Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Affirmative Action is an Oxymoron

By Albert Brenner

October 09, 2006 10:45 AM EST

Swimming in the shallow waters of conformity inevitably brings one ever closer to the perilous shores of mediocrity. And the very last thing any 21st-century nation can afford is to be mediocre. Living in a globalized world where the skills of talented individuals are sold to the highest international corporate bidder, any feel-good romantic notion of enforcing demographic equality in the national workplace is simply foolhardy.

We might all have the same human rights, but that certainly does not automatically imply that we all have the same abilities. And blaming men for the fact that they cannot have babies and will therefore never feel impelled to take a 5-year 'baby-holiday' that is bound to hamper their progress on the corporate ladder, is simply unfair. And what is even more unfair, is the willful negation of proven quality when it comes to accommodating the lecherous egos of the less gifted and their affirmative action lobbyists.

The body is indeed the prison of the mind as Foucault said, but true quality inevitably shines through: ask Stephen Hawking or Condoleeza Rice. To therefore demand that those who cannot transcend their bodies (racial stereotypes, sociocultural predilections, etc) be given preferential treatment above those who have earned it, is utter nonsense. It is quite noble and civilized to uplift the weak, when you can afford it. But to do so while your competitors only concentrate on promoting their best, borders on evolutionary suicide. Evolution runs on inequality; it will always seek out the fittest, no matter what Oprah would have us believe.

Having embraced multi-culturalism and one-sided racial egalitarianism, the West is saddled with the incredible burden of trying to uplift less advanced groupings (Africans, Hispanics, Aborigines, etc) whilst, at the same time, trying to keep pace with the other alpha civilizations, like India and China. To placate its self-induced irrationally emotional attachment to the universal equality of all things, the West is seriously running the risk of civilizational suicide. Not unlike Jesus, who knowingly embraced death so that the meek can one day inherit the earth.

Back to Darwin; to state that all and sundry are equal in terms of progress is simply false. If we were all equal then why did the Chinese discover paper, the West the atom and the Indians the mathematical concept of '0', while Africans (excluding the ancient Egyptians) were still living in mud huts? To blame the Alpha-civilizations (especially the West) for Africa's evolutionary backwardness is simply unfair. By demanding constant affirmative action for 21-century blacks implies that they cannot look after themselves. In other words, they are not fit enough to pull their own weight, even after more than 5000 years of interaction with more advanced races and their places.

This backwardness characterizing Africa has found a shining example in South Africa. More than one million (a quarter) of all whites, and many qualified black professionals, have left the country over the past 10 years. Why? It's quite elementary: evolutionary and individual human quality has been sacrificed on the altar of African sit-in-the-sun feel-good mediocrity. Same story, different epoch! Mandelatopia is fast becoming yet another African disaster simply because those in power are still unable, or unwilling, to grasp the fact that unique individual human qualities and skills are commensurate with progress. You simply need the best in order to survive! And to be the best, the individual needs to take actions that will separate him/her from the pack. These actions, when successful, will ensure the individual's survival and, eventualy, that of his/her family, culture, nation and civilization.

That existence demands constant proactive actions goes without saying. Time waits for no one and, all being fair and equal, actions taken by an individual and his/her forefathers cannot be nullified just because of the colour of one's skin. Imagine telling Michael Jordan and Shaq O'Neil that their children and grandchildren will have to forgo their place in a basketball team simply because a quota has been imposed that must reflect the demographic composition of the American populace. In other words, tell these men that all their hard work and efforts were for naught simply because blacks only make out 15 percent of America's population, and they can therefore only fill 15 percent of all the places on all NBA teams. Wouldn't this be blatantly discriminatory? If someone has the ability (innate quality) - and opportunity provided by his/her forefathers' actions - why deny them the quality of life that they are rightfully eligible to pursue?

Of all the races blacks have been the most vociferous in calling for affirmative action. You don't see Asians in America doing it. Why? It is quite simple; even as a tiny minority they, statistically, outperform their hosts. And do white Americans mind? No. They, and the rest of the West, cherish quality! It is the secret to their success. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, and caliber, not colour, is the yardstick of mutual respect and inter-racial admiration.

So why does the West still suffer the constant bickering and evolutionary outrageous demands by blacks to give them preferential treatment? The West has always had a very complex conscience, be it Christian or secular humanist in nature. Transgressions like slavery, exploitive colonialization, Auschwitz, Apartheid, Abu Ghraib, etc. certainly don't reflect the image the West yearns to behold in the moral mirror of its soul. Our utopian aspirations (e.g. Heaven) have always been all-inclusive, and leaving the weakest (Africa, at this stage of history) behind is completely foreign to our civilizational make-up. We never built a Chinese Wall to keep the Other out and we certainly never constructed an African wall of backwardness to keep the ignorant in. Nope. All for one, and one for all!

Back to Darwin; the pre-eminence of the West on the global stage in the past few centuries is due to the fact that we've have always rewarded the unique qualities, skills, talents, bravery and hard work of the individual - even if the powerful of the day had something else to say (e.g. Socrates and Galileo). Quality honed in action, not conformity to inaction, certainly goes a long way in catapulting one to the top of the civilizational food chain - something Africa still has to learn, very quickly! The insufferable demands by Africans that the West 'owes' them something is simply due to the uncanny ability of the weak to feed off the moral Achilles heel of the powerful. The court jester earns his daily bread by parodying the king's perceived infallibility, and Africans survive by milking the 'bad conscience' (White Guilt) of the West for every tear that it's worth.

To conclude; affirmative action is an oxymoron. Instead of affirming action, this feel-good notion engenders nothing except heap accolades on the inaction underpinning ineptitude. And the affirmation of inaction is the last thing Africans can afford in their quest to assert themselves in a world driven by the solitary actions of unique individuals who, ultimately, mould that part of existence mortals have a say in.

Source: The Conservative Voice

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