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Murders are on the increase in Bloemfontein: Yet another horror killing

Posted: October 26, 2006 02:10

BLOEMFONTEIN - Police had arrested four black men in Welkom with a car belonging to a white 58-year-old woman found dead at her Bloemfontein townhouse, said Free State police on Wednesday. Inspector Harry Nagel said the woman's body was found on Wednesday morning in Pentagon Park by her daughter after the younger woman had been discharged from hospital.

"The woman was found in the living area of the townhouse with her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied together." Nagel said clothing and material was wrapped around her face. "It seems as though she was overpowered in the lounge area while she was eating," said Nagel. The last time she spoke to her daughter was about 16:00 on Tuesday.

Nagel said the woman might have died of suffocation, but "a post-mortem will be done". Nagel said the woman had lived with her three daughters, but was alone on Tuesday. Her car, a Citroen C3, was missing, but was found in Welkom where the four suspects were arrested. It is not yet known what else is missing or how the suspects got access to the house, said Nagel.

The woman's ID book was found in the vehicle. Three of the suspects are from Botshabelo and one is from Welkom. They are due to appear in court on Friday.

Source:Crime Expo South Africa

Teen relives dad's slaying in botched robbery

Hanti Otto

October 25 2006 at 08:10AM

A senior Pick 'n Pay manager was shot and killed in his Lynnwood Ridge home during an apparent botched robbery an event witnessed by his 14-year-old son.

Wayne Els, 37, died in the early morning hours at the Wilgers Hospital after two bags of blood could not get his heart pumping on its own again.

A general merchandise senior buyer for Pick 'n Pay's northern region, Els had been working for the retail giant for 14 years.

On Tuesday afternoon young Ashley Els relived his harrowing ordeal and bravely gave police his statement. He had earlier been too shocked to do so.

He was sleeping at his father's Lynnwood Ridge home when he was woken at 3am by two shots and his father's shouting.

"The bedrooms are upstairs. I went down. The passage was messed up. Around the corner I saw my dad on the floor gasping for air. He managed to say he had pain in his stomach. But he was wounded in the chest," the boy recalled.

Ashley immediately phoned a good friend of Els's, Ursula Janke, and then the police and ambulance. Janke said she had wondered why Ashley would phone her that time of the morning.

"I heard his voice and knew something was wrong. He told me his dad had been shot. I kept him on the line, while I also phoned the ambulance."

When Janke arrived at the Els residence, the police were already there.

Els was rushed to the Wilgers Hospital at 3.45am. By 4.15am he was declared dead as his son waited outside the theatre.

Janke said she could not believe her long-time friend was gone.

"But our faith and the prayers of others are our strength," she said, hugging Ashley and whispering to him: "You were so brave."

Ashley was sad, but also angry, saying the house's fence was recently extended and barbed wire put on top.

When his dad was declared dead, his mother took him to her home. Friends from Ashley's Hatfield Christian Church School visited him there, holding him as the tears flowed.

Luke Louw, Pick 'n Pay's general manager for the northern region, said the news of Els's death sent shockwaves through the company.

"Wayne was very talented and hard-working. He was extremely positive and popular at work," Louw said.

Police spokesperson Inspector Anton Breedt said an unknown number of men entered the house between 2.30am and 3am on Tuesday.

It appeared they gained access via a kitchen window. They allegedly entered Els's bedroom. It is suspected he might have been shot there. It is believed the attackers fled when Ashley woke up. Breedt said they could not determine yet if anything was taken from the house.

This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on October 25, 2006


'They wanted to burn us'

25/10/2006 09:00 - (SA)

Aletta Otto, Beeld

Johannesburg - A Middelburg woman believes that a prayer stopped the pistol against her head from going off when the attacker pulled the trigger.

That was the opinion of an emotional Malie Botes, 44, from the Middelburg area, after an attack during which she and her domestic worker were held, assaulted and she was nearly killed by robbers.

The robbery took place about 12:30 on Tuesday on the family's farm Mooiplaas on the Groblersdal road.

Deon, Botes's husband, was not at home at the time of the farm attack.

According to inspector Gerhard Nell from Middelburg police crime investigating unit, the men went up to the house and asked the domestic worker for directions to the nearby grave of a certain traditional chief.

A 'miracle'

The worker's identity is being withheld on request of her family as they fear for her safety.

"They asked her for a glass of water and overpowered her when she came out of the kitchen. They held a firearm to her head and walked her to the swimming pool which Botes was cleaning," said Nell.

Botes and the domestic worker were forced into the house, where they were assaulted. "They beat us and kicked me a lot. They also beat us with the butt of their guns," said Botes.

While the robbers were searching for the safe, they told the domestic worker to switch on the iron because they apparently wanted to burn their victims with it.

Nell said the robbers did not go that far though, as they then gained access to the safe.

The domestic worker managed to escape and went looking for help.

"The robbers took me to the workers' homes, where they put a pistol to my head and pulled the trigger.

"I kept on praying and the pistol failed to go off," said Botes, crying.

The robber then aimed the gun at horses in the field and started firing. But although it did go off, nothing was hit.

"It's a miracle that I survived," said Botes.

According to Botes the men again assaulted her with the pistol before fleeing with money, a number of knives and her cellphone.

Despite quick reaction of farmers in the area, who had heard about the attack, nobody has yet been arrested in connection with the incident, which will be investigated by the unit against serious violent crime.


'They picked me up by the ears'

Zaan Sonnekus (8) describes how he was tied up by three armed robbers. (Alet Pretorius, Beeld)

27/10/2006 07:48 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - "They picked me up by the ears, kicked me in the legs and hit me once in the face.

"They then aimed a gun at me, but I was not afraid and did not cry. I kept hoping that my sister wouldn't arrive home, because they might hurt her."

These were the words of Zaan Sonnekus, 8, from Elardus Park, Pretoria, who, along with his brother, Duvall, 5 months, and two domestic workers, Maria Seshabela and Jannet Mphalela, and Seshabela's daughter, Kenzani, 2, were overpowered, assaulted and robbed by three robbers armed with firearms and a knife on Monday afternoon.

Zaan, a Grade 2 pupil at Elardus Park Primary School, won a debating competition at his school a couple of hours later.

He said he kept wondering how the robbers had gained access to the house.

Duvall and Kenzani were sleeping when the robbery took place. Zaan had just arrived home from school.

"I was sitting on the toilet when I heard somebody enter. I thought it was Maria, but then they walked in.

"They picked me up by the ears and took me to my mother's room. They threw me against the pillows and let me drop onto the floor. I was not wearing my pants, because when I asked them if I could put them on, they swore at me."

Domestic workers beaten

According to Zaan the robbers wanted to know where the safe was, but he didn't know. "They tied up my mouth, hands and legs and locked me in my sister's bathroom."

The robbers also tied up Seshabela and Mphalela and kicked and beat them.

Zaan later managed to untie his hands and climbed through the bathroom window. He climbed back into the house through his mother's bedroom window, but the robbery was over by then.

His sister, Zia, 13, arrived home shortly after the robbers had fled. She saw them getting into a taxi and driving away.

"I saw Maria's shoes outside and thought it strange. When I entered the house I found her trying to call my father. She was still gagged and her hands were tied. Jannet was lying in one of the other rooms," she said.

Zia ran into the street and asked security guards who happened to drive by for help.


Zaan's mother, Trudie, said the robbers took jewellery, cameras, a DVD player, her wedding ring and other valuables. She and her husband were in town when the robbery took place.

"One does not realise how bad crime is until you become a victim," she said.

The family was receiving counselling, she added.

Police spokesperson inspector Anton Breedt confirmed the robbery.


Heroic dad recounts horrors of home invasion

Graeme Hosken

October 26 2006 at 04:35AM

A Pretoria father, shot in the face and stabbed several times in the back and neck, repeatedly fought off two thugs trying to rape his 12-year-old daughter and murder his six-year-old son.

Describing the horror attack, which lasted 30 minutes, Chris Herbst said on Wednesday that he was asleep in bed with his pregnant wife during the early hours of Monday when his family were attacked in their Elardus Park home.

The men escaped with two cellphones and a purse, after breaking into the family's Piering Street home.

Herbst's wife Juleen was woken when she heard the thugs talking outside the bedroom. Seeing torches, she screamed and rolled off the bed and into a corner as her husband charged into them, knocking one of the robbers to the floor as the other opened fire, shooting him through the jaw.

'I was screaming like a mad thing'

Bleeding profusely, Herbst managed to chase the men out of the bedroom and down the passage.

Herbst ran to his screaming daughter, Annika, and son, JJ, in an attempt to comfort them. As he ran into the room the attackers returned, yelling that they were going to murder and rape them.

Herbst, hiding behind his children's bedroom door, charged into one of the men as he came into the bedroom before racing for the alarm panic button in the passage.

Screaming in pain as the man stabbed him five times in the back and neck, Herbst yelled at Annika to jump through the bedroom window and run for help before running to his son, whom he pushed under a bed.

Herbst said he had been terrified. "All I knew was that I had to protect my family," he said.

'If it weren't for Chris we would be dead'

He said when he was shot he thought he was going to die.

"All I could think about was chasing the men out of my house to protect my family. I was screaming like a mad thing and just ran repeatedly at the thugs, thinking that I had to get them out even if it meant I was killed," he said.

Herbst said that as he ran into his children's bedroom he heard the men screaming as one ran to his bedroom, where his wife was hiding behind the door, and the other towards his children.

"As the man ran into the room I jumped at him before running to the alarm. The man grabbed me and started stabbing me. I remember feeling a searing pain in my back and neck as the man hacked at me.

"I managed to punch him to the ground and push my way into my children's bedroom, screaming at my daughter to break her bedroom window and run," he said.

The robbers heard the window smash as Annika ran to neighbours and fled, leaving Herbst on the floor.

A shaken Juleen Herbst, who was due to give birth last Friday, said she had been terrified. "If it weren't for Chris we would be dead."

Police Inspector Anton Breedt said they were searching for the men. Anyone with information on the attackers' identities or whereabouts can contact Lyttelton police station on 012 644 8267.

This article was originally published on page 3 of Pretoria News on October 26, 2006


Sunday, 22 October 2006

Teen rapists get twenty years plus

Posted: October 22, 2006 00:15

PORT ELIZABETH - Two youths who tracked down a Schoenmakerskop jogger with hunting dogs, raped and robbed her and left her with an incurable sexually transmitted disease, were each sentenced to 35 years imprisonment in the Port Elizabeth High Court yesterday.

Judge Hennie Liebenberg ruled that the sentence on rape (20 years) and robbery (15 years) should run concurrently. The youths will each serve an effective 20 years behind bars. Liebenberg said the two youngsters not only violated the 30-year-old jogger‘s body and integrity, but also left her with mental and emotional scars. “And as if that is not enough, the complainant will live with your disease for the rest of her life,” he said.

Liebenberg was referring to the herpes the victim contracted as a result of the attack on March 26 this year. The attack happened two weeks after the woman decided to make South Africa her permanent home.

On her return path along the Fynbos Trail, a pack of 11 hunting dogs tracked her down. They were followed by two boys, aged 16 and 18. After the dogs attacked the woman, she was hit with a hammer, pinned down and raped repeatedly. She testified that after her ordeal she became “very suspicious” of black people. She had never experienced this kind of problem before.

Liebenberg took into consideration the youthfulness of the two accused, the fact that they grew up in circumstances best described as “less acceptable”, and that they were extremely poor. The court ordered that the nationality of the victim may not be disclosed. It also prevented the youths from being identified.

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

We (almost) hire an AK-47

Monako Dibetle

29 September 2006 07:43

Two weeks ago I connected with gun dealers on the streets of Sharpeville in the Vaal Triangle. They agreed to lease me an AK-47 for a day for R2 000. After two months of telephonic negotiation with the dealers -- former Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and African People’s Liberation Army (Apla) cadres -- the deal was struck.

They knew I was a journalist, and therefore had financial backing, and that they were on to a good thing -- before it escalated, the starting price was R1 000. Under normal circumstances, the price for leasing an AK-47 or R4 rifle on the streets ranges from R500 to R600 a day or per “operation”.

The standard police response is that semi-automatic rifles are leaking into the country from neighbouring states, particularly Zimbabwe and Mozambique, where demobilised soldiers are selling them.

But my contacts told me the AK came from an arms cache laid down in Sharpeville during the anti- apartheid struggle.

The fact that apartheid-era caches still exist, and appear to be feeding weapons to criminal syndicates, may partly explain the statement in the South African Police Service’s 2005/06 annual report about “increases in the incidence of robberies at business and residential premises, cash-in-transit robberies and car-jacking.

“It seems that people are being fatally wounded during incidents like these because criminals increasingly use heavy-calibre firearms,” the report says.

However, a former Apla contact I spoke to told me that arms were also being stolen from the South African Defence Force for street deals.

I should make it clear that my purpose in contacting the arms dealers was purely journalistic -- I wanted to see how easy it would be to lay my hands on a semi-automatic weapon and what it would cost.

Cultivating connections with the dealers was no easy feat, as they are constantly on the lookout for police investigators. The supply chain usually revolves around people who have been in the business for years -- newcomers are generally not tolerated.

The procedure behind selling or leasing weapons is that every member of the group must be consulted and agree before a transaction takes place. I had to win the approval of five people.

My go-between was a former MK cadre, who I had met at a conference. He set up my first meeting with the dealers, in the dark in front of the 1960 Sharpeville massacre site in the centre of the township.

Suspicious of my intentions, the five dealers hovered in the vicinity for 30 minutes -- presumably checking for police. With the coast clear, the deal was struck.

Two weeks later we met at the same place -- and I was shown and briefly held the AK and a full magazine. We agreed to meet the next day for the handover, but the meeting never took place because our contacts did not pitch up.

According to a former Apla combatant and member of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), Lucky Twala (not his real name), weapons from both the anti-apartheid era and the current defence force are easily accessible in the townships, if one has the contacts. He claimed such weapons include hand grenades, tear gas canisters, bullet proof vests, camouflage uniforms and even rocket launchers.

He said: “There are many of us out there and we are poor and angry. The rise in the use of machine guns in South Africa will continue because there is supply of the arms when you really need them.”

Twala said it was possible to buy an R4 rifle for R4 000 on the streets. Its higher price is because of its relative scarcity -- AK-47s are easier to come by.

Twala told me that most of the arms reach the streets by means of orders given to SANDF insiders who steal them at shooting ranges. Some had been buried for years and have only recently been exhumed to meet increasing demand.

He said most of the AKs entered the country from Mozambique and many had been stolen by South African soldiers from the Lesotho armed forces during the attempted military coup in that country in 1998 and had been kept for personal protection.

Twala said soldiers from neighbouring states were willing to sell weapons to South Africans for less than R1 000.

He claimed that combatants were at the forefront of most robberies. The former cadres turned armed robbers were driven by frustration with government for “forgetting about them after 1994”.

Source: Mail and Guardian Online

The angels heard me, says ex-rugby player

October 20 2006 at 06:00PM

By Alex Eliseev

As former rugby player Swys Joubert fought for his life against three gun-wielding hijackers, his young son and daughter were all he could think about.

Just after midnight Joubert wrestled his attackers on Griswold Street, Saxonwold, Johannesburg, and shot a 26-year-old would-be robber dead.

Speaking to The Star on Friday morning, the former wing battled to hold back tears as he revealed this was the third hijacking he had survived on the streets of Joburg.

'This time I fought for my life for my children'

He said the robbers had sworn at him, smashed a gun over his head and tried to pull him inside the car to deactivate his tracking system. This, he realised, meant certain death. What he feared more than anything was his eight- and 10-year-old children growing up without a father.

"Last time I was driving with my small boy. I just closed my eyes and told them to take anything they wanted," Joubert said. "This time I fought for my life for my children."

The rugby meeting in Sunnyside Park, which he had attended, had run late and Joubert had been driving his Mercedes Benz and checking his phone messages. Suddenly, he said, a car with three men had appeared at his side.

"I didn't think they were hijackers. They were getting too close and I thought they were looking for a fight. They looked like troublemakers," he said.

"I turned off to take another route but they forced me off the road and jumped out with guns."

'I can't believe this is the third time. It's enoug'

Joubert said it had been all over in seconds. First they ordered him to switch off his Tracker. He told them it was already off.

"They were pulling me into the car. They swore at me and told me they were going to shoot me. I grabbed the gun and a shot went off just past my left ear," he said, adding that he was still deaf in that ear.

"We started wrestling. I had to face the barrel (of the gun) away from me. The guy was on top of me and I didn't even hear the shot go off. They were cowards. None of the others shot while we fought."

As soon as the attackers drove off in Joubert's car, he ran a few metres into Oxford Road to wave down cars.

"The angels heard me and two cops came to help me."

While Joubert, who lives in Houghton, is happy to be alive, he is also furious about the crime rate.

"I can't believe this is the third time. It's enough. You're not safe just driving on the streets," he said. "It's absurd and has to stop."

Police have, meanwhile, found Joubert's car.

A close friend, Ian Lebitt, was with Joubert minutes before the incident. He too was outraged at the attack and said the government had to take urgent action against crime.

Phil Le Feuvre, who lives in the house outside which the shooting took place, said of the scene about half an hour after the incident: "I've never seen so many policemen."

Police on Friday also arrested eight would-be robbers who held security guards at gunpoint and tried to rob a Jumbo Cash and Carry wholesaler in Devland.

The gang had just robbed a nearby firm of computers before they stormed into the wholesaler.

Police spokesperson Sefako Xaba said one robber had waited outside the gate with an AK-47 rifle.

The men held a security guard at gunpoint at the gate and robbed him of his firearm.

When they entered the premises, the security guards called the police.

The robbers fled in five vehicles when police arrived.

A car chase ensued, and police stopped a BMW, a Peugeot and a VW Microbus on East Road towards Nasrec. However, an Audi A4 and a bakkie drove away.

Xaba said four firearms had been recovered, two 38 Specials, one 45 and a Norinco 9mm. Police also confiscated computers in the VW believed to have been stolen from the firm next to the wholesaler.

"We're not sure how many suspects were in the A4 and the bakkie. We believe other firearms were in the other two vehicles," Xaba said.


Thursday, 19 October 2006

Man forced to watch gang-rape

17/10/2006 16:04 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A Boksburg North couple were robbed at gunpoint and the wife raped several times by three men on Monday, East Rand police say.

The 22-year-old couple were walking along Main Reef Road in Whitfield at 19:30 when they "were threatened by three men who were armed with knives and a firearm," superintendent Andy Pieke said on Tuesday.

The attackers took the couple into the veld where they stripped the man and then took turns raping the woman.

Police believe the men fled to the nearby Angelo informal settlement with the husband's clothes as well as cash and jewellery.

No arrests have yet been made.


Teens in Jooste stabbing to tell of ordeal

Tania Broughton

October 19 2006 at 08:46AM

A 17-year-old Gauteng schoolgirl is expected to reveal details in the Ramsgate High Court today about how she and her friend were attacked while walking back to their flat from a nightclub in Margate, where they were on holiday.

The teenagers had gone down an alleyway leading to the beach, but two knife-wielding men lay in wait.

Zelne Maritz was stabbed in the arm. She survived the attack, but her friendl, 16-year-old Kalin Jooste, of Carletonville, was stabbed in the neck.

She managed to walk only a few paces before she collapsed and died.

In their haste to flee, their attackers took only Maritz's handbag and left Jooste's belongings on the pavement.

The crime, just five days before Christmas, rocked the South Coast town and immediately led to improved security.

The two men accused of the crime, Vukile Sinama and Thembile Pilisi, were both originally from Flagstaff in the Eastern Cape, but they had moved to the Margate area.

Sinama is serving a three-year sentence for escaping from custody after he was arrested on the murder charge.

He is being held at the maximum security prison in Kokstad. Pilisi was only arrested in February after police received a tip-off that he was hiding with relatives in Folweni, near Umbumbulu.

The trial was scheduled to begin on Wednesday, but Judge Jan Hugo adjourned it because the father of one of the defence advocates was undergoing serious surgery and one of the assessors was "stuck in Nairobi".

Maritz's mother has travelled to Ramsgate to support her daughter.

Although listed as a witness, it is believed that Jooste's father, Johannes, is too distraught to attend the trial.

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Mercury on October 19, 2006


Saturday, 14 October 2006

Maak die ANC steeds oorlog teen die Afrikaner?

Deur Dan Roodt

Soos ek reeds enkele jare gelede in Rapport geskryf het, is die fameuse skikking van '94 besig om uit te rafel. Die afgelope weke het meer as een meningsvormer kommentaar gelewer op die verslegtende verhouding tussen die ANC en Afrikaners wat deur regstellende aksie, naamsveranderings en veral die etniese geweld wat as "misdaad" bekend staan, veroorsaak word.

Nóg Mbeki, nóg enige kabinetsminister het hom al ooit spesifiek teen plaasaanvalle of ander vorme van geweld teen Afrikaners en blankes uitgespreek. Deesdae word mense goedsmoeds langs die paaie aangeval of daar word sommer in die ry op hulle geskiet, soos iemand nou onlangs op die Praaggeselsforum berig.

Hoe moet hierdie spontane rasse- en etniese geweld geïnterpreteer word en wat is die ANC se houding daarteenoor? Ons weet dat die minister van Veiligheid en Sekuriteit, Charles Ngakula, onlangs in die parlement gesê het "mense wat nie van misdaad hou nie, kan kla tot hulle blou in die gesig is of hulle kan die land verlaat".

Geweld dien die Afro-nasionalistiese saak in die sin dat al hoe meer vreesagtige blankes uit die land verdryf word. Hulle laat bates agter wat uiteindelik in swartes se hande gaan beland. Uit 'n realpolitieke oogpunt is daar geen objektiewe rede waarom die ANC sogenaamde "misdaad" of dan die plunderoorlog wat in Suid-Afrika woed, behoort stop te sit nie.

Selfs na die vrylating van die ANC het Nelson Mandela, Ronnie Kasrils en ander ANC-lede vuis omhoog 'n liedjie gesing waarin hul hulself "daartoe verbind om alle ama-Bhulu (wittes) dood te maak". 'n Video-opname van daardie liedjie is hier te sien. Maar afgesien daarvan, het die interessante vraag by my ontstaan of die ANC, wat op Geloftedag 16 Desember 1961 oorlog teen Suid-Afrika verklaar het, ooit daardie oorlogsverklaring teruggetrek het?

Implisiet is dit teruggetrek toe die ANC begin onderhandel het, maar ons weet dat Mbeki sedertdien telkens gesê het dat "die stryd voortgaan" en dat "die tweede revolusie" nog moet plaasvind.

Von Clausewitz se bekende woorde, dat "oorlog politiek met ander middele" verteenwoordig, is hier ter sake. Oor die afgelope maande - veral in die aanloop na en sedert die 16 Junie-herdenking - is die SAUK (waaroor die ANC beheer uitoefen) besig om intense anti-blanke en veral anti-Afrikanerpropaganda uit te saai. Die verhoogde geweld kan in 'n groot mate aan hierdie propaganda toegeskryf word. Op 'n manier is die ANC besig om "oorlog met ander middele" te bedryf. Sonder propaganda is geen oorlog moontlik nie en sommige vorme van propaganda kom regstreeks of onregstreeks op oorlog neer. In sommige SAUK-programme waar Afrikaners as inherent boos, wreed en rassisties uitgebeeld word, is die ANC besig om die grense van die toelaatbare te toets.

Die ANC se milisie, Umkhonto we Sizwe, het grotendeels die SA Weermag oorgeneem, veral natuurlik die hele topstruktuur. Ook staan die polisiemag direk onder die politieke beheer van die regerende party. Die kommandostelsel is afgetakel omdat 25 000 hoofsaaklik blanke kommandolede dalk 'n toekomstige militêre offensief deur Umkhonto sou kon afweer; ook het hulle 'n rol gespeel om etniese aanvalle (sogenaamde "misdaad") te bekamp. Tans wend die ANC nie regstreeks die veiligheidsmagte teen blankes en Afrikaners aan nie, maar daar is tog groot vyandigheid van "die getransformeerde Umkhonto" teenoor hulle te bespeur.

Die kommerwekkende aspek van die huidige situasie is egter geleë in die etniese propaganda wat die SAUK uitsaai en die verhoogde anti-blanke rassebewussyn wat die ANC doelbewus besig is om te kweek. Dit verklaar die gewapende aanvalle op motoriste, boere, motoriste en huiseienaars wat ons die afgelope weke en maande ervaar en waaroor die pers daagliks berig.

Die vraag kan dus met reg gevra word: is die ANC nog steeds in 'n oorlog teen die ama-Bhulu (blankes) gewikkel en wat op die duur daarop gemik is om "Suid-Afrika vir die Afrikaan" te verower?

Sover my wete strek, het die ANC en sy milisie, Umkhonto we Sizwe, nog nooit die oorlogsverklaring van 16 Desember 1961 teruggetrek nie. Heel moontlik sien hy die diplomatieke oorwinning van 1994 en die kapitulasie van die Nasionale Party as bloot een belangrike slag wat gewen is en soek hy steeds 'n totale oorwinning wat slegs voltrek sal wees as die Afrikaners van hul plase verdryf en, hetsy landuit, hetsy ses voet onder die grond sal wees.

"Nie-rassigheid" verteenwoordig 'n blote sous om die internasionale gemeenskap mee te flous, net soos wat Mugabe se bewind in beginsel insgelyks "nie-rassig" is.

Ook die toenemend arrogante houding van naamsveranderaars dui op 'n verharding in die ANC se houding teenoor blankes. Selfs ons skoothondjiepers in die vorm van Beeld en Rapport is besig om dit raak te sien.

Afrikaners sal hulle moet begin regmaak vir "gebeurlikhede". Tans neem dit die vorm aan van gewapende bendes wat by snelwegafritte op loer lê om ons mense aan te val. Maar in die toekoms mag Umkhonto self ontplooi word om "grondhervorming" teen halsstarrige boere toe te pas of om die wraaksug oor apartheid wat so sorgvuldig deur ANC-propaganda gekweek word teen die oorblywende Afrikaners te laat botvier.

'n Mens sou graag Mandela of Mbeki se kommentaar op hul oorlogsverklaring van bykans 25 jaar gelede wou verneem. Maar moenie duim vashou dat u iets vanuit ANC-geledere daaroor gaan hoor nie...

Oorsprong: PRAAG (Pro-Afrikaanse Aksiegroep)

Friday, 13 October 2006

Self geskiet 8 jaar ná hy pa se moord sien

Oct 12 2006 07:25:20:130AM - (SA)

Pieter Jordaan

Agt jaar nadat hy as klein kind moes toekyk hoe ro­wers sy pa in hul ouerhuis vermoor het, is ’n 14-jarige Gautengse seun eergisteraand in dieselfde huis deur rowers geskiet.

Michael van Zyl, ’n gr. 8-leerling aan die Allen Glen Hoërskool, is omstreeks 19:15 in die bors geskiet toe hy op die rowers afgekom het waar hulle sy ma, Heather (52), en broer, Marck (25), in hul huis in Constantiakloof, Florida aan die Wes-Rand, oorval het.

Hy is kort daarna in ’n ernstige toestand in die Flora-kliniek opgeneem en teen gisteraand was sy toestand volgens me. Ronélle Baars, hospitaalwoordvoerder, stabiel.

Michael het gister vanuit dié hospitaal met moeite van dié rooftog vertel wat sowat 15 min. geduur het.

“Ek het ons twee honde gaan kos gee en was sowat vyf minute buite die huis toe ek my ma hoor skreeu.

“Toe ek instap, sien ek ’n ou met ’n pistool en hoor ’n klapgeluid. Hulle het my geskiet, en ek het dadelik gedink: ‘Ek is geskiet, ek is dood’.

“Ek wou toe die polisie bel, maar het gesien hoe my ma in die sitkamer met ’n pistool aangehou word,” het Michael gister vertel terwyl verpleegsters van dié kliniek aandagtig gestaan en luister het.

Michael het onder instruksie van die rowers op die vloer by sy ma gaan lê en die rowers het ook vir Marck tot op die grond gedwing.

Hulle het glo toegang tot die huis verkry deur Marck te agtervolg toe hy sy motor in die motorhuis wou parkeer.

Volgens Michael het sy skietwond erg gebloei en moes hy een van die rowers om hulp smeek.

“Hy (die rower) het net gesê dat ons nie moet worrie nie en dat alles gaan regkom. Hulle het dasse gaan haal en ons vasgebind en die huis beroof,” het hy vertel.

Volgens supt. Milica Bezuidenhout, polisiewoordvoerder, is selfone, juweliersware, kontant, skootrekenaars en elektriese toebehore van sowat R30 000 gesteel en het die rowers in ’n ou wit Mercedes- Benz gevlug. Die aanvallers is nog op vrye voete.

Me. Van Zyl was gister te geskok om oor die voorval te praat, maar het bevestig dat haar man, mnr. Francis van Zyl, agt jaar gelede op 42-jarige ouderdom in dieselfde huis doodgeskiet is.

“Michael het onlangs eers oor die dood van sy pa begin kom. Hy het gesien hoe dit gebeur,” het sy gesê.

Volgens Michael het hy oomblikke nadat hy in eergisteraand se voorval geskiet is, besef dis “nie my tyd om te gaan nie”.

“Ek is net dankbaar vir al die liefde en sorg wat ek van familie en vriende gekry het ná die voorval,” het hy gesê.

Die koeël het aan die linkerkant van Michael se borskas ingegaan en sy hart net-net gemis. Die koeël het by sy rug uitgegaan. ’n Klein stukkie van sy long wat beskadig is, moes verwyder word, het Baars gesê.

Oorsprong: Crime Expo South Africa

"I shoot you! I shoot you!"

Posted: October 13, 2006 06:45

STRAND - "Dis 'n wonderwerk dat ons leef. 'n Bestiering van die Here," se Aletta Snyman oor 'n rooftog wat hom Sondag in hul kafee afgespeel het. Het die vuurwapen wat 'n rower op haar en haar man, Johan, gerig het, nie geweier om af te gaan nie, kon een, of albei in 'n poel bloed gesterf het.

Om 07.20 het drie mans die kafee binnegekom. Aletta wat agter die toonbank werk, vertel dat sy net om die toonbank geloop het, toe 'n man skielik voor haar staan en 'n vuurwapen uit sy klere pluk. Hy het dit na haar kop gerig, "I shoot you! I shoot you!" het hy gese, en die sneller getrek. Maar die skoot het wonderbaarlik nie afgegaan nie.

Die man het die sneller weer en weer getrek, maar niks het gebeur nie. Aletta het die vuurwapen weggestamp en na Johan geroep, wat agter in die gebou was. "Johan het aangehardloop gekom, en die rower het die vuurwapen ook op hom gerig en weer die sneller getrek. Maar die skote het weer nie afgegaan nie. Johan het na sy sambok gegryp en begin slaan en hulle het toe uitgehardloop.

Inspekteur Vernon Williams en senior offisier Trevor Lennox van Blue Whale Patrols Protection Services was op pad terug van 'n patrollie in Kusweg, toe hulle vier mans by Werda sien uithardloop, met die eienaar agterna, sambok in hand. Hy het vir hulle beduie om die verdagtes voor te keer. Hulle het die mans, wat in alle rigtings gespat het, in hul voertuig agternagesit. Toe hulle twee van die verdagtes in Van Ryneveldstraat aankeer, het een van hulle 'n vuurwapen op insp. Williams gerig. Hulle het hom arresteer en die twee verdagtes na die Strand polisiestasie geneem. - CESA reporter

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

Thursday, 12 October 2006

'Cops' shoot and injure farmer

12/10/2006 08:48 - (SA)

Marisa Phillips, Die Volksblad

Virginia - Two men in a police vehicle allegedly shot a young farmer from the district in the upper arm on his farm.

Jubré Knoesen, 32, said he was on his way to his farm Jonkersrus from Welkom shortly after midnight on Tuesday after he had bought take aways in the city.

"When I turned into my farm, I saw a vehicle's lights behind me on the farm road. It was strange, and I stopped, upon which the vehicle also stopped."

Knoesen phoned the farm watch unit at Virginia. "I told inspector Spies there was a strange vehicle on my farm. He said I must drive to my house and that he was on his way.

"Suddenly the vehicle approached at high speed and with blaring sirens and I saw it was a police vehicle.

Police are investigating

"I was immediately put at ease."

Knoesen got out of his vehicle and two men in civilian clothes got out of a vehicle with the words SAPD Thabong on the side.

"They were very arrogant and wanted to know where I was going to. They started pushing me around and I realised I had problems. They could not explain what they were doing on the farm."

Knoesen again called the farm watch unit and Spies told him to keep the men there. "They got into their vehicle, and when I bent forward to take the key, I heard a shot. They left at great speed."

Knoesen was wounded in the top part of his upper arm. He called his girlfriend, Sonica van Heerden, who was sleeping in the house to bring a towel.

Van Heerden said she only realised on the way to hospital what had happened. "Jubré was very upset as he feared he could lose his arm. Six years ago he nearly lost the same arm after being attacked by a Bengal tiger."

Knoesen has tick fever and was unable to undergo surgery. Instead the arm was bandaged and he has to keep it still for two weeks.

Northern Free State police spokesperson superintendent William Mokwena, confirmed that the incident had been reported to the police. The police unit for serious and violent crimes was investigating the case.


Mpuma cops fear increase in farm killings

October 11 2006 at 02:32PM

Mpumalanga police fear an increase in farm killings in the province, a police spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Last week, three separate farm attacks were reported near Malelane, Lydenburg and Barberton in which a farm worker was shot, a family was robbed and another woman seriously wounded with her
own gun after she surprised robbers.

Mpumalanga serious and violent crimes unit Captain Ockie Brits said he was "worried about crime and public safety" if his unit closed down.

"These people [serious criminals] can't wait for the closure of this unit," he said.

The nationwide restructuring of moving specialised units to station level came after police management said it would lead to a decrease in crime.

Brits added that "never in its life" would restructuring curb crime in the area.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance on Wednesday called for SAPS to introduce rural commandos into the area to curb the increase in crime.

DA's Mpumalanga spokesperson Armiston Watson said that recent farm attacks supported the warning by police that these types of crimes would increase.

He said the attacks also proved "that the disbanding of the rural commandos [announced by government in 2003] was an irresponsible political move which now leaves all farmers and farm workers defenceless and easy targets for criminals."

Watson added that something should be done to stop the "crime wave and to protect all farm dwellers". - Sapa


Hijackers shoot man in front of his wife

October 12 2006 at 08:25AM

By Karishma Ganpath & Matthew Savides

The community of Amanzimtoti on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast has been rocked by the murder of a 66-year-old Mpumalanga visitor, who was shot in front of his wife outside a fish shop in the town on Wednesday.

Barberton resident Louis Bierman went to The Little Fish Shop at the Kingsway Centre on Kingsway Road about 11am, to buy fish. He was walking back to his vehicle when he was shot in the head at point-blank range.

His wife, who was at a nearby shop, saw the incident and rushed into the fish shop, screaming that her husband had been attacked by two men.

Bierman was treated by paramedics at the scene and taken to St Augustine's Hospital in Durban, where he died a few hours later.

Netcare911 spokesperson Chris Botha said Bierman and his wife had arrived in Durban on Tuesday to "take a small break" from running their business in Barberton. They had been staying at the Nyoni Rocks holiday flats.

The couple's two children had rushed to Durban on Wednesday after hearing the news.

Botha spent time on Wednesday afternoon with the family, and said they were "struggling to come to terms with what happened".

"It's a big shock to her (Bierman's wife). To have seen her husband get shot like that was extremely traumatic," he said.

Botha, a resident of Amanzimtoti, said the community had "been badly affected".

"No one can believe that these guys had the audacity to do what they did. It was broad daylight and in Amanzimtoti's main and busiest road."

According to a witness who was waiting for her husband outside the nearby dentist's rooms, Bierman was shot as he was about to open the driver's door of his vehicle.

"He had absolutely no chance," she said. "He looked at them in shock and before he could do or say anything, the one shot him at point-blank range in the side of the head."

Tersia Klopper, a receptionist at the dentistry, said she had heard a gunshot and had gone to investigate. She had found Bierman lying on the ground with blood pouring from the wound to his head.

"I came back (to the dentistry) and called the dentist, Meyer Oosthuizen, and his assistant, who tried to assist the man," she said.

Dental assistant Tamaryn Larsen said Oosthuizen had tried to open Bierman's air passages by removing his dentures and had also performed CPR.

"The ambulance arrived 10 minutes later . . . We began praying for the man. We knew he was in a critical condition," she said.

Early reports indicated that Bierman had also been run over by the fleeing men, but the head of the trauma unit at St Augustine's, Kevin Mc-Ewen, said there was no indication this had happened. Police Superintendent Danelia Veldhuizen said the two suspects had sped away in Bierman's car.

The Serious and Violent Crime Unit is investigating a case of armed robbery and murder.

It has appealed to people to look out for Bierman's car, a silver/grey Toyota Corolla with the registration number CCS829MP. Anyone who sees the vehicle can contact their nearest police station or Crime Stop at 08600 10111.

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Mercury on October 12, 2006


Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Wife made to parade half-naked

10/10/2006 23:06 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - Three armed robbers forced a woman from Pierre van Ryneveld in Centurion to walk half-naked through her house while they pawed at her, threatened to rape her and hitting her on the head with a firearm.

The robbers terrorised Alet Nienaber, 30, and her 35-year-old husband, Jan, in their home for about 20 minutes.

They were stomped on and hit on the head with pistols.

Nienaber said the drama started after he took his dogs outside before bedtime.

His wife had gone to bed and he was still watching television.

He said: "The next moment the lounge window broke into shards. I saw a hand clutching a pistol.

Forced to lie on carpet

"I grabbed the panic button on the table and pressed it, while I ran to the bedroom to warn Alet."

Before the Nienabers could lock the bedroom door, the robbers overpowered them.

They forced the couple to go to the lounge and ordered them to lie face down on the carpet.

Alet said: "They took off all my clothes apart for a T-shirt and forced me to walk through the house half-naked.

"They kept on asking me 'Where is the safe? Where is the safe?' and they hit me on the head with their pistols.

"They kept on pawing me so that I had to do what they asked me to do. It was absolutely terrible. I kept my eyes shut the entire time."

Nienaber said that when the robbers brought his wife back to the lounge, the couple started praying.

Alet said: "I heard a soft knock against a window and I knew the security guards had arrived.

"One of the robbers climbed through the broken window and a guard shot him.

Hid in the wardrobe

"Bullets were flying everywhere. We ran to the bedroom, locked the door and pushed a cupboard against the door before climbing into a wardrobe."

The robbers escaped through a small kitchen window and took jewellery, a laptop, R500 in cash, two cellphones, perfume and the couple's wedding rings.

Willie Venter of S-G Security said 17 shots had been fired. He said there had been 10 cases of armed robberies in the area in the past fortnight.


Muldersdrift man hurt in burglary

October 10 2006 at 12:51PM

A Muldersdrift man was wounded when two burglars broke into his home on a plot in Rietfontein and shot him early on Tuesday morning, Gauteng police said.

Superintendent Milicia Bezuidenhout said 30-year-old Pierre Hattingh was shot in the shoulder after the men had pried open a window and entered his house.

"The victim and his wife woke up when the lights were switched on. The suspect then entered the room and without any warning fired a shot which struck Hattingh in the shoulder," she said.

The couple then set off the alarm, causing the armed men to run away.

The robbers have not been caught.

Police arrived on the scene after Hattingh and his wife had already left for hospital, and it is not clear what was stolen.

"His (Hattingh's) condition is serious but stable," said Bezuidenhout. - Sapa


Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Affirmative Action is an Oxymoron

By Albert Brenner

October 09, 2006 10:45 AM EST

Swimming in the shallow waters of conformity inevitably brings one ever closer to the perilous shores of mediocrity. And the very last thing any 21st-century nation can afford is to be mediocre. Living in a globalized world where the skills of talented individuals are sold to the highest international corporate bidder, any feel-good romantic notion of enforcing demographic equality in the national workplace is simply foolhardy.

We might all have the same human rights, but that certainly does not automatically imply that we all have the same abilities. And blaming men for the fact that they cannot have babies and will therefore never feel impelled to take a 5-year 'baby-holiday' that is bound to hamper their progress on the corporate ladder, is simply unfair. And what is even more unfair, is the willful negation of proven quality when it comes to accommodating the lecherous egos of the less gifted and their affirmative action lobbyists.

The body is indeed the prison of the mind as Foucault said, but true quality inevitably shines through: ask Stephen Hawking or Condoleeza Rice. To therefore demand that those who cannot transcend their bodies (racial stereotypes, sociocultural predilections, etc) be given preferential treatment above those who have earned it, is utter nonsense. It is quite noble and civilized to uplift the weak, when you can afford it. But to do so while your competitors only concentrate on promoting their best, borders on evolutionary suicide. Evolution runs on inequality; it will always seek out the fittest, no matter what Oprah would have us believe.

Having embraced multi-culturalism and one-sided racial egalitarianism, the West is saddled with the incredible burden of trying to uplift less advanced groupings (Africans, Hispanics, Aborigines, etc) whilst, at the same time, trying to keep pace with the other alpha civilizations, like India and China. To placate its self-induced irrationally emotional attachment to the universal equality of all things, the West is seriously running the risk of civilizational suicide. Not unlike Jesus, who knowingly embraced death so that the meek can one day inherit the earth.

Back to Darwin; to state that all and sundry are equal in terms of progress is simply false. If we were all equal then why did the Chinese discover paper, the West the atom and the Indians the mathematical concept of '0', while Africans (excluding the ancient Egyptians) were still living in mud huts? To blame the Alpha-civilizations (especially the West) for Africa's evolutionary backwardness is simply unfair. By demanding constant affirmative action for 21-century blacks implies that they cannot look after themselves. In other words, they are not fit enough to pull their own weight, even after more than 5000 years of interaction with more advanced races and their places.

This backwardness characterizing Africa has found a shining example in South Africa. More than one million (a quarter) of all whites, and many qualified black professionals, have left the country over the past 10 years. Why? It's quite elementary: evolutionary and individual human quality has been sacrificed on the altar of African sit-in-the-sun feel-good mediocrity. Same story, different epoch! Mandelatopia is fast becoming yet another African disaster simply because those in power are still unable, or unwilling, to grasp the fact that unique individual human qualities and skills are commensurate with progress. You simply need the best in order to survive! And to be the best, the individual needs to take actions that will separate him/her from the pack. These actions, when successful, will ensure the individual's survival and, eventualy, that of his/her family, culture, nation and civilization.

That existence demands constant proactive actions goes without saying. Time waits for no one and, all being fair and equal, actions taken by an individual and his/her forefathers cannot be nullified just because of the colour of one's skin. Imagine telling Michael Jordan and Shaq O'Neil that their children and grandchildren will have to forgo their place in a basketball team simply because a quota has been imposed that must reflect the demographic composition of the American populace. In other words, tell these men that all their hard work and efforts were for naught simply because blacks only make out 15 percent of America's population, and they can therefore only fill 15 percent of all the places on all NBA teams. Wouldn't this be blatantly discriminatory? If someone has the ability (innate quality) - and opportunity provided by his/her forefathers' actions - why deny them the quality of life that they are rightfully eligible to pursue?

Of all the races blacks have been the most vociferous in calling for affirmative action. You don't see Asians in America doing it. Why? It is quite simple; even as a tiny minority they, statistically, outperform their hosts. And do white Americans mind? No. They, and the rest of the West, cherish quality! It is the secret to their success. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, and caliber, not colour, is the yardstick of mutual respect and inter-racial admiration.

So why does the West still suffer the constant bickering and evolutionary outrageous demands by blacks to give them preferential treatment? The West has always had a very complex conscience, be it Christian or secular humanist in nature. Transgressions like slavery, exploitive colonialization, Auschwitz, Apartheid, Abu Ghraib, etc. certainly don't reflect the image the West yearns to behold in the moral mirror of its soul. Our utopian aspirations (e.g. Heaven) have always been all-inclusive, and leaving the weakest (Africa, at this stage of history) behind is completely foreign to our civilizational make-up. We never built a Chinese Wall to keep the Other out and we certainly never constructed an African wall of backwardness to keep the ignorant in. Nope. All for one, and one for all!

Back to Darwin; the pre-eminence of the West on the global stage in the past few centuries is due to the fact that we've have always rewarded the unique qualities, skills, talents, bravery and hard work of the individual - even if the powerful of the day had something else to say (e.g. Socrates and Galileo). Quality honed in action, not conformity to inaction, certainly goes a long way in catapulting one to the top of the civilizational food chain - something Africa still has to learn, very quickly! The insufferable demands by Africans that the West 'owes' them something is simply due to the uncanny ability of the weak to feed off the moral Achilles heel of the powerful. The court jester earns his daily bread by parodying the king's perceived infallibility, and Africans survive by milking the 'bad conscience' (White Guilt) of the West for every tear that it's worth.

To conclude; affirmative action is an oxymoron. Instead of affirming action, this feel-good notion engenders nothing except heap accolades on the inaction underpinning ineptitude. And the affirmation of inaction is the last thing Africans can afford in their quest to assert themselves in a world driven by the solitary actions of unique individuals who, ultimately, mould that part of existence mortals have a say in.

Source: The Conservative Voice

Woman survives bloody hijacking ordeal

Graeme Hosken

October 10 2006 at 04:34AM

A Pretoria woman came within inches of losing her life after a gunman opened fire on her at point-blank range, shooting her five times before leaving her for dead in a botched hijacking.

The attack, one of two in Centurion at the weekend, happened as 30-year-old Sandra du Plessis arrived home on Friday night.

Recovering in Unitas Hospital, Du Plessis, a financial adviser for Sanlam, said on Monday: "As I turned into my street I saw a car driving slowly in front of me before turning around and coming towards me.

"As it drove past I saw the people looking at me and immediately felt that something was wrong."

'Everything seemed to happen at the speed of light'

Opening her front gate, Du Plessis spotted the car racing towards her. Leaping into her Golf Tdi and reversing, Du Plessis watched in horror as a man armed with a handgun leapt from the vehicle and ran towards her, firing as he chased after her.

All seven bullets struck the car's driver door and window.

Two narrowly missed her head while five hit her in the right arm, left arm, stomach and back, missing her vital organs by millimetres.

Bleeding profusely, Du Plessis was ordered from the vehicle by the "frighteningly" calm gunman, who watched her stumble screaming towards her house before getting back into his accomplices' car after fiddling with her car's ignition.

Du Plessis, who was rushed inside by neighbours and her sister Gerda, underwent surgery on Sunday to reconstruct her shattered right arm.

'They were like something from hell'

"Everything seemed to happen at the speed of light. One minute the car was driving past me and the next a man was shooting me.

"I did not know what was happening. It was chaos. I thought I was dying," said Du Plessis, who added that she thought her attacker was going to kill her when he ordered her from the car.

Du Plessis's sister said she was inside their home studying when she heard loud bangs and then screams.

"I will never forget those screams. They were like something from hell."

Running outside, Gerda du Plessis found her sister collapsed against a fence, blood pouring from her stomach, arms and back. "I couldn't believe that she was alive. There was so much blood," she said.

Police spokesperson Inspector Katlego Mogale confirmed the attack, saying that an attempted murder docket had been opened.

She added that the attack was one of two which occurred in Centurion at the weekend.

Unitas Hospital spokesperson Corne Bekker said two people were brought into the hospital for emergency gunshot wound treatment following separate attacks at the weekend.

"There has been a definite increase in the number of people who have been admitted as victims of violent crimes. This increase has been over just the past year in the Centurion area," she said.

This article was originally published on page 3 of Pretoria News on October 10, 2006


Monday, 9 October 2006

Mom shot in the back

09/10/2006 07:54 - (SA)

Naranda Nell, Beeld

Barberton - A day trip for a woman from a farm near this Mpumalanga town nearly ended in tragedy when she was shot in the back by a burglar after returning home.

Rita van den Berg, 46, and her two children, Adriaan, 13, and Nicola, 9, spent Saturday at the Forever Resorts hot water resort at Badplaas and returned to their farm Wick Farm, about 15km outside Barberton, at 18:00.

According to Inspector Butterfly Nkosi, investigating officer from Barberton police station, they were carrying things from the car to the house when Van den Berg heard a noise from the main bedroom.

Children were unhurt

She went to investigate, and encountered a man in the passage to her bedroom. According to Nkosi the burglar had apparently gained entrance to the bedroom through an open window.

Van den Berg turned around and tried to flee when the man shot her in the back. "He fired only one shot," said Nkosi.

Nicola witnessed her mother being shot. Adriaan was busy in an outside room when it happened. According to Nkosi Adriaan ran to the house after hearing the
shot, but Nicola yelled at him not to enter the house.

According to Nkosi, Van den Berg's own pistol was used in the attack.

"The main bedroom was turned upside down and it seemed as if he was looking for something. In the process he must have found the pistol."

The suspect escaped by means of the same window through which he had entered. The children were unscathed.

Van den Berg was rushed to the MediClinic in Nelspruit, where she was in stable condition.

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the incident.


Friday, 6 October 2006

Boer aan paal gebind en vermoor, vrou verloor oog en met hammer verbrysel

Posted: October 04, 2006 11:00

PAUL ROUX. – Die eerste moord in 14 jaar op dié dorp het die gemeenskap op sy knieë. Al wat die mense nou ken, is woede en vrees. Op sy knieë, met sy hande voor hom vasgemaak, is die verwurgde mnr. Fanie Schoeman (74), afgetrede boer van die plaas Rietpoort, vasgemaak met drade en toue aan ’n paal in sy motorhuis gekry.

Sy vrou, Christie (74), is so erg met ’n hamer geslaan dat sy haar oog verloor en haar wangbeen gebreek het. Sy is steeds in ’n Bethlehemse hospitaal. Konst. Christopher Mophiring, polisiewoordvoerder, sê dit is nog nie duidelik of een of twee onbekende mans die egpaar Maandag omstreeks 16:30 oorval het nie. Niemand is nog aangekeer nie. Mev. Schoeman, wat siekerig was, het op die bank in die sitkamer gelê. Sy is hier oorval en met die hamer geslaan.

Die aanvaller(s) het haar glo gesê haar man is reeds doodgemaak en hulle sal nie skroom om haar dood te maak nie. Die egpaar se seun Chris (45) sê hy vermoed sy pa is oorval terwyl hy besig was om sy groentetuin nat te gooi. Hierna is sy ma toegetakel. ’n Groot bloedkol op die bank en haar pantoffels wat nog net so voor die bank staan, is getuienis hiervan. Na verneem word, is sy na die slaapkamer gedwing. ’n Bloedbevlekte lap en kledingstukke is hier gekry.

Bloedspatsels in die badkamer kan daarop dui dat sy geprobeer het om haar te was. Sy kon later daarin slaag om hulp te ontbied. Niks is gebuit nie en die motief vir die aanval is nie bekend nie. Die egpaar, wat 51 jaar getroud was, het in Januarie verlede jaar na dié donkerrooi huis in Skoolstraat 4 getrek. “Hulle het juis hierheen getrek sodat hulle veiliger kan wees,” sê Schoeman jr.

Hy en sy broer Johan (41) woon nou op Rietpoort. Die egpaar het nog ’n seun, Fanie (50), wat in Johannesburg woon. Die kliëntediensbestuurder van die Hoogland-Medi-Clinic op Bethlehem, mev. Karien Collett, sê mev. Schoeman, wat haar linkeroog verloor het, moes Maandagaand ’n operasie ondergaan.

“Sy is in ’n ernstige, maar bestendige toestand in die intensiewesorgeenheid van die hospitaal.” Schoeman se suster, mev. Lettie Bruwer, wat ook op die dorp woon, sê sy het net gesê sy weet nie hoe gaan sy sonder haar man klaarkom nie. Schoeman jr. sê dit is onverstaanbaar waarom dié grusame aanval gedoen is. “Hulle was rustige, stil mense. Smiddae om 17:00 was hul deure al gesluit,” sê hy. Afgesien van die moord in Desember verlede jaar op die 51-jarige boer, mnr. Wikus Stoffberg van die plaas Osplaat in die Kaallaagte-omgewing hier, is dit die eerste moord wat in 14 jaar in die middedorp gepleeg is.

Die vorige moord was die grusame voorval waarin die lyk van ’n tenger, vasgemaakte bejaarde vrou destyds met haar rug na onder in ’n vrieskas gedruk is. ’n Keelvol inwoner, wat nie haar naam genoem wil hê nie, sê die inwoners van die dorp en die woonbuurt Fateng leef in vrees en is “nou moeg vir al die misdaad hier”.

Die afgelope ses weke, sê sy, het twee gewapende rooftogte op die dorp plaasgevind. Ook beweer sy die inwoners se noodkreet aan die polisie Maandagmiddag dat ’n “verdagte voertuig” deur die dorp beweeg het, het op dowe ore geval.

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

Children kill man for cellphone, shoes

October 05 2006 at 12:23PM

A cellphone and a pair of shoes were what four street children got after stabbing and killing 52-year-old Quintin Boutel in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Superintendent Johann van Greunen said Boutel and his girlfriend Debra Fleisman, 42, were walking home from the Pub & Grub restaurant in Newton Park around 10.30pm on Wednesday when they were confronted by the youths.

Three girls and a boy, between the ages of 13 and 14, attacked the couple. The boy allegedly stabbed Boutel who died on the scene.

The children then allegedly took Boutel's cellphone, and Fleisman's shoes.

Fleisman was not injured in the robbery and later identified the attackers, who were taken to Stepping Stones, a place of safety for children.

The four suspects would appear in court on Friday.

Van Greunen said in some cases children who were found guilty of such crimes would be sentenced to about two years in a juvenile facility.

Or they would be sentenced and retried when they were 18 before serving time in jail. - Sapa


Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Special 2010 FWC Offer: See the big 5 in the new South Africa

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Day the hijackers should have stayed in bed

October 03 2006 at 09:46AM

Five Ivory Park would-be hijackers got more than they bargained for when they allegedly tried to rob a man of his car, North Rand police said on Tuesday.

Superintendent Eugene Opperman said one of the five robbers had a pistol and instructed the driver to get out of his car on Sunday evening.

The 35-year-old man took his car keys, got out of his car and was able to push two of the four men away.

"He then ran towards the hijacker's car where he pulled out the driver and drove away to the Ivory Park police station and reported the matter," said Opperman.

After a short while, one of the five who had allegedly tried to hijack the man came to the police station to report his car stolen.

"By coincidence, a woman who was reporting a case of rape recognised the robber who had raped her earlier on Sunday," Opperman said.

The man was arrested at the scene while his four accomplices were arrested shortly afterwards. The five were charged with attempted armed robbery and rape and would appear in the Kempton Park's magistrate's court on Tuesday. - Sapa


Man strangled, wife assaulted in raid on home

October 03 2006 at 10:59AM

An elderly man was strangled and his wife assaulted when they were attacked at their home in Paul Roux, Free State police said on Tuesday.

Constable Mmako Mophiring said Stefanus Johannnes Schoeman and his wife Christina Elizabeth Schoeman, both 74, were attacked by unidentified men at their home on Monday afternoon.

"Schoeman's body was found in their garage tied up against a pole with wire and rope," Mophiring said.

His wife was hit over the head with an unknown object and admitted to the Bethlehem Medi Clinic. Police said she had been badly assaulted. Her condition was not known.

Police were investigating cases of murder and attempted murder.

Anyone with information about the crime was asked to contact their nearest police station or Bethlehem police on 058-307-5903. - Sapa


Tuesday, 3 October 2006

The thick end of the Wedge

Posted: October 03, 2006 01:06

JOHANNESBURG - HAVE you or someone you love been attacked and/or robbed at gunpoint yet? No? Feeling left out? Never fear. Your coming ordeal is inevitable. The crime wave in Johannesburg is now so bad, so pervasive, that the count of friends and acquaintances of mine who have been attacked is now running at about two a week. And I don’t know that many people. I know three CEs of JSE-listed companies who have had guns shoved either into their mouths or into the backs of their necks in the past three weeks.

The combined market capitalisation of their companies is more than R70bn. Foreign shareholders own more than half of that. What would they do with their money if they found out what was really happening to the people supposed to be looking after it?

It is only a matter of time before foreign investors begin to re-examine SA as an investment destination, particularly if that investment entails sending executives to this country. The fact is there are dozens of gangs of armed criminals in Jo’burg (and even more armed opportunists) and personal safety cannot in any way be guaranteed in this city.

My best friend’s wife was hijacked the other day and driven around blindfolded for hours while her attackers tried to locate her tracking device. One morning last week, a friend and his family (and a classmate of my son) were assaulted and robbed in their home in Sandhurst. A colleague at the Financial Mail was hijacked the other day and held hostage (and drugged and beaten) for TWO DAYS!

Last week, another colleague arrived home to find her young and terrified daughter tied up and the house ransacked. The criminals, thugs, savages and murderers roaming our streets think the police and the government are a joke and they are absolutely right.

AND here’s the really interesting thing about the crime wave and the terror you are about to go through. You can do absolutely nothing about it. You can’t complain about the illegal foreigners because that’s xenophobic. You can’t, if you’re white, complain about the four dudes in the BMW who’ve been watching your house for the past week because that’s racist.

You can’t warn foreigners off coming here because that’s unpatriotic. You can’t complain about illiterate cops because you’re anti-transformation.

You can’t call for the death penalty because that’s fascist. Get a gun? I sympathise but I could not touch one myself. Here’s what you do.

You don’t keep quiet. Tell your story (straight, no elaboration or commentary) to as many people as possible, here and overseas. Don’t be ashamed you were attacked. Speak up. It wasn’t your fault. It was the criminal’s fault and it’s the fault of the police and government they report to that you got (and are going to get) attacked. The police have no leader and I no longer think the country does either.

Does Jacob Zuma have a plan for crime? Suddenly, I’m interested. - Peter Bruce

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

Child Rape In The New South Africa

By Sam Francis

Among the contributions to civilization of South Africa since the end of “apartheid” – the common shorthand for white rule - is the phenomenon known as "child rape." You really have to hand it to the South Africans. No other nation seems to have invented this particular kind of atrocity before, and in the country where it originated, it's flourishing.

Rape in South Africa in the last few years has indeed taken off. In 2000, there were more than 52,000 cases reported, and Interpol says that "South Africa has in recent years had one of the highest per capita rates of rape and sexual assault in the world," according to the New York Times. [NYT, January 29th, 2002, Grappling With South Africa's Alarming Increase in the Rapes of Children ] But "child rape"—violent sexual attacks on females under 18—is a specialty that appears to be unique. About 40 percent of the 52,000 rapes in 2000 involved victims under 18; 20 percent involved victims under 11.

One reason for the sprouting of child rape there is yet another idea unique to South Africa—the notion that having sex with a virgin is a cure for AIDS. Since AIDS also has exploded since the end of “apartheid” (along with unemployment, murder and terrorist attacks on white farmers by blacks), raping young females—including actual infants—has become almost commonplace. One doctor interviewed by the New York Times counted more than 200 child rapes in 2001 in his locality, "mostly girls ages 7 to 9."

Last October six men were arrested for raping and sodomizing a nine-month-old baby. "No one knows what accounts for the disturbing trend," bleats the Times.

Well, actually, some people do know. It turns out that the child rape epidemic is all part of the legacy of “apartheid.” "The researchers investigating child rape," the Times reports, "say they cannot close their eyes to the lasting impact of the apartheid system, which legitimized violence and oppression for decades." It's not just the researchers. The political establishment itself in the New South Africa makes the same claim.

"As we all know," preaches the country's deputy president, Jacob Zuma, "the apartheid history of this country left behind a legacy of a serious breakdown of the moral infrastructure of our society." One of the researchers into child rape, Saths Cooper, also blames “apartheid”; South Africa, he intones, is "a society that has come out of an abyss."

As a matter of fact, South Africa has fallen into an abyss. Child rape—along with AIDS, other kinds of rape, murders, and terrorism—were all either unknown in South Africa under "apartheid” or under control. Indeed, today, police won't even release statistics on rape committed prior to 2000. It's only in the New South Africa—the democratic South Africa, the anti-racist South Africa, the progressive South Africa—that the abyss started swallowing the country whole. The blunt truth is that South Africa was far better off under “apartheid” than it is today or than it promises to be ever again.

What has happened in the New South Africa is not only the enthronement of ideologies alien to it but also the legitimization of the savagery that “apartheid” repressed and controlled. No doubt superstitions such as the belief that sex with a virgin cures AIDS existed under “apartheid,” but because the savages dumb enough to believe it and act on it were kept under restraint—by laws that regulated the physical movement of blacks, kept them out of cities, required them to carry passports, etc.—the superstition didn't matter much. Now—with the triumph of "freedom"—it does matter.

Indeed, one feature of the New South Africa that also contributes to the rape epidemic is the collapse of law enforcement itself. As the Times also reports, "Rape victims still wait hours for an ambulance or police car to take them to the hospital. Sloppy investigations mean that rapists are usually free to terrorize their victims over and over." Yet another legacy of “apartheid,” of course.

It occurs to no one in the South African government—or for that matter at the New York Times—to suggest that blaming “apartheid” for every failure and atrocity that happens in South Africa is merely an evasion of the truth, with about as much merit as a juvenile delinquent blaming his parents for being too permissive. But of course no one can speak the truth about what is happening in South Africa without discrediting the whole case against “apartheid.”

What is happening in South Africa today—indeed what has happened all over Africa since the withdrawal of the European empires in the 1960s—is exactly what defenders of “apartheid” always insisted would happen: the victory of savagery over the civilization that the white empires imposed. What was once the most economically and technologically advanced society on the African continent now lurches into the abyss created by egalitarians—and no one in its government or in the world press dares say why.

Sam Francis webpage

Source: South Africa the truth

Bullet entered just below my left ear and exited below my skull

Posted: October 03, 2006 00:30

JOHANNESBURG - In January of last year I was hijacked for my bicycle on Hans Strijdom Drive near Kya Sands. This was done by attempting to shoot me in the face at arms length by two men without a word being spoken. No request, no demand. They just pointed and fired. By some miracle the bullet entered just below my left ear and exited below my skull at the back of my neck without hitting anything, just damaging a lot of muscle and tissue.

The doctors treating me could not believe that such a thing was possible and all agreed that I should actually be dead. I even walked into the emergency room at the hospital after the shooting. I have been told that the chances of surviving a gunshot wound to the neck especially as such close range is one in a couple of million. However I was not the only person who was attacked in such a manner on that day. Two other cyclists were attacked that same morning, one of them ending in the same hospital room as me. Nick was shot twice and had a broken collar bone, his bike and Camelbak stolen, before a motorist came to assist him. After 8 months of frustrating phoning and visiting the police station, a detective eventually took my statement. The police still consider this to be an isolated incident despite the steady increase in the number of attacks.

To date nothing has happened with the case of attempted murder and the detective working on the case no longer is in service. From this incident, local cycling clubs organised a protest ride to the local police station with demands on the police force to take action and a couple hundred signatures of cyclists personally affected by crime whilst cycling or knowing of someone who has been. This protest ride seems to have had little affect and even the media coverage in newspapers and on television of Nick and I have done nothing to stop, let alone reduce, the number of cyclists being attacked. I have since then received numerous emails of cyclist being attacked, often brutally, for their bikes, Camelbaks and cell phones.

In July a middle aged woman was attacked in a national race near Barberton by two men and her bike stolen. She has thankfully been released from hospital. I met a cyclist a few weeks ago that was run over by a drunken motorist. The drunk then stopped, reversed to the cyclist and stole his bike, leaving him stranded. I haven’t stopped cycling because I am free and it is my right to do what I enjoy, and I am not a coward.

When the shooting happened my wife and I had only being married for eight months. She had to drive past where I was shot ever day to work. We moved to Pretoria in June, myself taking up a new job and my wife starting her own business. We live in what we considered a relatively safe area in comparison to the rest of South Africa. However crime has hit our area often with theft of cars, shootings, etc. Friday nights can get quite noisy with the all the gunshots going off. At the same time, a friend of mine expanded his fine art digital printing business and moved into a new office in a small shopping centre in Menlo Park. His business was doing really well, working with some of the top photographers in the country and a number of international photographers from Africa. He has built this business up over the last eight years from nothing and invested his life and money into it.

Much of his equipment is extremely expensive and specialized and would not be found just any where. In August of this year, he acquired backup software and hardware for his business. He was busy installing all the stuff and was working late. He had everything up and running and started the transfer of information onto the backup system and went home. He hadn’t got home when the security company phoned him and said the alarm had gone off. He returned to the shop to find a pick and a lump of rubble thrown through his shop front and his new equipment and computers either stolen or thrown around the shop.

The police took 5 days to come and take fingerprints and his statement. The short for this story is that the theft affected him so badly that he had two choices left: either he closes the business; he and two other staff members become unemployed or carry on some how. He decided to do the latter but has literally sold all he has in order to do so. What was a thriving growing small business has literally died because of the robbery and as such he has lost a number of clients.

Just two weeks ago, a very close friend of ours and his family where attacked in their home in Brooklyn. They were tired up, beaten with various implements, stabbed and locked in the bathroom. The attackers attempted to rape his sister and some how he got free and attacked them with a shower pole. In the attack he was shoot at a number of times and stabbed a number of times, one wound puncturing his lung. His father also some how managed to come free and came to his son’s aid and with this the three attackers left with some electronic equipment.

Thankfully he and his family are all out of hospital and are doing well. They are now tying to get their life into order again after the ordeal. This attack followed a week after a woman of two children who had just moved from Limpopo province because of safety concerns, was shot dead in a hijacking outside her house in Brooklyn.

The government and police feed us garbage about crime statistics in this country. My mother is a nursing sister. One has to spend a few minutes a week with her to hear of the victims of brutal attacks that come into the hospital for treatment. Anatomy is even cut off in these attacks for things worthless as cell phones.

My friend who has the fine art printing shop deals with some people that are high up and close to government officials. There comments are that the government does not know how to handle the crime or what to do about it and that they are not really putting any effort in because of this. Two of my dad’s drivers where attacked for the delivery vehicle. They were tied up, blind folded, beaten and driven to the Swaziland border, held under gunpoint in the veld for a number of hours until the vehicle had passed into Swaziland and then left bound up without any idea of where they were. Every week I meet people and hear stories of this nature.

To top this all off now, since the courts have dismissed Jacob Zuma’s corruption trial, we are now faced with the future president of this country being a criminal – in the new regime - who has so much power and support that he is able to rule over the courts in this country. What future do we have now? I have yet to meet anybody who is optimistic now for the future of this country and a large majority of these people have said that if Zuma does come into power they will be leaving the country for good.

At this point in time I agree with them. My wife and I are thinking of having a child next year. I could not possible bring another life into this world and this country knowing what is going on. What kind of a life would I be offering? Fear. Living in a prison. Murder. Injustice. Rampant crime. The list goes on. I am sorry but for nearly 12 years I have been trying my best to stay optimistic and positive about this country, but it is slowly being stuffed up and I see now future here for myself or my family. My spirit is being killed everyday here. No one is in this country is having a ‘better life’. No one. - Neal Dunstan

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

Man killed in attack on smallholding

October 02 2006 at 10:32AM

A 33-year-old man was murdered on Friday night when two armed robbers attacked him in a garage on a smallholding in Hennops River.

His fiancée Anel Venter managed to escape and rushed to the man's parents' house for help.

Police spokesperson Inspector Paul Ramaloko said Jacques Olivier and Venter were in the garage where Olivier was working when they were confronted by the robbers.

According to police, Venter managed to escape just as the suspects fired several shots into the garage.

Olivier's stepfather went to investigate and found the young man's body. Ramaloko said nothing was stolen from the house or garage by the attackers. - Hanti Otto

This article was originally published on page 2 of Pretoria News on October 02, 2006


Monday, 2 October 2006

Woman's night of hell, bound in boot

01/10/2006 22:53 - (SA)

Cathy Dlodlo , Die Volksblad

Bloemfontein - Graphic designer Petru Dirker prayed continuously during a hijack drama while her attacker drove around for three hours while she was lying bound in the boot of her car.

At one stage, her kidnapper threatened to dump her in an unsavoury part of the city so that she would be raped and murdered.

Another time, he threatened to kill her and dump her in a ditch next to the road.

Dirker was attacked when she stopped at her home in Universitas about 21:00 on Friday.

A man, who apparently had broken a window to get into her home, waited for her and hit her on the head with the butt of a firearm.

Threatened her continuously

She fought back, but he overpowered her and told her: "I'm going to get rid of you."

She said the only thing she could think of was that she didn't want to die. She promised to do anything as long as he didn't hurt her.

He forced her into the boot of her own car and started driving around. He stopped regularly and threatened to kill her if she made a noise or moved.

He made her sit on the passenger seat next to him after driving around for several hours. He drove to an ATM and ordered her to withdraw R3 000.

He drove back to her house and tied her to a chair and gagged her. The man took some of her possessions and loaded them into the car.

He left the car's spare keys and told her to fetch the car in Lesotho the next day. He thanked her for her co-operation before leaving.

She managed to free herself about 02:00 and chopped a hole in the door so she could get out.

Spoke fluent Afrikaans

Dirker went to neighbours who called the police.

She received trauma counselling after the ordeal and said her attacker was in his forties and spoke Afrikaans fluently. She had never seen him before.

A police spokesperson said Dirker's attacker had taken her car and possessions valued at R80 000.

Her car is a 1994 metallic dark-blue Toyota Corolla with registration number DCZ 552 NW.


Sunday, 1 October 2006

The feel-good history of Africa

By Albert Brenner

September 27, 2006 09:54 AM EST

Ever since the postmodern/poststructuralist French philosophers, Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault, emulated Nietzsche and Heidegger in equating truth with art, the world has witnessed a plethora of revisionist attempts by the West to placate its self-induced feelings of guilt vis a vis its self-determined non-humanist treatment of other races and their places. It is therefore hardly surprising that the 'conquered' in history have grasped this self-recriminatory attitude with both hands (and feet), and are exploiting it like a hooker that stumbled on a ship full of gold-laden sailors on an around-the-world-in-eighty-days voyage.

It goes without saying that modern popular culture is feasting on this cornucopian quagmire of bad conscience on the part the West. Kevin Costner's Dances with Wolves showed us that the cowboys were actually barbaric eco-unfriendly murderers who slaughtered the nature-loving and peaceful Red Indians. Jane Seymour's Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, showed us that Afro-Americans were actually part of the higher social strata in 19-century America. And Clive Owen's Arthur showed us that the traditionally dainty Guinevere was actually a tattooed kick-ass 5 ft 2 feminist killing-machine. Art is art, and one shouldn't take the extravagances of its dramatic-license too seriously. It is only when historical facts are blatantly distorted by powerful people, like politicians, that any intelligent person is morally obligated to take them by their collars and press their faces to the grindstone of implacable reality.

The 'most conquered' in recorded history will obviously spin the tallest tales. South Africa is currently the most virulent example of this feel-good fallacy characterizing the current politically-fashionable marathon to 'rewrite' history. Thabo (AIDS-is-not-caused-by-a-virus) Mbeki, the President of South Africa, is desperately trying to underpin his African Renaissance endeavor by firstly, stealing the limelight from the ancient Egyptian Empire. And all in the West are nodding their heads in dutiful PC acquiescence, lest they be accused of racism. It is all too easy to placate a fickle conscience at the expense of the unrelenting truth.

Mbeki's spin on history is rapidly gaining ground, even among erstwhile moderate African commentators. One even ventured, "And yet Africans were not always like this. The forefathers and mothers who built Zimbabwe and the pyramids of Giza, who taught the Greek mathematicians the basics of algebra and trigonometry (original spelling), were great people." Mbeki's second angle of approach is underpinned by his sneaky efforts to steal the limelight from Western antiquity. He is having a whale of time in/by accusing the West (ala the Black Athena liberal idiocy) of deliberately whitening all the black faces that supposedly adorned all the vases, murals and paintings of the Macedonian, Greek and Roman Empires. Even if we are forced to swallow the latter unsavory serving of historical un-truths, Mbeki is still left with the rather unenviable task of trying to explain why his hallowed Egyptian-linked forefathers mysteriously forgot the wheels and written language they used once they crossed the equator.

This turn of politically-correct historical events is rather sad, but quite true. Mind you, isn't it curiously reminiscent of the fisherman who came back to tell his friends about the 'big one that got away'? Be that as it may; all is not kosher in the realm of truth anymore. The best example of aestheticism leading truth by the nose is the recently-unveiled statue of the completely fictional 'King Tshwane' in Pretoria, South Africa. This 'real-life' hero is credited with having known the evil intentions of the diabolical white settlers 200 years after he was actually supposed to have been born. According to this 'mythical truth', he had somehow managed to succeed in rapidly spreading his dire warnings about the impending havoc that was to be wreaked by the evil white man 200 years before they actually decided to trek inland. So much for mobile phones!

Fiction is definitely more palatable than the truth in our 'everybody-is-innocent' day and age! To paraphrase Orwell; everybody is innocent, but some are more innocent than others. No prize for the one who correctly guesses which grouping is less innocent. It suffices to say that history is being taken for a very bumpy ride by those who have conveniently forgot that it is not a dish best served warm in order to stroke the egos of the faint-hearted. Writing the history of the present insults the truth of the future.

History is nobody's fool, and it will certainly not be bamboozled by the mesmerizing escapism offered by two French philosophers who have all but succeeded in selling guano as croutons to a civilization that has forgot that which has made it the most enlightened and advanced in the history of mankind. The truth, and nothing but the truth! "Wer den Zeitgeist heiratet, wird schnell Witwe". Loosely translated, this German proverb means that those who fall for the intellectual fads of the month are bound to suddenly lose their grip on the realities of uncompromising existence. Something Nietzsche tragically forgot when he painted God out of existence, and subsequently became stark raving mad. Amen.

Source:The Conservative Voice