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Farm Attack: Robbers tortured elderly woman with burning candles

Farm Attack: Robbers tortured elderly woman with burning candles

Posted: September 28, 2006 14:00

LIMPOPO - Four men have put an elderly farmer's wife through four hours of torture, burning her feet with a candle, hitting her with a hammer and stabbing her in the legs. A farmer's wife was tortured with a flaming candle held under her feet, she was hit on the head and shoulders with a hammer and stabbed several times in the leg with a kitchen knife.

Bets Prinsloo, 60, of Prinshof small-holdings in Limpopo's Kromdraai area where she and her husband have farmed for the past 11 years, wants only to sell their property and move to Pretoria. Joggie Prinsloo, 62, has deep wounds on his wrists where the attackers bound his hands with wire behind his back.

Four attackers hit the small-holding after crawling through a broken fence on Tuesday evening. The Prinsloos' son, Dries, said: "The dogs usually crawl through that opening to get off the farm. "Trackers say the robbers definitely entered the farm there. It looked as if they knew what they were doing."

The four forced open the back door of the house and overpowered the Prinsloos as they watched television.

Malesela Ledwaba of Waterberg police said the men had a panga and an axe. They overpowered the couple and tied their wrists behind their backs with wire. Dries said his parents were locked up in the bathroom from 20:00 until about midnight. During their ordeal, Mrs Prinsloo was burnt under her feet with a candle flame. She was hit on the head and shoulders with a hammer

Dries, who lives in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths), said the men also stuck a kitchen knife into his mother's legs several times. During the couple's four-hour ordeal, the men plundered the home and stole household goods as well as five firearms from a safe. They fled in the Prinsloos' bakkie. Dries said on Wednesday: "My parents are going to sell everything on their farm as soon as possible and move in with family in Pretoria."

"The attacks on farmers are out of control. When is someone going to do something to stop these attacks?"

The Prinsloos were treated by a doctor in Bela-Bela on Wednesday.

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

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