Sunday, 22 October 2006

Teen rapists get twenty years plus

Posted: October 22, 2006 00:15

PORT ELIZABETH - Two youths who tracked down a Schoenmakerskop jogger with hunting dogs, raped and robbed her and left her with an incurable sexually transmitted disease, were each sentenced to 35 years imprisonment in the Port Elizabeth High Court yesterday.

Judge Hennie Liebenberg ruled that the sentence on rape (20 years) and robbery (15 years) should run concurrently. The youths will each serve an effective 20 years behind bars. Liebenberg said the two youngsters not only violated the 30-year-old jogger‘s body and integrity, but also left her with mental and emotional scars. “And as if that is not enough, the complainant will live with your disease for the rest of her life,” he said.

Liebenberg was referring to the herpes the victim contracted as a result of the attack on March 26 this year. The attack happened two weeks after the woman decided to make South Africa her permanent home.

On her return path along the Fynbos Trail, a pack of 11 hunting dogs tracked her down. They were followed by two boys, aged 16 and 18. After the dogs attacked the woman, she was hit with a hammer, pinned down and raped repeatedly. She testified that after her ordeal she became “very suspicious” of black people. She had never experienced this kind of problem before.

Liebenberg took into consideration the youthfulness of the two accused, the fact that they grew up in circumstances best described as “less acceptable”, and that they were extremely poor. The court ordered that the nationality of the victim may not be disclosed. It also prevented the youths from being identified.

Source: Crime Expo South Africa

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there is no mention of guns in this story. Lets ban dogs and hammers.