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The ominous parallels

By the Uhuru Guru of the Why South Africa is Crap Blog
Saturday, September 02, 2006

If there is one single factor to consider when contemplating the future of South Africa, it is the relentless flood of human detritus washing over our porous borders. Illegal immigrants enter SA at the rate of 10 000 per month, and the number is increasing. Unskilled, grindingly poor and desperate, they come in their thousands to settle in shanty towns around our cities, in our parks and abandoned city buildings.

With no means to sustain themselves, and egged on by an unyielding, daily course of state-sponsored anti-white propaganda, they invariably turn to crime. Emboldened by how easy it is, they graduate from burglaries and shoplifting, to ever more violent house invasions, hijacking, armed robberies and murder. Those rare few troubled by their consciences, quell it by eagerly swallowing the “we’re just taking back what the White Man stole from us” mantra, and adorn themselves with the remissible mantle of modern day Robin Hoods. Guilt inducing screeds in the mass media endlessly remind us that the Azanian 40% unemployment figure is a direct consequence of Apartheid. Openly racist ANC flunkeys issue veiled threats, imploring whites to “share the wealth”, warning darkly of fearful consequences when the black masses “run out of patience”. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed sunshine propagandists will have us believe that crime is “to be expected in a transforming society”, urging whites to “hang in” and “sit it out”, while soothingly rattling off the latest regime-sponsored crime fighting plan.

So it was back in the closing stages of the previous century. A populist outburst of the “gatvol” phenomenon in 1998/9 compelled the then Commissioner of Police, George Fivaz, to partner with former SAB head Meir Kahn. Fivaz and Kahn configured a bold plan, promising an embattled public medium and long term relief from crime. Restive tax payers bought into it. Nothing ever came of it- with tail between the legs, Kahn & Fivaz quietly disappeared, but the illegals kept coming. In 2000, Jackie Selebi took over from Kahn, and with great fanfare announced a “far-reaching three year plan” to renovate the SAPS from top to bottom. An article from that time reads: “in March 2000, we were treated to a military-style blitz, live on television on inner city Johannesburg. Impressive? No, it is simply more of the same. Policing in SA during the past 5 years is a history of hastily convened fire-fighting campaigns orchestrated by panic-stricken personnel at police HQ in Pretoria”.

The next spike of “gatvol” revolt came during the 2004 general elections, with the shifty, opportunistic DA & FF+ seizing crime as a platform to ensure their place at the banquet table of public funds. Foam-specked speeches promising (amongst other things) 150 000 new cops on our streets drove voters into an optimistic frenzy as they bought into this false hope.

The elections came and went. Unsurprisingly, nothing ever came of the 150 000 cops. But the illegals came and came.

The latest ‘gatvol’ spike, driven by Safety & Security minister Nqacula’s callous, openly racist remarks for whining, whingeing whites to either suffer in silence or leave, was consummated by the Jeppestown massacre, where the deaths of sixteen people served as catalyst. The public mood turned ugly as it became clear the unprecedented surge of violent crime could be attributed to unusually virulent, racist propaganda as broadcast by the ANC regime-controlled SABC, during June 16 uprising celebrations this year. Suddenly, a usually docile, naïve SA public connected the dots and a picture of politically driven criminal genocide became apparent to all.

Not only was the ruling regime condoning violent, racist hate crimes and woefully failing it it’s constitutionally obligated duties, it was actively aiding and abetting it. Consider that:

• Full-time members of the SA National Defence Force, as well as members of the SA Police Service & Metro Police Services, are brazenly, and in full uniform, committing crimes of hijacking, armed robbery, house breaking and even murder;

• Criminals are regularly aided by cops in escaping from police detention and from prisons, dockets are “lost” or sold for thousands of Rands, allowing murderers & rapists free roam;

• In spite of a massive upsurge in violent crime, which includes the most sickening forms of babies being raped, women and children tortured and disembowelled for muti while alive, the SA Police Service has shrunk dramatically;

• Corruption is endemic in the entire structure of state, from the highest levels of the presidency (Zuma) down to the most junior officer;

• The Marxist ANC regime, along with its allied COSATU unionists and the SA Communist Party, not only refuses to shun crime and corruption, but shamelessly and publicly embraces perpetrators such as Alan Boesak and Tony Yengeni;

• Several leaders of these terrorist gangs are on record to have openly instructed their followers to “steal from & rob only whites”, justifying it by alleging that it is not actually theft, but a morally justified, legitimate form of repossession

The ominous parallels with Zimbabwe

The former terrorist movements of the ANC, PAC and AZAPO, have on numerous occasions publicly admitted to using their AK-47 toting military wings for committing crimes (including bank robberies and cash heists) so as to fund elections & other political objectives. Clear evidence of major upsurges of robbery became evident in the prelude to all three major SA elections, viz: 1994, 1999 and 2004.

South Africa’s Presidency not only refuses to condemn the Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe, but is actively propping up the vicious, openly racist dictator through financial, moral & material aid. Mugabe regularly visits South Africa, and receives standing ovations when appearing as keynote speaker to the SA parliament. Persistent rumours abound that the Mbeki regime has acquiesced to looking the other way when heavily armed, well trained Zimbabwe army bandits slip into South Africa for purposes of carrying out bank robberies and cash heists. The stolen loot is exported back to finance the bankrupt Zimbabwean regime’s high living lifestyle. A noteworthy case is the Jeppestown massacre, where the identities & nationalities of the 8 surviving robbers have been suppressed by court order (SA Police requested the court order, offering the excuse that the identities of the detainees may jeopardise their investigations)

Since the SA and Zimbabwe regimes share a common cultural fixation to the issue of land ownership (they disdainfully view white ownership of land as a form of neo-colonialism) hard evidence and statistics prove that an unusually high number of farm attacks & other violent crimes are being carried out by Zim nationals. The Mugabe regime, well versed in carrying out genocidal campaigns, cut its teeth by the 1981 murderous ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Matabeles through its infamous North-Korean trained Fifth Brigade. It has in the past five years set up secretive training camps in Zim, where militias are trained, most notably the so-called “Green Bombers”.

These militias were then unleashed upon white Zim farmers, as well as on MDC-supporting rural populations. The local Zim police refused to intervene when farmers & workers were attacked & murdered by militias, yet acted very hastily when the odd farmer dared to defend himself with lethal force.

Local crime intelligence sources who wish to remain strictly anonymous, have admitted to the “Green Bombers” being active in South Africa, with specific focal points for acts of terror being the SA provinces of Limpopo (Northern Transvaal), Mpumalanga (Eastern Transvaal) and especially Gauteng (former Pretoria / Witwatersrand / Vereeniging region). Gauteng is statistically (Source: TLU & AgriSA) the most dangerous region - specifically the peri-urban north western sections of Honeydew, Muldersdrift, Lanseria, and western sections of Hekpoort and Magaliesburg. What makes South African farm attacks remarkable, is the extreme level of violence and torture used.

In most cases, little or nothing is stolen from victims. Black perpetrators often lie in wait for their victims for many hours. In cases where victims actually survived, they testified to inordinate levels of racial abuse. Blacks have also fallen victim to farm attacks, but what is crystal clear is that they are never tortured and rarely murdered – yet with white victims, this is the consistent rule. Increasingly, this kind of terror is being seen in urban attacks against whites, in the form of house invasions.

In a chilling parallel to Zimbabwe, white South African farmers and home owners using justified lethal force against armed attackers, are instantly arrested and disarmed. When taking the aforesaid into account, one needs to consider the following:

Preparing for Uhuru

• The only form of rural defence was the commando system, akin to the United States National Guard. The ANC regime has ordered the disbanding of ALL commando systems across South Africa, and are replacing it with SA Police members, many of whom were cadres in the former terrorist military wings. This not only serves to leave white rural communities utterly defenceless, it also places in their midst questionable personnel who openly admitted that as members of Mkhonto We Sizwe and APLA, they never handed in their weapons and bombs;

• Desperate measures by crime-weary, mostly white residents in urban areas, such as erection of boomed-off & access-controlled areas, have been vigorously opposed by ANC appointed municipal officials, and in the majority of cases, such structures have been declared illegal and torn down;

• The ANC regime has initiated a de facto civil disarmament, introducing draconian gun ownership laws, which saw the rejection rate of new firearms rocket to 95%. It also engineered the collapse of the small arms retail industry where 80% of dealers were forced into bankruptcy as a result of the almost total ban on the issuing of new firearm licenses;

• In the case of existing gun license renewals, SA Police officials are to physically inspect the premises (home or office) of the licensee, to see where the weapons are kept;

• In paranoid raids bordering on comical farce, it has even raided military museums & associations, confiscating antique weaponry & artefacts, including WW2 vehicles on display;

• Children from predominantly black rural schools are increasingly being issued with questionnaires by their black teachers, where they are tasked to provide drawings of the roads & buildings of white-owned farms they reside on. They are required to also answer questions relating to the movements of farmers, how often farmers have contact with neighbours, whether the farmers are armed, have radio networks etc. Significantly, they are urged by their teachers to keep quiet about the existence of these questionnaires, especially from view of white persons;

• An ANC-authored document written in the pre-1994 days (available on the web) states inter alia that “our mothers who work in the kitchens and homes of the whites, are our eyes and ears, and our sons who work in their gardens are obligated to find out the location of white people’s safes: it is imperative that we enter their houses and seize especially the weapons and the money”. In every single home invasion and farm attack, these are the very first items demanded by criminals / terrorists;

• The ANC regime legislated several draconian laws relating to banking & finances (Financial Intelligence Centre Act or FICA) which is an Orwellian intrusion demanding proof of physical address and employment details of anyone who holds a bank account. This was introduced under the ploy of fighting commercial crime, but is wide open to totalitarian abuse;

• Last year the Marxist regime enacted the 2005 Electronic Communications Act, forcing all cellular & fixed line providers to install expensive eavesdropping equipment, and to register all contract & prepaid mobile handsets & SIM cards with verifiable ID documents & proof of address- since millions of squatter camp inhabitants own cell phones but cannot provide proof of address, it becomes clear who this bill is aimed at. The law also compels Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with similar monitoring & spying obligations;

• Earlier this week, the 2006 Prohibition of Mercenary Activities etc. bill was enacted, in a move designed to neutralise any South African citizen employed in foreign security or direct military service;

• Yet another shocking bill is in the works: the Films and Publications Bill is a de facto censorship law that will force the media to first submit stories lined up for publication, to the regime’s department of Home Affairs for pre-publication censorship, approval and a host of other restrictive interventions.

Control, control, and yet more control. All while this regime claims they cannot control crime. They cannot control squatting, protect property rights or carry out even the most rudimentary elements of good governance. They cannot control unbridled illegal immigration. Or so it appears.

The ominous parallels with Nazi Germany

At this point, we must pause and ask – why all these controls? What exactly are they planning for us? The unpalatable truth is that this is all by design. Foreigners from continental Africa are, with the explicit blessing, and by invitation, flooding into South Africa to join the feeding frenzy on the carcass of the white minority. They are annexing our land and expropriating our birth right. The ANC has taken our collective white body, driven stakes into the ground, and have tied us down to it, directly in the path of a marching colony of army ants. By removing our civil defences, they are dripping honey over this prostrate body, and the ants are arriving. First, a small handful. Then fifty, a hundred, three hundred. Soon, we will be covered with thousands of hungry, flesh-devouring ants. The 350 000 people murdered in the past ten years represents a section of our collective body which is one arm completely nibbled away, from the elbow downwards. Yet the immigrant ant armies keep coming. They are now unstoppable.

Nature dictates but two rules for any creature in mortal danger – fight, or flight. Fight, we can no more. Life is ebbing out of us, but we still have enough strength to free ourselves and run for our lives. And run, we’d better.

Today, it was breathlessly announced that police in Gauteng alone have arrested 36 000 criminals in the past six weeks alone. Joyful news, if it can be believed. Yet the media is strangely quiet about the at least sixty-three thousand criminals that will quietly be released between now and Christmas.

Are you going to buy into this latest gimmick to lull you into a false sense of security? Will you foolishly, like the umpteen times in the past, cast away your nagging doubt and creeping sense of dread and stick your head back into the quicksand?

In South Africa 2006, there is an ominous sense of despair and angst in the air. One can sense it almost constantly – the fear, stopping at a robot, pulling into your driveway, locking and unlocking your fortress-like home. Avoiding eye contact with the black hawkers at the intersection or with the workers sitting on the bakkie in front of you, reassuringly touching the cold steel of the gun you keep in reach, and feeling their hateful stares burn into you while you wait – staring back viciously-or praying- for the light to change. Preferring to stay home instead of visiting that restaurant, lest it be robbed, or you get hijacked en route. Not playing music, lest you not hear the breaking glass, the terrified screams of your family members, or the sound of splintering wood. Letting the dogs sleep inside the house, for fear of having them poisoned…waking up with a start in the middle of the night, the sound of your heart pounding.

Foreign visitors stepping off planes at our airports instantly sense this feeling of…dread, mixed with a forboding, almost tangible evil. An octogenarian survivor of the Nazi death camps visited SA recently from Israel. He instantly recognised this strange vibe in the air – it reminded him of a certain time, and a certain place.

The place, Nazi Germany. The time, 1936. He calls it the stench of genocide in the making.

For us, as it was for them then, the cattle trucks are being prepared. For us, as it was for them, the ovens are being fired. The Nazi regime warned the Jews. Told them, in no uncertain terms – leave, just go! We don’t want you here! Just like Minister Nqacula has. They beat them, and smashed their shops. They burned their synagogues, and expropriated their property. They contrived to do every thing possible to make life unbearable for them – unfair, racist, discriminatory laws, restricting and limiting ownership. They humiliated and disrespected them at every turn. Some wisely left. Others clung to hope, and to their fine possessions and lifestyles – this too shall pass, they murmured optimistically…

So, white boys and girls of South Africa. I apologise for sullying your mood. It would however be remiss, perhaps even criminal of me, to deceive you, or offer false hope. When do we reach the nexus in time that distinguishes an emigrant from a refugee? For your own sake, you need to leave. Ideally to the US, Europe, Oz or NZ, but if you cannot, Namibia or Botswana are not bad second choices. But leave, you MUST. If you’re still in doubt, try again to connect the dots spelled out here.

If you’re still not worried about your future in South Africa, never mind. You needn’t be worried – you have no future, simple as that.

The Uhuru Guru

01 September 2006

"Rather ten years early, than one day late".

"Demonic Forces."
"The darkness is indeed ignorance, and we can no longer afford
to embrace the darkness and ignore the horrible truth."

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth.....for my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it....."
Patrick Henry, 1792

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress".
(Frederick Douglas)

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