Sunday, 24 September 2006

Stop feeling guilty!

Dear South African friends,

I am a French Canadian that has lived off and on in Joburg in the 90's. Previously we were living in Australia. Your country is much more beautiful. Presently my spouse is back working in S.A. I was told that Joburg is much safer now. I had started packing but stopped when I started reading your website. I think that I would rather be trembling of cold than fear. I miss my spouse terribly and I dont know what to do. I miss S.A. (the people, the blue sky and the great food). I made many friends in S.A. and it was difficult then to discuss politics with anybody. I felt there was maybe an element of shame and quiet dread regarding the future.

Well, I am writing to let you know that you are not alone with this problem. Today, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the government said it was putting aside 6 million + dollars (R37 millions) to try and dismantle black street gangs. These are 2nd generation black kids from either Africa, Haiti, etc... They were welcomed here with open arms with "free" everything. They get free schooling (primary, high school and college). They have free medicare and even unemployment insurance (thats a whole year worth of salary in case you loose your job). We also offer an "equal opportunity" program that ensures that you are hired on the basis of your performance and not your race. So why are these black kids involved in violent crime and terrorizing quiet suburbs. What did we ever do to them? Just last week, 2 black youths got on a bus and stabbed a female driver 3 times and took nothing. There are many black immigrants that turn out fine but when they decide to turn to crime they become extremely violent more than any other nationality.

We are also a "Rainbow Country". Most nationalities come here very appreciative of their new opportunities and many arrive with only the clothes on their back. With a little effort everybody has a chance to become successful. I wish more South Africans would support Neil Watson. He is in my eyes a hero. Please stop feeling guilty! Enough already! It's been 12 years +! You did not create this culture of crime. There are many other countries that are very poor and they do not resort to torture, rape and brutality. It's time to put your pants on and fight for your rights. Be very proud of who you are, you do not deserve this violence! Nor you or us in Canada. (English is a 2nd language for me please excuse my spelling)

An admiring Canuck2

P.S. For those of you that are contemplating immigration, please consider the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are, for instance, hiring police officers from Great Britain because of a shortage. Google "Calgary Herald" newspaper and look up "employment". Because of an oil boom this city is experiencing a big shortage of workers in all kinds of fields. Good luck!

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

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