Monday, 9 October 2006

Mom shot in the back

09/10/2006 07:54 - (SA)

Naranda Nell, Beeld

Barberton - A day trip for a woman from a farm near this Mpumalanga town nearly ended in tragedy when she was shot in the back by a burglar after returning home.

Rita van den Berg, 46, and her two children, Adriaan, 13, and Nicola, 9, spent Saturday at the Forever Resorts hot water resort at Badplaas and returned to their farm Wick Farm, about 15km outside Barberton, at 18:00.

According to Inspector Butterfly Nkosi, investigating officer from Barberton police station, they were carrying things from the car to the house when Van den Berg heard a noise from the main bedroom.

Children were unhurt

She went to investigate, and encountered a man in the passage to her bedroom. According to Nkosi the burglar had apparently gained entrance to the bedroom through an open window.

Van den Berg turned around and tried to flee when the man shot her in the back. "He fired only one shot," said Nkosi.

Nicola witnessed her mother being shot. Adriaan was busy in an outside room when it happened. According to Nkosi Adriaan ran to the house after hearing the
shot, but Nicola yelled at him not to enter the house.

According to Nkosi, Van den Berg's own pistol was used in the attack.

"The main bedroom was turned upside down and it seemed as if he was looking for something. In the process he must have found the pistol."

The suspect escaped by means of the same window through which he had entered. The children were unscathed.

Van den Berg was rushed to the MediClinic in Nelspruit, where she was in stable condition.

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the incident.


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