Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Wife made to parade half-naked

10/10/2006 23:06 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - Three armed robbers forced a woman from Pierre van Ryneveld in Centurion to walk half-naked through her house while they pawed at her, threatened to rape her and hitting her on the head with a firearm.

The robbers terrorised Alet Nienaber, 30, and her 35-year-old husband, Jan, in their home for about 20 minutes.

They were stomped on and hit on the head with pistols.

Nienaber said the drama started after he took his dogs outside before bedtime.

His wife had gone to bed and he was still watching television.

He said: "The next moment the lounge window broke into shards. I saw a hand clutching a pistol.

Forced to lie on carpet

"I grabbed the panic button on the table and pressed it, while I ran to the bedroom to warn Alet."

Before the Nienabers could lock the bedroom door, the robbers overpowered them.

They forced the couple to go to the lounge and ordered them to lie face down on the carpet.

Alet said: "They took off all my clothes apart for a T-shirt and forced me to walk through the house half-naked.

"They kept on asking me 'Where is the safe? Where is the safe?' and they hit me on the head with their pistols.

"They kept on pawing me so that I had to do what they asked me to do. It was absolutely terrible. I kept my eyes shut the entire time."

Nienaber said that when the robbers brought his wife back to the lounge, the couple started praying.

Alet said: "I heard a soft knock against a window and I knew the security guards had arrived.

"One of the robbers climbed through the broken window and a guard shot him.

Hid in the wardrobe

"Bullets were flying everywhere. We ran to the bedroom, locked the door and pushed a cupboard against the door before climbing into a wardrobe."

The robbers escaped through a small kitchen window and took jewellery, a laptop, R500 in cash, two cellphones, perfume and the couple's wedding rings.

Willie Venter of S-G Security said 17 shots had been fired. He said there had been 10 cases of armed robberies in the area in the past fortnight.


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