived in Johannesburg on Sunday after hearing in Malawi about their son.

The 72-year-old retired minister, and his 62-year-old wife had been lecturing at a Bible school for the past three weeks.

They were told of Stefan's murder via SMS.

He said: "It's a big shock, but we're sure my son's murderers will make peace with themselves."

Left with anger, despair

Laurie Gaum, fired gay minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and a good friend of Stefan's, said the minister had been someone with an extraordinary sense of justice.

"He was a deep thinker and was someone our church couldn't afford to lose."

Stefan had deplored the decision to "keep Gaum out of the church" in a letter to Beeld in February this year and said he "was ashamed to be called a Dutch Reformed minister".

The head secretary of the church, Dr Kobus Gerber said: "The murder leaves one with emotions of anger and despair.

"How long must people of this beautiful country still experience this? People are tired of crime." - Die Burger/Beeld


Hijackers slit man's throat

19/09/2006 09:52 - (SA)

Schalk Mouton, Beeld

Pretoria - A man from the East Rand, whose throat was cut during an unsuccessful hijacking, apparently tried to pursue his attackers before he collapsed due to blood loss.

Clarance Potgieter, 25, from Brenthurst in Brakpan, had spent Saturday afternoon with friends at the Rand Airport in Germiston, according to his wife Joey.

On the way back he stopped at a petrol station at the corner of Springs and Denne Road in Brakpan to fill up his tank.

He was apparently attacked by four men when he left the filling station at about 17:00.

Nothing stolen

His door was opened and his throat was slit with a sharp knife.

"We don't know whether it was done on purpose or whether it was a hijacking, as nothing was stolen," said his wife.

"He had two cellphones, his wallet and a laptop in the car, but nothing was stolen," she said.

Vocal cords damaged

The circumstances surrounding the incident were very vague as Potgieter's vocal cords were damaged and he cannot speak. He communicates with gestures and sketches. Apparently he tried to pursue his attackers, before turning back to the filling station and collapsing.

"I think at the time he didn't realise that his throat had been cut, but then he became dizzy and drove back to the filling station," said his wife.

"He got out of the car, handed his keys to one of the employees and collapsed."

Friend at filling station

Leon Stander, a school friend, was standing at the window of the filling station when he saw Potgieter collapse.

"I came outside and saw a man sitting in a pool of blood. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was my friend," said Stander.

He put Potgieter in his car and took him to hospital.

Throat cut to the vertebrae

Dr Jean Klopper, head of the trauma unit at Glynwood Hospital in Benoni, said Potgieter's throat had been cut to the vertebrae.

"It must have been a very sharp, broad object," said Klopper. "It was a very clean cut."

According to Klopper, Potgieter had lost 1.5 litres of blood before he received treatment.


Four suspects held for girl's murder

September 19 2006 at 07:17AM

By Cornelia du Plooy

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of eight-year-old Janine Rooi of Eersterus.

The four men, aged 25, 27, 29 and 30, were arrested yesterday morning in Eersterus. Janine went missing over a week ago. Her body was discovered on a hilltop on Saturday evening.

It is believed the men were arrested after a witness came forward. One of the men had apparently told his girlfriend what happened, bragging about the killing.

'This affects us all'
Cornelius Rooi, Janine's father, said that by yesterday afternoon the police had not told him of the arrests.

"I had to hear it from friends who heard it on the radio. This is just further proof that nothing will come of this," he said.

Community members were upset about the lack of support they received from the police, claiming that the police were lax in their efforts to find Janine.

But police spokesperson Katlego Mogale said Janine had disappeared on the Saturday of the previous weekend and that the case was only reported on the Sunday. She said a regulation in terms of which there was a 48-hour waiting period before a person could be declared missing "was scrapped years ago".

"A docket was opened and the minute the case was reported members of the Eersterus police station went on a door-to-door search and a chopper was called in. Last Thursday the chopper, along with station and civilian personnel, were involved in another search.

"Other information (led police to) as far as the Carousel in Hammanskraal. Each lead was followed and the family was informed as to what happened when the members returned from following up information.

"It is unfortunate that the child was found murdered. Our condolences to the family. The police have conducted the investigation as required by law and utilised all resources at their disposal to locate the... child," she said.

According to Desiree Fisher of the Eersterus Concerned Parents and Residents' Association, the community had decided to take care of the funeral arrangements and the costs involved.

"This affects us all and maybe this way something good can come out of a horrible situation," she said. "We will hold a night vigil on Thursday at the family's home."

The funeral will held on Saturday at the old Ned Geref Church in Eersterus.

The suspects will appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on September 19, 2006


Robber killed, two wounded

September 19 2006 at 11:52AM

An alleged robber was shot and killed and two others wounded on Tuesday in a shoot-out with a member of the public after an attempted house breaking, North Rand police said.

Spokesperson Cynthia Kleinhans said the three, who were part of a gang of six, were allegedly about to break into a Kempton Park home.

"A neighbour who was woken up by the noise the suspects were making, went outside to investigate," Kleinhans said.

The neighbour confronted three of the men who jumped over a wall.

When the robbers saw the neighbour following them, one took out a gun and pointed it at him.

The neighbour, who had a gun, opened fire at them.

One of the three men died at the scene while the other two were critically wounded.

The three other men who were also on the premises, managed to escape in a bakkie.

The wounded were taken to a local hospital. - Sapa


The Songs They Sing - Blacks Sing Of Killing Whites

This is a documentary about the songs of the ANC, SACP, MK and UDF. Songs like: "Kill the Boers, kill the racists", "We the members of MK have pledged ourselves to kill them, the Boere", "With this axe, chop them down", "we are going to shoot them, we'll go in with our guns", "we hate you to death".

Saturday, 16 September 2006

Muggers chased away by pensioner with stick

Staff Writer

September 15 2006 at 04:54AM

An 80-year-old man had to have stitches on his head after his desperate and brave attempt to protect five fellow pensioners with his walking stick during a mugging in Newlands Forest earlier this week.

The two muggers' planned attack didn't pay off as all they managed to run off with was a bag containing some clothing and a lunch-box.

The man, who asked not to be named, said they were walking in a group of six at about 9.30am on Monday when the attempted mugging took place quite close to the Newlands Forest walk entrance.

"There were six of us. We take little walks every Monday morning. While we were walking we saw two guys: a tall one dressed in white and a shorter more stocky guy wearing dark clothing. We had walked along a road and down the stream and we came down near the helipad and saw the two men. I had an uneasy feeling," said the man.

He said the tall mugger came up to them and told them: "If you shout I'll shoot.

"We've been told not to resist because your life is worth more than your valuables but I was angry and lashed out at him with my walking stick. I was trying to get the tall one and he took my stick and struck me with it. I had to have three stitches on my head. Then the short one flung one of the women to the ground. My wife also tried to hit one of them but he took the stick and hit her so hard he broke the stick on her arm."

By this time, he said, all the three women in the group had started screaming for help and by then other walkers had seen what was happening.

The two assailants then ran off and left in a white BMW that was waiting for them.

"We then gathered ourselves together. We saw a forest ranger and gave him our story. But we lost nothing. I'm not a trained fighter. I was never into heavy sport, so I was taken by surprise.

"Had we done what they wanted we would have lost credit cards, drivers licences and jewellery," he said.

Following the muggings in Newlands Forest and surrounding areas over the past few days, Table Mountain National Park says it has had to redeploy its visitor safety staff to cover those areas.

Police spokesperson Billy Jones said the matter had been reported to the Claremont Police Station, and a 19-year-old man held in connection with the incident had appeared in the Wynberg magistrate's court.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Times on September 15, 2006


'Samson' fights off eight robbers

13/09/2006 23:19 - (SA)

Christel Raubenheimer, Beeld

Pretoria - Just like Samson in the Bible - is how Wian, five, describes his father's courage in standing up to eight robbers and protecting his family.

Gerhard Venter, 38, of Kameeldrift, wife Anita and their sons, Hardus, 10, and Wian arrived home just after 20:00 on Monday.

Anita went to the garage to put a load of washing in the tumbledrier and Venter and the boys started walking towards the house.

The robbers were waiting for them.

Venter said: "One of the robbers hid behind a portable pool, others were in the garden and there were more behind an outside building."

Wasn't giving up without a fight

When he reached the front door to unlock it, the robbers fired their first shots.

Venter pushed his boys behind him as a robber pointed a pistol at him.

Meanwhile, another robber was holding a gun to his wife.

Venter said: "After the first shot was fired and I saw the boys and I were still standing, I decided I wasn't giving up without a fight."

He grabbed the robber's firearm and hit him with his fist. The other robbers circled him and one of them jumped on his back. They all started fighting.

"We fell into the garden. Some of them rolled away and one of them called the man holding my wife."

The man came closer, cocked his 9mm pistol and pulled the trigger - but nothing happened.

Venter said: "He tried this several times, and every time I heard a clicking noise, but there were no shots.

"When he got to me, he just said, 'Hau'."

The robbers decided there and then to give up the fight and fled, flattening the Venters' fence as they escaped. Police later found some of the bullets.

Venter said: "I've always thought that if I should die through a violent act, I would do it fighting and wouldn't get down on my knees.

'It was a miracle'

"You can steal my possessions, but you don't touch my wife and children.

"I can build other furniture, but I won't get such a wife and children again.

"The robbers circled me, and when I wanted to land a punch, my elbow hit someone behind me.

"When I wanted to kick, another one was in the way. I received a scratch.

"There's a God who looks after His children. It was a miracle."


Elderly couple found murdered

14/09/2006 19:14 - (SA)

Johannesburg - The bodies of an elderly couple were found in their home at Suider Oord south of Johannesburg on Thursday, said Gauteng police.

Captain Schalk Bornman said they were found about 13:15.

"Pamela Leslie, 60, was found in the bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head.

"Thomas Leach, 79, was found in the garage with a stab wound to the throat," he said.

The motive for the murders was unknown and it was not yet known if anything was missing from the house.

The case is being investigated by the Johannesburg serious and violent crimes unit.


Woman cries for 'young' killers

14/09/2006 23:31 - (SA)

Katrien Smit, Beeld

Johannesburg - When the five men who attacked and seriously assaulted Theresia Myburgh in her home were sentenced in Johannesburg High Court to life imprisonment, she burst into tears because she felt sorry for them.

"I feel so sorry for them. I thought they would have received maybe a year or two to teach them a lesson," she said.

Myburgh was one of numerous Honeydew residents on the West Rand who were attacked and robbed by a gang of robbers between 2003 and 2004.

Myburgh was lucky to live to tell the story.

Diana Dando, Corrie Olwagen and Isak Johannes Nel were shot dead in cold blood by the gang.

Myburgh was attacked in her house on January 8 2005 so viciously that, among other injuries, her skull was cracked in nine places.

Three wanted to rape her

Her injuries resulted in loss of hearing, a speech impediment and knee and nerve problems, which she'll always have.

Three of the men also wanted to rape her, but she managed to convince them that she had HIV/Aids.

Moses Khossa, 30; Ernest Makhubela, 26; Dingaan Ntuli, 26; Brian Moguna, 25 and Siphiwe Motswagae, 21, faced charges of murder, attempted murder, housebreaking and robbery.

Khossa was given life, plus 35 years', Makhubela life and eight years', Ntuli got two life sentences and 34 years', Moguna got three life sentences and an additional 103 years' and Motswagae was given four life sentences and 91 years'.

Judge Nico Coetzee found them guilty on all the charges.

He possibly made history by sentencing all five to lifelong imprisonment on the housebreaking charges.

Passing sentence, Coetzee described their crimes as "gruesome and brutal" and denied leave to appeal against their convictions and sentences.

Myburgh said she was "very, very pleased" that the case was over after nearly three years.

'Get on with my life'

"I can now get on with my life and stop looking over my shoulder," she said.

Even though she was pleased the case was something of the past, she thought it "very bad" that her attackers - "such young guys" - would serve lifelong sentences.

"On the other hand, everyone's telling me I should be pleased, because they didn't have any sympathy with me or the other people.

"And just think of how many others could have been murdered if they hadn't been caught," said Myburgh.


'Dying screams will haunt me'

Pieter Muller with his son, Pieter jnr, in Ermelo after hijackers killed Maryna Muller in cold blood in Pretoria. (Johann Hattingh, Beeld)14/09/2006 22:44 - (SA)

Eduan Roos and Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - Pieter Muller says his wife's screams, shortly before she was shot dead by hijackers on a busy highway, will live with him forever.

Muller, a 43-year-old Ermelo engineer in Mpumalanga, described his wife's last moments: "She screamed like I've never heard her before and, at the same time, I heard a shot."

The body of his wife, Maryna, 38, was found in their abandoned Toyota Prado.

The Mullers stopped next to the Danie Joubert highway in Lynnwood, near King's Highway, about 20:30 on Wednesday, for Pieter to urinate.

He said: "We had had dinner in Pretoria and had a wonderful time.

"We were on our way to a guest house where we had a business appointment on Thursday."

Car lights blinded him

Pieter said on Thursday he had been standing about 3m from the vehicle when he heard his wife scream.

"I spun around and heard a shot.

The lights of another car, which stood behind my vehicle, nearly blinded me, but I could see a man running past.

"The attackers fired another shot. I started running away because I thought they were shooting at me."

Pieter hid about 30m further on, behind a tree.

"I saw both vehicles - mine and the attackers' vehicle - driving slowly towards me, as if they were looking for me.

"But, just as suddenly as they had appeared behind my car, they drove off at high speed with my wife in our car."

Pieter tried in vain to get help from other motorists.

He eventually managed to stop a motorist after climbing an embankment about 500m further and standing in the middle of the road.

A man stopped and contacted the police.

The Prado was found abandoned in Cliffondale Street in Faerie Glen to the east of Pretoria.

"There were numerous police officials standing around. I saw my wife's body in the car.

"Her seat had been lowered and she was lying flat, but didn't react when I called her. I realised she was dead."

She had been shot in the stomach, chest and leg. She was still wearing her seat belt.

"She would have fought her attackers. She was a perfectionist and my right hand.

Nothing stolen from car

"Maryna and I built our business from scratch and we've just started enjoying it - but, now she's gone."

"When I arrived back home, I had to wake my 17-year-old son to tell him his mother was dead."

Pieter and Maryna had been married for almost 20 years.

Nothing had been stolen from their vehicle.


Wednesday, 13 September 2006

SA's dumbest robber

13/09/2006 08:43 - (SA)

Marius Louw, Die Burger

Cape Town - It does not happen often that a criminal shoots himself in the foot - literally.

In this particular instance, it lead to the arrest of a 26-year-old man who was allegedly one of three armed men involved in a deadly robbery in Delft, Cape Town.

On Monday night, the owner of Spaza shop and a member of the public were shot dead after three armed men stormed into the shop at about 21:00. They shot owner Dale Adams, 31, in the stomach.

An undisclosed amount of cash was taken from the register and the men ran away.

Outside the shop, the men shot at a car, killing the driver, Mercia February, 47.

Police spokesperson Billy Jones said one of the suspects then shot himself in the foot.

"Witnesses saw a shot being fired and saw how he put the weapon in his pocket."

The 26-year-old man was arrested shortly afterwards at a Khayelitsha hospital.

Cases of murder and armed robbery are being investigated.


'Clock-watcher' frees 13

12/09/2006 22:57 - (SA)

Danel Blaauw, Die Volksblad

Kimberley - Thirteen people - among them two alleged rapists and an alleged robber - were freed when a magistrate refused point-blank to work after 16:00.

Magistrate K Padayachee scrapped 13 cases off the court roll on Monday and allowed the people in custody to go free.

An alleged rapist, sought since 2000, is apparently one of the people freed when the clock showed 16:00 .

Padayachee ruled that the 13 alleged criminals be freed when they hadn't appeared before her in court B (a transit court where first court appearances usually take place) by 16:00.

The alleged rapist, whom North West police have sought since 2000, is now a free man.

Had heard cases were scrapped

The others include a man accused of raping a 16-year-old girl, alleged stock thieves, an alleged robber and men accused of breaking into houses and cars.

The regional head of the Northern Cape justice department, Rodney Isaacs, confirmed on Tuesday he had heard of the incident.

He said the department knew of the incident and that various cases had been scrapped from the court roll.

Isaacs said: "I'm aware of the cases scrapped from the roll.

"The matter has been reported to the senior prosecutor and the director of public prosecutions.

"It definitely also will be reported to the magistrates' commission.

"It is seen in a very serious light."

A fuming prosecutor confirmed the incident and said the cases hadn't just been rolled over to the next day's court roll as happened occasionally.

They had been scrapped from the roll.

Had heavy case load

An informed source said Padayachee's roll had been full and she had had to handle two rolls on Monday.

She apparently refused point-blank to work later than 16:00. When the time arrived, she just packed up and left.

Apparently, previously she has refused to work later than the official court hours.

A source said another magistrate had had to step in to handle her cases on that occasion.


Cop 'executed' in kitchen

Lourens de Beer, 15, who was watching TV when four men broke in, "assassinated" his policeman father and then left without taking anything. (Alet Pretorius, Beeld)

12/09/2006 22:57 - (SA)

Christel Raubenheimer, Beeld

Pretoria - Police inspector Louis de Beer was making supper for his son and himself when he was shot dead in cold blood in the family kitchen.

Then, the killers just walked away, leaving De Beer's 15-year-old son, Lourens, alone with the body of his father who had seen 31 years of service.

They left without taking a single item from the house on a smallholding at Renosterspruit near Lanseria Airport.

De Beer, of the police's vehicle theft unit in Diepkloof, Soweto, and Lourens were alone at home on Monday night when the men appeared out of nowhere in the house.

Dad was in the kitchen

Lourens said: "We saw four men on the dirt road when we drove home and my dad said I must watch out for those men. He also said one of them had a weapon.

"But, my dad always joked like that," said Lourens, a pupil at Florida High School near Johannesburg.

It is believed these were the four men who later attacked the house.

Lourens was watching television while his dad was busy in the kitchen.

De Beer's wife, Marie, a theatre sister, was on her way home when the shooting took place just before 20:00.

Lourens said: "The four came storming in. They were all armed. They shot my dad and said I must lie on the carpet.

"One indicated with his hand in front of his mouth that I must keep quiet. When I was sure they'd all gone, I went to the domestic worker.

"She came back home with me and took me to the neighbours where we phoned the police," he said.

Inspector Katlego Mogale said De Beer had been shot at close range in his temple. The attackers presumably fled on foot and are still on the loose.

He said it was too early to say whether the attack was related to De Beer's work as a police officer.

Nothing was missing from the house and De Beer's wallet was still on him.

Father, son had been inseperable

Marie de Beer said: "My husband said the other day one wasn't safe anywhere any more.

"He said if we really knew what went on outside, we wouldn't stick our noses out of the door.

"The government must begin doing something. Now, there is a 15-year-old boy without a dad.

"They did absolutely everything together."


Monday, 11 September 2006

Now robbers target primary school pupils

Willem Steenkamp

September 10 2006 at 12:19PM

A spate of armed robberies on primary school children at schools in Table View and Milnerton has sparked an emergency meeting between headmasters and law enforcement agencies.

Some schools have sent out urgent warning letters to parents, suggesting they take special care.

A deputy headmaster, who preferred not to be named, said the robberies of defenceless children showed that criminals would stop at nothing.

"One of our primary school children had a gun held to his throat and had his watch and pocket money stolen, while in another incident a mere 100m from our school, two men accosted and robbed another of our primary school children.

"While the other children saw the two men walking on either side of the pupil, they did not realise that the pupil was being robbed by the armed men. We are very, very concerned. These attacks are directed at the children in our community.

"We are aware that similar attacks have taken place at other schools in our community and also in Milnerton.

We have handed all the information on the the attacks at our school to the local police forum which is setting up an emergency meeting with the police where headmasters and other senior teachers will raise their concerns.

"We are all hoping to put together an effective plan to ensure the safety of the children at our schools."

Jannie Beirowski, chairman of the Table View police forum, said the attacks were of great concern. "There have been attacks on children outside Blouberg Ridge Primary, Parklands Primary and Blouberg-rand High, and we have also had reports of similar incidents near schools in Milnerton.

"Two men have already been arrested in connection with one of the attacks, while we are working closely with five armed-response companies which have made some of their guards available to schools.

I have also approached the provincial Department of Safety and Security to inform them of the incidents in our area and to obtain some assistance."

Beirowski said because of the construction boom in the area, scores of unemployed and unskilled workers were around in the hope of finding work. This had led to an increase in criminal activities.

"Sadly we also have other social problems. Nowadays both parents usually work and only see their children at breakfast and supper. This means more and more children have to take on responsibilities of adults. They are very much on their own.

"The recent attacks on children at primary school level is a shocking development and of great concern. We are hoping to address these and other problems when we have the emergency meeting with the headmasters and local police on Monday.

"We also call on parents to allow their children to give evidence in court when we apprehend the robbers.

"Otherwise it is difficult to prosecute and the criminals walk free."

Beirowski said some schools were using Bambanani volunteers to patrol the streets near schools.

Gertjie Witbooi, spokesperson in the office of Western Cape Education MEC Cameron Dugmore, said the ministry was "extremely concerned" about the incidence of crime around schools and against children.

"We call on anyone who identifies a threat or sees an attack to immediately contact our Safe Schools number at 0800 454647.

"However, we are concerned about these criminal attacks on our school children outside the safety of schools," Witbooi said.

This article was originally published on page 3 of Cape Argus on September 10, 2006


Saturday, 9 September 2006

Skuldiges sit ná man versmoor

02/09/2006 19:21 - (SA)

Willem Pelser

Piet Retief. - Twee moordenaars van 'n bejaarde man wat versmoor het nadat 'n voormalige tuinwerker tydens 'n rooftog 'n mus in sy keel gedruk het, is hier in die rondgaande hof lank tronk toe gestuur. Mnre. Thomas Masilela (19) en Bongani Maduna (26) is onderskeidelik tot 35 en 16 jaar gevangenisstraf gevonnis weens die moord twee jaar gelede op mnr. Lou du Plessis (71) van Bethal.

Volgens getuienis het die twee beskuldigdes die oggend van Du Plessis se moord op die sypaadjie voor sy huis gesit en sy huis dopgehou.

Hulle het Du Plessis 'n ruk later in die huis oorval en sy hande agter sy rug vasgebind. Maduna en Masilela, wat vroeër in Du Plessis se tuin gewerk het, het die mus wat op Du Plessis se kop was, so diep in sy keel gedruk dat hy versmoor het terwyl hulle laggend toegekyk het.

Hulle het met net Du Plessis se polshorlosie gevlug toe die buurman opdaag.

Masilela en Maduna is die volgende dag deur speurders van Bethal in hegtenis geneem.

Oorsprong: Rapport,,752-795_1992538,00.html

OOS-KAAP: Seun wil kafee nie weer sien waar sy pa dood is

Cheri-Ann James 08/09/2006 11:57:26 PM - (SA)

PORT ELIZABETH. – “My broer wil nie weer sy voete in die winkel sit nie,” het me. Lizanne ­Vermaak gesê.

Sy is die dogter van mnr. Leon Vermaak, wat koelbloedig in sy kafee in Charlo vermoor is.

Volgens haar is haar broer, Leon jr. (20), só erg getraumatiseer dat hy nie kans sien om weer in die winkel te kom nie. Hy het op die toneel aangekom kort nadat sy pa geskiet is.

“Dit gaan aan en af met my ma, Lairezia,” het Lizanne gesê.

Mnr. Leon Vermaak sr., eienaar van die Springfield-minimark in Charlo, is Donderdagoggend ­in die winkel doodgeskiet in ’n gewapende rooftog.

Vier verdagtes het skuins voor 10:00 die winkel ingestap om glo koeldrank te koop.

Terwyl Vermaak die kleingeld uit die kasregister gehaal het, het die rowers ’n vuurwapen op hom gerig. ’n Stoeiery het tussen Vermaak en een van die rowers ontstaan en Vermaak is geskiet.

’n Koeël het hom in die arm getref en ’n tweede sy hart. Hy is op die toneel dood.

Familie en vriende moes ­Vermaak jr. buite die winkel kalmeer toe sy emosies hom oorweldig het.

Die Vermaak-gesin oorweeg dit om die winkel te verkoop. Dit word voorlopig deur ’n vriend van die gesin beheer.

Die polisie het ná die voorval na beeldmateriaal van die sekerheidskameras gekyk op soek na leidrade. Volgens supt. Johann van Greunen, polisiewoordvoerder, is die beeld nie baie duidelik nie.

Groot bosse blomme het gister die ingang na die winkel toegelê.

“Selfs mense wat ek nie eintlik ken nie, het hul meegevoel oorgedra. My pa se dood het baie mense geraak,” het Lizanne gesê.

Province, die papegaai wat na ­Vermaak se gunsteling-rugbyspan, die Westelike Provinsie, genoem is, is ook nie homself sedert die moord plaasgevind het nie.

“Hy het die aand van die moord op my bors geslaap. Ek sal hom na ’n veearts moet neem. Hy tree baie vreemd op,” het Lizanne gesê.

Ál wat die Vermaak-gesin nog aan die gang hou, is stories van die goeie ou dae.

“Ons het baie dae in die kroeg langs die winkel deurgebring, waar ons lekker gekuier en ’n ‘Leon Special’ geniet het,” het Lizanne gesê.

Die begrafnisreëlings sal teen volgende week afgehandel word.

Oorsprong: Die Burger

Secunda man found dead in his bakkie

September 08 2006 at 01:08PM

A 27-year-old man was found murdered in his bakkie in Embalenhle township outside Secunda, Mpumalanga, police said on Friday.

The man, identified only as Mr Botha, was shot in the left hand side of his face and the bullet went through his right eye, said Inspector Thabiso Ncongwane.

Nothing appeared to have been stolen from the bakkie, and he was found with R1 020 in his possession.

No further details were available at this stage, Ncongwane said. - Sapa


Friday, 8 September 2006

Man stabbed while defending sister from trio

September 08 2006 at 06:12AM

By Barry Bateman

The cries of his younger sister fighting off three rapists left a young Brooklyn man no choice but to protect her. All he could think of was saving his sibling - and for his selfless act he was stabbed in the chest.

The scene unfolded late on Wednesday night when the Reyburn family fell victim to ruthless criminals who attacked them in their home.

They were surprised by three men barging in. The parents, son, 24, and daughter, 22, were tied up and bundled into a bathroom while the men ransacked the house. The family members were also beaten and taunted by their attackers.

'There is too much crime in the area'

Their ordeal turned into a nightmare when the assailants grabbed the daughter and dragged her to another room. The family was too traumatised to speak about the incident, but the father did recount some of the tale.

He said a rope was tied around his neck, which was then tied to a towel rail in the bathroom. "My son said he was tied quite loosely and when we heard them starting to rape my daughter he exploded.

"He loosened the rope, grabbed a pole and went after them. He hit them but a gunshot went off.

"He wasn't hit but stabbed with something, either a knife or a pair of scissors.

"We are very traumatised, they were here for about an hour and a half, beating and tormenting us," said the shaken man, who did not want the family identified by their first names.

'We have to take control'

Little Company of Mary nursing manager Glynis Herselman said the young man was stabbed in the right side of his chest. "He is conscious and stable but will remain in ICU for a number of days," she said.

The suspects made off with valuables, including laptops and jewellery.

Two weeks ago Zelda Saaiman was gunned down outside her home in Brooklyn in what police believe was a botched hijacking. That murder prompted Reverend Jan Steyn, supported by the Saaiman family and the congregation, to write a letter to President Thabo Mbeki urging him to take a stand against crime.

Police spokesperson Brenda Kgafela confirmed the attack on the Reyburns. She said three suspects scaled the wall at 10pm on Wednesday night. "The suspects forced open the kitchen door and walked in on a family of four.

"One of the suspects was armed and the family members were tied up at gunpoint. The culprits took personal belongings and jewellery."

Kgafela said when they finished ransacking the house, the men grabbed the young woman. "The son managed to untie himself and went after them but was injured in the chest.

"He was taken to hospital in stable condition," she said.

Kgafela said the suspects escaped. It was unclear how they made their getaway.

Brooklyn Community Policing Forum chairman Jo-Anne Byng said she was shocked by the incident. "There is too much crime in the area. We had a meeting last night and decided to divide the community into blocks and to get our own security company to patrol those areas.

"We have a workshop planned where a group of eight will look at the logistics of it. The next step would be to approach homeowners' associations to get them involved. "We have to take control," she said.

This article was originally published on page 4 of Pretoria News on September 08, 2006


Thursday, 7 September 2006

Redemption beckons from depths of this hell

The Choice: The Gayton McKenzie Story is one man’s journey from petty crime to big-time vice and, ultimately, to salvation. In the second and last instalment of the series, Gayton McKenzie witnesses a prison rape that will change his life.

PUNISHMENT: The boy whose rape Gayton McKenzie witnessed should never have been in the cell where he was attacked. But in prisons like this, ‘the warders take care of that; they know what to do to keep the prisoners happy’, says McKenzie Picture: KATHERINE MUICK-MERE.

03 September 2006

‘He tries to fight, so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars’

A few days later, Wimpie, a white boy who was dabbling with dagga, is put in our cell. I don’t know how old he really is, perhaps 16 or more, but he looks no older than 14, with skinny arms and short, spiky-crowned, brown hair.

The 28 gang give him a chocolate bar in the morning and it’s obvious what his eating of it preludes. Still, it is strange how even the minds of paedophilic rapists seem to demand some sort of mechanism by which they can excuse their crimes. They’ve given him a chocolate bar and they are going to enjoy having him repay the kindness.

WITNESS: The ‘racist hate’ in Gayton McKenzie’s heart seems cheap, he says, in the face of one boy’s unbearable suffering.

It isn’t meant for Wimpie to be spending the evening in a cell full of libido-possessed 28s, but the warders took care of that. They know what to do to keep the prisoners happy.

The night it happens, I am in a cell with 80 men. What I am about to witness will make ridiculous the notion that someone can be safer in a crowd.

Three-quarters of the men do not want to be part of this, or they are excluded. The other 20, they know one another, and begin the sick game with the boy. He is cocky and tells them to leave him alone.

“What are you doing?”

He tries to fight, and so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars ...

The boy has been in prison for weeks now, but this is his first moment of true captivity.

The 20 take it in turns to rape him. It goes on for more than eight hours, almost the whole night. The boy does everything he can, in his pathetic, limited range of action, to try to deter them, but he is ignored. He screams, he cries, he begs, he tries to bargain, he prays.

He is ignored ...

As far as the 28s are concerned, the boy means nothing, and is nothing. He is their clay, to reshape as they please. As a prison “soldier”, as a “man”, this is what you do: you “create” women out of boys, and in that moment in the dark you are a god. But it is impossible to look upon what they have “made” and think to call it good. Their act of creation is nothing but annihilation. You do not create a woman by destroying a nascent man.

There are curtains separating the rapists and Wimpie from the rest of the cell, not that this achieves much — the screams cannot be hidden; not everyone, though — those not members of the 28 gang — can get away with going to look at what is going on, or will dare to risk it. I can, though, I can do anything I like.

If I want to, I could stop them with a word.

Instead, the screams go on all night. Now that it has started, and I have done nothing, it becomes a matter of merely waiting, and hoping that it will end. But it doesn’t. It’s still going on.

In my mind, I switch off. I’ve seen it all before. The man who has not been in prison for very long would have to break his fingers off in his ears to escape the horrific screams, but a man like me can simply wait, as long as he needs to, for the sun to rise, and for this night of cruelty to be over.

One does not interfere with another gang, and though I fought the Air Force, that was different, I tell myself.

Still it goes on. All night, I endure the sound, though what the screams are like by the end of it would challenge anyone’s imagination.

You cannot help but admit, however grudgingly, that the 28s are all too human, and human beings through all of this, but would they say the same of you? They would not. You are their clay ...

It is in the morning, though, that I am forced to see what life has coughed up before me. What’s left of Wimpie is lying in a corridor between the bunks, just in front of my bed. He is still naked, shivering in a pool of his own blood where they have discarded him. I will literally have to step over the small body to go and eat my breakfast. I am about to do just that, too, when I look him in the eyes.

All of the racist hate and hardness of my heart seems cheap. Is it important where a victim is born, where he went to school, whether or not his ethnicity gave him advantages denied others, or whether or not he is white or black?

In suffering, we are all the same.

How can I step over this cosmically battered body, and sit down to breakfast? How can anyone?

Right there, in that dismal space, with other men’s clothing strewn about on rusting beds, beside bars with psoriatic, peeling paint, I am alone with this boy’s pain.

I no longer know how I can continue to live. I have no more answers, and I am tired of all the old questions too.

The Choice: The Gayton McKenzie Story (as told to Charles Cilliers) is published by Global Creative Studios and sells for R150

Source: Sunday Times

Family devastated by murder

September 07 2006 at 08:04AM

By Se-Anne Rall

The family of the man shot dead on the N2 near Spaghetti Junction on Wednesday told of their devastation at the news of his murder.

Fred Daniels, of Newlands East, a contract worker employed by the eThekwini Municipality's Water Department, was shot when he stopped on the freeway at about 9am.

Daniels was returning home from work when he pulled off the northbound carriageway to take a call from his superviser. He was approached by an armed gang who shot him and took his wallet, cellphone and gun.

Police Captain Myentheran Lazarus said Daniels had been shot in the right side.

"He was travelling with a worker who was unharmed. The worker is in shock and is receiving counselling," he said.

Daniels's daughter, Claudette, said the family was devastated by the circumstances of her father's death. "If it had been an accident or a heart attack, maybe it would be understandable," she said.

She said her father, who would have turned 58 in October, was the family's sole breadwinner. Her mother, Rosaly, was too distraught to speak to the media.

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Mercury on September 07, 2006


Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Two held after farm attack

September 05 2006 at 02:13PM

Two suspects were arrested after they were injured in a shootout with police following a farm attack at Lephalale north of Modimolle, said Limpopo police on Tuesday.

Captain Gabashane Moseki said five armed men attacked a farmer and his wife on Monday.

The attackers tied them up then took "almost every electric appliance in their house", said Moseki.

The gang also took two revolvers, cash and cellphones from the family's safe and groceries and alcohol from the shop and bottle store at the farm.

They fled in the family's car.

Moseki said local farmers helped track two suspects to near Alma, on the way to Modimolle.

"During the arrest the suspects started shooting at the police and the police returned fire and injured both suspects in the stomach and chest. They were both admitted to a nearby hospital," said Moseki.

She said the two men were in a stable condition and no police were injured.

Police have not linked the pair to any other incidents.

Anyone with information on the pair can call Captain Renier Schutte on 082 565 9051. - Sapa


Elderly man killed in farm attack

September 05 2006 at 06:45PM

An elderly farmer was killed and his wife and was assaulted at Albert Falls, near Pietermaritzburg, on Tuesday morning, police said.

Inspector Joey Jeevan said Eric Podolski, 71, had been tied to a tree and hit on the head in a field where he was later found dead.

Initial investigations indicated that three men had arrived at his farm asking for temporary work, which he gave them, doing bush clearing about 400m from his house.

Shortly after Podolski was attacked, the men entered the house asking Podoloski's 62-year-old wife, Miriam, for a grass cutter.

They then tied up and gagged Miriam Podoloski and ransacked the farmhouse, leaving with R1 200 cash and possibly the farmer's firearm.

Miriam Podolski broke free and alerted the police.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information that may assist the police in their investigation is requested to contact Inspector Robin Mays on 082-413-8474 or Captain Nico van Rensburg on 082-556-1315. - Sapa


Sunday, 3 September 2006

The ominous parallels

By the Uhuru Guru of the Why South Africa is Crap Blog
Saturday, September 02, 2006

If there is one single factor to consider when contemplating the future of South Africa, it is the relentless flood of human detritus washing over our porous borders. Illegal immigrants enter SA at the rate of 10 000 per month, and the number is increasing. Unskilled, grindingly poor and desperate, they come in their thousands to settle in shanty towns around our cities, in our parks and abandoned city buildings.

With no means to sustain themselves, and egged on by an unyielding, daily course of state-sponsored anti-white propaganda, they invariably turn to crime. Emboldened by how easy it is, they graduate from burglaries and shoplifting, to ever more violent house invasions, hijacking, armed robberies and murder. Those rare few troubled by their consciences, quell it by eagerly swallowing the “we’re just taking back what the White Man stole from us” mantra, and adorn themselves with the remissible mantle of modern day Robin Hoods. Guilt inducing screeds in the mass media endlessly remind us that the Azanian 40% unemployment figure is a direct consequence of Apartheid. Openly racist ANC flunkeys issue veiled threats, imploring whites to “share the wealth”, warning darkly of fearful consequences when the black masses “run out of patience”. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed sunshine propagandists will have us believe that crime is “to be expected in a transforming society”, urging whites to “hang in” and “sit it out”, while soothingly rattling off the latest regime-sponsored crime fighting plan.

So it was back in the closing stages of the previous century. A populist outburst of the “gatvol” phenomenon in 1998/9 compelled the then Commissioner of Police, George Fivaz, to partner with former SAB head Meir Kahn. Fivaz and Kahn configured a bold plan, promising an embattled public medium and long term relief from crime. Restive tax payers bought into it. Nothing ever came of it- with tail between the legs, Kahn & Fivaz quietly disappeared, but the illegals kept coming. In 2000, Jackie Selebi took over from Kahn, and with great fanfare announced a “far-reaching three year plan” to renovate the SAPS from top to bottom. An article from that time reads: “in March 2000, we were treated to a military-style blitz, live on television on inner city Johannesburg. Impressive? No, it is simply more of the same. Policing in SA during the past 5 years is a history of hastily convened fire-fighting campaigns orchestrated by panic-stricken personnel at police HQ in Pretoria”.

The next spike of “gatvol” revolt came during the 2004 general elections, with the shifty, opportunistic DA & FF+ seizing crime as a platform to ensure their place at the banquet table of public funds. Foam-specked speeches promising (amongst other things) 150 000 new cops on our streets drove voters into an optimistic frenzy as they bought into this false hope.

The elections came and went. Unsurprisingly, nothing ever came of the 150 000 cops. But the illegals came and came.

The latest ‘gatvol’ spike, driven by Safety & Security minister Nqacula’s callous, openly racist remarks for whining, whingeing whites to either suffer in silence or leave, was consummated by the Jeppestown massacre, where the deaths of sixteen people served as catalyst. The public mood turned ugly as it became clear the unprecedented surge of violent crime could be attributed to unusually virulent, racist propaganda as broadcast by the ANC regime-controlled SABC, during June 16 uprising celebrations this year. Suddenly, a usually docile, naïve SA public connected the dots and a picture of politically driven criminal genocide became apparent to all.

Not only was the ruling regime condoning violent, racist hate crimes and woefully failing it it’s constitutionally obligated duties, it was actively aiding and abetting it. Consider that:

• Full-time members of the SA National Defence Force, as well as members of the SA Police Service & Metro Police Services, are brazenly, and in full uniform, committing crimes of hijacking, armed robbery, house breaking and even murder;

• Criminals are regularly aided by cops in escaping from police detention and from prisons, dockets are “lost” or sold for thousands of Rands, allowing murderers & rapists free roam;

• In spite of a massive upsurge in violent crime, which includes the most sickening forms of babies being raped, women and children tortured and disembowelled for muti while alive, the SA Police Service has shrunk dramatically;

• Corruption is endemic in the entire structure of state, from the highest levels of the presidency (Zuma) down to the most junior officer;

• The Marxist ANC regime, along with its allied COSATU unionists and the SA Communist Party, not only refuses to shun crime and corruption, but shamelessly and publicly embraces perpetrators such as Alan Boesak and Tony Yengeni;

• Several leaders of these terrorist gangs are on record to have openly instructed their followers to “steal from & rob only whites”, justifying it by alleging that it is not actually theft, but a morally justified, legitimate form of repossession

The ominous parallels with Zimbabwe

The former terrorist movements of the ANC, PAC and AZAPO, have on numerous occasions publicly admitted to using their AK-47 toting military wings for committing crimes (including bank robberies and cash heists) so as to fund elections & other political objectives. Clear evidence of major upsurges of robbery became evident in the prelude to all three major SA elections, viz: 1994, 1999 and 2004.

South Africa’s Presidency not only refuses to condemn the Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe, but is actively propping up the vicious, openly racist dictator through financial, moral & material aid. Mugabe regularly visits South Africa, and receives standing ovations when appearing as keynote speaker to the SA parliament. Persistent rumours abound that the Mbeki regime has acquiesced to looking the other way when heavily armed, well trained Zimbabwe army bandits slip into South Africa for purposes of carrying out bank robberies and cash heists. The stolen loot is exported back to finance the bankrupt Zimbabwean regime’s high living lifestyle. A noteworthy case is the Jeppestown massacre, where the identities & nationalities of the 8 surviving robbers have been suppressed by court order (SA Police requested the court order, offering the excuse that the identities of the detainees may jeopardise their investigations)

Since the SA and Zimbabwe regimes share a common cultural fixation to the issue of land ownership (they disdainfully view white ownership of land as a form of neo-colonialism) hard evidence and statistics prove that an unusually high number of farm attacks & other violent crimes are being carried out by Zim nationals. The Mugabe regime, well versed in carrying out genocidal campaigns, cut its teeth by the 1981 murderous ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Matabeles through its infamous North-Korean trained Fifth Brigade. It has in the past five years set up secretive training camps in Zim, where militias are trained, most notably the so-called “Green Bombers”.

These militias were then unleashed upon white Zim farmers, as well as on MDC-supporting rural populations. The local Zim police refused to intervene when farmers & workers were attacked & murdered by militias, yet acted very hastily when the odd farmer dared to defend himself with lethal force.

Local crime intelligence sources who wish to remain strictly anonymous, have admitted to the “Green Bombers” being active in South Africa, with specific focal points for acts of terror being the SA provinces of Limpopo (Northern Transvaal), Mpumalanga (Eastern Transvaal) and especially Gauteng (former Pretoria / Witwatersrand / Vereeniging region). Gauteng is statistically (Source: TLU & AgriSA) the most dangerous region - specifically the peri-urban north western sections of Honeydew, Muldersdrift, Lanseria, and western sections of Hekpoort and Magaliesburg. What makes South African farm attacks remarkable, is the extreme level of violence and torture used.

In most cases, little or nothing is stolen from victims. Black perpetrators often lie in wait for their victims for many hours. In cases where victims actually survived, they testified to inordinate levels of racial abuse. Blacks have also fallen victim to farm attacks, but what is crystal clear is that they are never tortured and rarely murdered – yet with white victims, this is the consistent rule. Increasingly, this kind of terror is being seen in urban attacks against whites, in the form of house invasions.

In a chilling parallel to Zimbabwe, white South African farmers and home owners using justified lethal force against armed attackers, are instantly arrested and disarmed. When taking the aforesaid into account, one needs to consider the following:

Preparing for Uhuru

• The only form of rural defence was the commando system, akin to the United States National Guard. The ANC regime has ordered the disbanding of ALL commando systems across South Africa, and are replacing it with SA Police members, many of whom were cadres in the former terrorist military wings. This not only serves to leave white rural communities utterly defenceless, it also places in their midst questionable personnel who openly admitted that as members of Mkhonto We Sizwe and APLA, they never handed in their weapons and bombs;

• Desperate measures by crime-weary, mostly white residents in urban areas, such as erection of boomed-off & access-controlled areas, have been vigorously opposed by ANC appointed municipal officials, and in the majority of cases, such structures have been declared illegal and torn down;

• The ANC regime has initiated a de facto civil disarmament, introducing draconian gun ownership laws, which saw the rejection rate of new firearms rocket to 95%. It also engineered the collapse of the small arms retail industry where 80% of dealers were forced into bankruptcy as a result of the almost total ban on the issuing of new firearm licenses;

• In the case of existing gun license renewals, SA Police officials are to physically inspect the premises (home or office) of the licensee, to see where the weapons are kept;

• In paranoid raids bordering on comical farce, it has even raided military museums & associations, confiscating antique weaponry & artefacts, including WW2 vehicles on display;

• Children from predominantly black rural schools are increasingly being issued with questionnaires by their black teachers, where they are tasked to provide drawings of the roads & buildings of white-owned farms they reside on. They are required to also answer questions relating to the movements of farmers, how often farmers have contact with neighbours, whether the farmers are armed, have radio networks etc. Significantly, they are urged by their teachers to keep quiet about the existence of these questionnaires, especially from view of white persons;

• An ANC-authored document written in the pre-1994 days (available on the web) states inter alia that “our mothers who work in the kitchens and homes of the whites, are our eyes and ears, and our sons who work in their gardens are obligated to find out the location of white people’s safes: it is imperative that we enter their houses and seize especially the weapons and the money”. In every single home invasion and farm attack, these are the very first items demanded by criminals / terrorists;

• The ANC regime legislated several draconian laws relating to banking & finances (Financial Intelligence Centre Act or FICA) which is an Orwellian intrusion demanding proof of physical address and employment details of anyone who holds a bank account. This was introduced under the ploy of fighting commercial crime, but is wide open to totalitarian abuse;

• Last year the Marxist regime enacted the 2005 Electronic Communications Act, forcing all cellular & fixed line providers to install expensive eavesdropping equipment, and to register all contract & prepaid mobile handsets & SIM cards with verifiable ID documents & proof of address- since millions of squatter camp inhabitants own cell phones but cannot provide proof of address, it becomes clear who this bill is aimed at. The law also compels Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with similar monitoring & spying obligations;

• Earlier this week, the 2006 Prohibition of Mercenary Activities etc. bill was enacted, in a move designed to neutralise any South African citizen employed in foreign security or direct military service;

• Yet another shocking bill is in the works: the Films and Publications Bill is a de facto censorship law that will force the media to first submit stories lined up for publication, to the regime’s department of Home Affairs for pre-publication censorship, approval and a host of other restrictive interventions.

Control, control, and yet more control. All while this regime claims they cannot control crime. They cannot control squatting, protect property rights or carry out even the most rudimentary elements of good governance. They cannot control unbridled illegal immigration. Or so it appears.

The ominous parallels with Nazi Germany

At this point, we must pause and ask – why all these controls? What exactly are they planning for us? The unpalatable truth is that this is all by design. Foreigners from continental Africa are, with the explicit blessing, and by invitation, flooding into South Africa to join the feeding frenzy on the carcass of the white minority. They are annexing our land and expropriating our birth right. The ANC has taken our collective white body, driven stakes into the ground, and have tied us down to it, directly in the path of a marching colony of army ants. By removing our civil defences, they are dripping honey over this prostrate body, and the ants are arriving. First, a small handful. Then fifty, a hundred, three hundred. Soon, we will be covered with thousands of hungry, flesh-devouring ants. The 350 000 people murdered in the past ten years represents a section of our collective body which is one arm completely nibbled away, from the elbow downwards. Yet the immigrant ant armies keep coming. They are now unstoppable.

Nature dictates but two rules for any creature in mortal danger – fight, or flight. Fight, we can no more. Life is ebbing out of us, but we still have enough strength to free ourselves and run for our lives. And run, we’d better.

Today, it was breathlessly announced that police in Gauteng alone have arrested 36 000 criminals in the past six weeks alone. Joyful news, if it can be believed. Yet the media is strangely quiet about the at least sixty-three thousand criminals that will quietly be released between now and Christmas.

Are you going to buy into this latest gimmick to lull you into a false sense of security? Will you foolishly, like the umpteen times in the past, cast away your nagging doubt and creeping sense of dread and stick your head back into the quicksand?

In South Africa 2006, there is an ominous sense of despair and angst in the air. One can sense it almost constantly – the fear, stopping at a robot, pulling into your driveway, locking and unlocking your fortress-like home. Avoiding eye contact with the black hawkers at the intersection or with the workers sitting on the bakkie in front of you, reassuringly touching the cold steel of the gun you keep in reach, and feeling their hateful stares burn into you while you wait – staring back viciously-or praying- for the light to change. Preferring to stay home instead of visiting that restaurant, lest it be robbed, or you get hijacked en route. Not playing music, lest you not hear the breaking glass, the terrified screams of your family members, or the sound of splintering wood. Letting the dogs sleep inside the house, for fear of having them poisoned…waking up with a start in the middle of the night, the sound of your heart pounding.

Foreign visitors stepping off planes at our airports instantly sense this feeling of…dread, mixed with a forboding, almost tangible evil. An octogenarian survivor of the Nazi death camps visited SA recently from Israel. He instantly recognised this strange vibe in the air – it reminded him of a certain time, and a certain place.

The place, Nazi Germany. The time, 1936. He calls it the stench of genocide in the making.

For us, as it was for them then, the cattle trucks are being prepared. For us, as it was for them, the ovens are being fired. The Nazi regime warned the Jews. Told them, in no uncertain terms – leave, just go! We don’t want you here! Just like Minister Nqacula has. They beat them, and smashed their shops. They burned their synagogues, and expropriated their property. They contrived to do every thing possible to make life unbearable for them – unfair, racist, discriminatory laws, restricting and limiting ownership. They humiliated and disrespected them at every turn. Some wisely left. Others clung to hope, and to their fine possessions and lifestyles – this too shall pass, they murmured optimistically…

So, white boys and girls of South Africa. I apologise for sullying your mood. It would however be remiss, perhaps even criminal of me, to deceive you, or offer false hope. When do we reach the nexus in time that distinguishes an emigrant from a refugee? For your own sake, you need to leave. Ideally to the US, Europe, Oz or NZ, but if you cannot, Namibia or Botswana are not bad second choices. But leave, you MUST. If you’re still in doubt, try again to connect the dots spelled out here.

If you’re still not worried about your future in South Africa, never mind. You needn’t be worried – you have no future, simple as that.

The Uhuru Guru

01 September 2006

"Rather ten years early, than one day late".

"Demonic Forces."
"The darkness is indeed ignorance, and we can no longer afford
to embrace the darkness and ignore the horrible truth."

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth.....for my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it....."
Patrick Henry, 1792

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress".
(Frederick Douglas)

Source: Why South Africa is Crap Blog