Saturday, 16 September 2006

'Samson' fights off eight robbers

13/09/2006 23:19 - (SA)

Christel Raubenheimer, Beeld

Pretoria - Just like Samson in the Bible - is how Wian, five, describes his father's courage in standing up to eight robbers and protecting his family.

Gerhard Venter, 38, of Kameeldrift, wife Anita and their sons, Hardus, 10, and Wian arrived home just after 20:00 on Monday.

Anita went to the garage to put a load of washing in the tumbledrier and Venter and the boys started walking towards the house.

The robbers were waiting for them.

Venter said: "One of the robbers hid behind a portable pool, others were in the garden and there were more behind an outside building."

Wasn't giving up without a fight

When he reached the front door to unlock it, the robbers fired their first shots.

Venter pushed his boys behind him as a robber pointed a pistol at him.

Meanwhile, another robber was holding a gun to his wife.

Venter said: "After the first shot was fired and I saw the boys and I were still standing, I decided I wasn't giving up without a fight."

He grabbed the robber's firearm and hit him with his fist. The other robbers circled him and one of them jumped on his back. They all started fighting.

"We fell into the garden. Some of them rolled away and one of them called the man holding my wife."

The man came closer, cocked his 9mm pistol and pulled the trigger - but nothing happened.

Venter said: "He tried this several times, and every time I heard a clicking noise, but there were no shots.

"When he got to me, he just said, 'Hau'."

The robbers decided there and then to give up the fight and fled, flattening the Venters' fence as they escaped. Police later found some of the bullets.

Venter said: "I've always thought that if I should die through a violent act, I would do it fighting and wouldn't get down on my knees.

'It was a miracle'

"You can steal my possessions, but you don't touch my wife and children.

"I can build other furniture, but I won't get such a wife and children again.

"The robbers circled me, and when I wanted to land a punch, my elbow hit someone behind me.

"When I wanted to kick, another one was in the way. I received a scratch.

"There's a God who looks after His children. It was a miracle."


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