Thursday, 21 September 2006

Horror attack : This could have been your mother or wife

Posted: September 20, 2006 20:35

SOUTH AFRICA - On Monday, this lady was severely assaulted and raped in her own home by intruders. She was only found the next day by her neighbours. CESA decided to publish the photograph of this victim to add a face to the horror in South Africa.

She does not have medical aid is is currenty in a state hospital. Treatment is not what it should be due to a lack of personnel. It took the whole day to find somebody to simply put up a drip! She has not eaten since Monday and the fact that she's diabetic only complicates the situation.

The family can not say with certainty that she is receiving AVR treatment and if so, if it is administered correctly.


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Anonymous said...

They sould show pictures like this in newspapers and on the news in other countries.