Thursday, 12 October 2006

'Cops' shoot and injure farmer

12/10/2006 08:48 - (SA)

Marisa Phillips, Die Volksblad

Virginia - Two men in a police vehicle allegedly shot a young farmer from the district in the upper arm on his farm.

Jubré Knoesen, 32, said he was on his way to his farm Jonkersrus from Welkom shortly after midnight on Tuesday after he had bought take aways in the city.

"When I turned into my farm, I saw a vehicle's lights behind me on the farm road. It was strange, and I stopped, upon which the vehicle also stopped."

Knoesen phoned the farm watch unit at Virginia. "I told inspector Spies there was a strange vehicle on my farm. He said I must drive to my house and that he was on his way.

"Suddenly the vehicle approached at high speed and with blaring sirens and I saw it was a police vehicle.

Police are investigating

"I was immediately put at ease."

Knoesen got out of his vehicle and two men in civilian clothes got out of a vehicle with the words SAPD Thabong on the side.

"They were very arrogant and wanted to know where I was going to. They started pushing me around and I realised I had problems. They could not explain what they were doing on the farm."

Knoesen again called the farm watch unit and Spies told him to keep the men there. "They got into their vehicle, and when I bent forward to take the key, I heard a shot. They left at great speed."

Knoesen was wounded in the top part of his upper arm. He called his girlfriend, Sonica van Heerden, who was sleeping in the house to bring a towel.

Van Heerden said she only realised on the way to hospital what had happened. "Jubré was very upset as he feared he could lose his arm. Six years ago he nearly lost the same arm after being attacked by a Bengal tiger."

Knoesen has tick fever and was unable to undergo surgery. Instead the arm was bandaged and he has to keep it still for two weeks.

Northern Free State police spokesperson superintendent William Mokwena, confirmed that the incident had been reported to the police. The police unit for serious and violent crimes was investigating the case.


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