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'People laughed as robbers died'

26/12/2006 12:16 - (SA)

Johannesburg - The South African government's continued failure to bring crime under control is leading a growing number of citizens to start taking the law into their own hands, often with deadly results.

"It is sometimes justifiable," says Frits Kreil, who runs a self-styled "community policing forum" in Johannesburg's northern Randburg suburb.

"People are fed up with crime and resort to killing to protect their lives and those of their loved ones."

In one of the latest such incidents, three members of an armed gang were killed when a local at a pub in the suburb of Emmarentia opened fire as they robbed and pistol-whipped customers earlier this month.

The locals raised their glasses as the robbers lay dying and then rang the police. As one of the drinkers told the Beeld newspaper: "They died slowly, we all stood and laughed."

Police don't come

While reluctant to give their names, regulars at the pub voiced few regrets about the incident to AFP after the shooting.

"We cannot live our lives in fear any more," said one. "Whenever we feel threatened or attacked, we shoot and call the police later."



Monday, 25 December 2006

'I'll never see my child again'

(Danielle Esterhuizen (5))
Murdered five-year-old Danielle's Esterhuizen's parents, Anel and Diederick, as well as Andrico, 3, are staying with family in Roodepoort. (Johann Hattingh, Beeld)
21/12/2006 23:48 - (SA)

Amanda Roestoff, Beeld

Johannesburg - "I will never see my little curly tops again."

A distraught Diederick Esterhuizen, 36, couldn't fight back the tears as he recalled how a gang of robbers had murdered his five-year-old daughter, Danielle, on Wednesday evening.

One of the men opened fire on the Esterhuizen family during an outing to Riebeeck Lake about 2km from their Randfontein home.

A bullet struck Danielle in the forehead as she lay in her mother Anel's arms.

The bullet had first grazed Anel's finger.

"I heard my child scream and there was blood everywhere.

"I grabbed her and drove as fast as I could to the Robinson hospital," said Diederick.

His vehicles's tyres had been shot out by the robbers.

Kept praying

"I just kept praying that it was a slight scrape and that a doctor would be able to fix it," a crying Esterhuizen said.

But little Danielle was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

A family friend, Ferdi Kleinhans, 29, was hit in the chest and groin during the attack and had to undergo emergency surgery.

His condition is serious, but stable.

Esterhuizen, tears flowing freely, told that he'd initially told Danielle and her brother Andrico, 3, that they couldn't go along when he and Kleinhans decided to go fishing.

He was concerned about their safety.

But the kids nagged Anel, 32, and she eventually gave in and took them to the lake.

Suspicious-looking car

When they arrived, the Esterhuizens and Kleinhans saw a suspicious-looking car.

They started worrying when the car's lights were switched off before the vehicle drove away.

Andrico was sitting on top of his dad's four-wheel drive while Esterhuizen took photos of him with his cellphone.

Anel was sitting on a chair near the vehicle and Danielle snuggled in under her jacket because she was cold.

They heard glass break and saw four men walk past.

Volley of shots

One suddenly swung round, pointed a firearm at them and shouted "robbery".

Before the Esterhuizens could move, a volley of shots was fired at them, fatally wounding Danielle.

"No other child will ever be able to take her place. She was a loving angel," Esterhuizen said.

Police on Thursday combed the area for clues, but did not come up with anything.

"This is a horrible Christmas gift, was how Danielle's uncle, Gert Esterhuizen, 43, described the senseless killing of the little girl.


'Old man' uses pole as gunmen attack guests

December 22 2006 at 02:45PM

It was the sight of a gunman hitting his wife and threatening to do worse that drove a 64-year-old to turn on his attackers and probably save the lives of eight people.

And this despite him being shot twice.

On Friday morning Neville Huxham was in the ICU at Milpark Hospital, recovering from surgery last night to remove bullets from his back and left arm.

Hospital spokesperson Amelda Swartz said he was heavily sedated but in a stable condition.

For the seven guests who were at the Huxhams' Victory Park house last night, Neville is a hero who saved their lives.

The evening started out as a small dinner party on the verandah to honour the Huxhams' son, Julian, who is visiting from Australia.

Among the guests was Acacia, a 1-year-old girl.

Neville's wife, Carla, said she had been serving dessert when three armed men appeared.

"They cocked their guns and told us to lie under the table."

The men, in their mid-20s, had two handguns and had climbed over the back wall of the house.

"They told us, 'You be good, you don't want to go to heaven, you don't want to see Jesus'," said Steph Hartung, a family friend, last night from the Huxhams' verandah.

Chairs lay scattered on the floor, a cheesecake sat untouched.

Hartung said the robbers had taken each member of the Huxham family, one at a time, and got them to retrieve the valuables in the house.

"They kept referring to Neville as 'the old man'," Hartung said.

Neville's main concern, according to his wife, was for baby Acacia, who had started crying.

The robbers took Carla with them, but when she gave them all the money she had, she said, they had turned violent.

"I had R4 000 that I gave them. They said to me, 'You call this money?' They klapped me; they pulled my hair so hard I thought it was going to come out.

"Then they said, 'We are going to do horrible things to you'," Carla said.

As the man uttered the threat, Carla saw her husband suddenly jump up and start assaulting the man with a pole that had been laying close by.

"He just lost his cool, he started laying into the guy," said Carla.

Acacia's mother took the opportunity to grab her baby and run out of the house to get help.

The man Neville was attacking fired off several shots before fleeing.

One of the other men ran back into the house and grabbed a laptop and was chased back out by Neville and a guest.

It was then that Neville realised he had been shot.

"The one bullet had broken his arm and severed an artery," said his wife.

Apparently, police told the Huxham family that the three men had made their escape along the Braamfontein Spruit. However police lost them in the heavy rain.

"All I can say is that my husband deserves a medal, he saved us all," said Carla.

"If it wasn't for Neville, this would have been a long, long night," said Hartung.

Neville was to have another operation today but was expected to make a full recovery.

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Star on December 22, 2006


Five-year old murdered in mom's arms

Lumka Oliphant

December 23 2006 at 09:40AM

Danielle Esterhuizen, 5, wanted a Brat doll for Christmas but she was also looking for a present to buy Jesus. On Wednesday she gave Jesus the ultimate gift, her life.

She died after she was hit by a bullet as she lay cuddled in her mother's arms.

Danielle went fishing at Riebeeck Lake in Randfontein with her father Diederick Esterhuizen, her mother Anel, her brother Andrico and a family friend, Ferdi Kleinhans.

But the trip, which should have been a short night out, turned ugly when four armed robbers opened fire on the group and killed little Danielle.

'I think one life lost is too much, and they can't say that crime has gone down'

As bullets rained on the Esterhuizen family, one hit Danielle in the forehead as she lay in her mother's arms. The bullet first grazed her mother's finger.

Esterhuizen believes he was also hit by the bullets because "my mother-in-law found a bullet hole in my shirt".

Esterhuizen couldn't hold back the tears as he spoke about his little angel.

"I still can't believe I will never see her again. She was such an angel and she wanted to be a star …"

He said he had been working hard to make this Christmas special for his children, and earlier that day, he and Danielle had fixed the pool so that she would be able to swim.

"She was crazy about swimming. We all thought that one day we were going to see her on TV, and I still don't know how this could happen to my little girl."

Esterhuizen can't forgive himself for giving in to his children's nagging on that day.

"I never take them with me to Riebeeck Lake because I know it's dangerous, but this time I thought it's holiday time. I thought I'll just take them out and come back, but I should not have let them come."

Esterhuizen said the only thing he could remember is seeing "one of the men cocking his gun and starting to shoot".

He said he was dreading the day he would have to go back to his Randfontein house, as they are now living with his in-laws.

"I don't want to think about all the presents under the tree or her school things because she was going to Grade 0 and I had bought everything for her. We were so excited that she was a step closer to big school. I don't want to go back to that house, there are too many memories," he said.

Esterhuizen said his wife was too distraught to speak to anybody. "She is devastated because Danielle was in her arms when she was shot."

He said he failed to understand how the government could continue saying crime statistics were down when young, innocent lives were lost to criminals every day.

"I think one life lost is too much, and they can't say that crime has gone down."

Captain Paula Terblanche, spokesperson for the West Rand police, said nobody had been arrested for the murder and members of the South African Police Service were working hard to find the killers.

This article was originally published on page 1 of The Star on December 23, 2006


CBS News 1994: Mugabe Reassures White South Africans

In the week prior to South Africa's first all-race elections, South African whites were feeling a bit gloomy about the future. Luckily, CBS's Dan Rather was able to bring good tidings from that bastion of hope, love and freedom, Zimbabwe.

And everyone felt much better after Robert Mugabe's reassurance. Thanks Bob!

[CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and Connie Chung]

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Elderly man fights off attackers

December 19 2006 at 07:20AM

An elderly man used his assailants' own weapons to fight off an attack at his home in Kibler Park in Johannesburg, SABC news reported on Tuesday.

The 73-year-old man and his wife were watching cricket at their home when they were attacked by two knife and hammer wielding men.

The man grabbed the hammer from one of the assailants as they were attacking his 71-year-old wife.

The attackers fled without taking anything.

The elderly man suffered head injuries and a broken wrist while his wife was treated for shock.

The couple did not want to be named. - Sapa


Teen sentenced to 20 years for farm killing

December 19 2006 at 08:19PM

By Sherlissa Peters

Described as a person inclined to violence by his probation officer, the man who brutally killed a 63-year-old farmer in Creighton was sentenced in the Pietermaritzburg High Court yesterday.

Mzwandile Radebe, 18, was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment for the murder of Michael Robb, and a further 10 years for housebreaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances. Five years will run concurrently with his murder sentence.

Radebe's accomplice, Sandile Hlope, 20, was sentenced to three years for housebreaking and robbery.

Robb, who had lived in the Creighton-Ixopo area for most of his life, was killed on October 26 last year.

The court heard that Robb, who lived alone on his farm, was asleep when the suspects entered the house.

Robb was grabbed from his bed and then tortured as his hands were handcuffed and his legs tied together with a plastic bag.

Radebe, armed with a golf club, beat Robb to death. The two suspects then dumped his body in a nearby dam.

Judge Jan Hugo said Radebe escaped a life sentence because the State had failed to prove that the murder was premeditated.

This article was originally published on page 3 of Daily News on December 19, 2006


Farmers furious after elderly couple slain

December 19 2006 at 03:36PM

By Ben Maclennan

Organised agriculture has reacted with anger to the slaying of yet another elderly Free State farming couple, saying it confirms that farmers are among the groups most at risk of murder in South Africa.

Jan Greyling, 67, and his wife Johanna, 63, were found dead in their homestead on Florida Farm in the Trompsburg district on Monday afternoon.

Workers became suspicious when neither came out of the house during the day, and called the police.

'... if my telephone rings on a Sunday afternoon, I shudder to answer it' Southern Free State area commissioner Baile Motswenyane said on Tuesday that Mr Greyling was found with a bullet wound in the head and "multiple wounds".

Mrs Greyling was found in a chair in a bedroom with two bullet wounds behind the left ear.

Motswenyane said it was possible guns were stolen from a safe which was found open in the bedroom.

Two other elderly couples were murdered on farms in the province in separate incidents last month.

Free State Agriculture president Louw Steytler told Sapa that at a government imbizo in Trompsburg two weeks ago, he had specifically asked Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka and provincial premier Beatrice Marshoff to speak out in condemnation of farm killings. '... because I know that some farmer in this province has been murdered' "Thus far not one single word has been said about it," he said.

"Every single weekend, if my telephone rings on a Sunday afternoon, I shudder to answer it, because I know that some farmer in this province has been murdered... and we've had enough."

He said the union was already taking government to court over the lack of proper policing along the crime-ridden Lesotho border, and could mount a similar challenge to government over farm murders.

"It is they who govern South Africa; it is they who are in charge of the State machinery and the security forces, and it is time that they govern us properly," he said.

He said there were far more murders per head in the farming community than in any other.

He also said Free State Agriculture was not a "right wing, rabid, racist organisation".

It had been the first provincial union to put a plan on the table for dealing with land reform, and had also been a leader in engaging on black economic empowerment.

The government's inaction on crime was undermining this "voice of reason".

"That is the tragedy of our country," he said.

Director of corporate liaison for AgriSA Kobus Visser said that as a professional group, farmers ran second only to the police in terms of risk of being murdered.

He said that according to AgriSA's unofficial figures, in November and October there were more than 80 farm attacks around the country, involving at least ten murders.

The farming community was a national asset, and that the killings were eroding this asset.

Visser said government should speed up the appointment and training of police reservists in rural areas as part of a sector policing plan which had produced dramatic results where it had already been implemented.

Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder claimed earlier this year that the murder rate for farmers was 313 per 100 000, more than twice the figure for police.

He also said the likelihood of a victim dying during a farm attack was three times higher than during a cash in transit heist.

Southern Free State police spokesperson Superintendent Motantsi Makhale said the serious and violent crimes unit was working "around the clock" on the Greyling killings.

He said the police had responded to farmers' larger concerns over security, and were recruiting former members of the commandos as police reservists.

"It's not like we're sitting doing nothing," he said. - Sapa


'Robbers must pay for killing my wife'

December 20 2006 at 04:34AM

By Sholain Govender

"I want them. I want them come hell or high water." These were the words of a distraught husband after robbers killed his wife during a house robbery in Brooklyn's Clark Street.

Susan Vermaak would have celebrated her 64th birthday in a few days. Instead her family will spend that day and many other days in mourning after five armed robbers - including a woman - entered their home on Monday demanding firearms and killed Vermaak when they did not get what they wanted.

Vermaak, a retired real estate agent, former nursing sister and former ballet teacher, had just returned from her daily trip to the gym at about 11am when it is believed the robbers confronted her in the garage.

'My mother didn't have the keys to the gun safe'

The family's live-in domestic worker, Sheila Molope, who was in the house at the time of the robbery, was gagged and tied up after the thieves demanded she take them on a tour of the home and show them where the valuables were kept.

Vermaak was taken to the mezzanine-floor study where the robbers demanded the key to the gun safe, according to Molope.

"My mother didn't have the keys to the gun safe but did give them the key to another safe from which they took cash," said Vermaak's son, Henry, who also lives in the house.

Henry, 38, who was on holiday in Kosi Bay when the incident occurred and immediately returned to Pretoria upon hearing the news, said that he had taken the gun safe key with him.

"The domestic worker said she heard them shouting at my mother and asking her for the key," said Henry.

'I started running up and down the stairs looking for her'

"She also heard them hitting her and then a gunshot."

Henry said the thieves had stolen cash, some clothing, jewellery and his mother's cellphone.

Henry Senior, Vermaak's husband, who owns a car dealership near Morula Sun, arrived home at about 6pm and found the garage door ajar.

"My dad saw my mother's water bottle beside her car on the ground."

Henry said his father rushed to untie Molope when he entered the house after he heard her muffled cries from downstairs. He discovered his wife's body after a three-minute search.

"I started running up and down the stairs looking for her after I saw a yellow ski rope on the kitchen floor," said Henry Senior.

He said his wife's body was cold when he found her. "Her hands were tied behind her back and there was a plastic bag over her face," he said. "She had three stab wounds and a ski rope around her neck."

The family has lived in their Brooklyn home since 1985 and has never had any break-ins or crime related incidents until Monday. But Henry Senior said crime was an ongoing problem in Brooklyn and the police needed to act.

"With the consent of the police, we're going to employ two top detectives to investigate the case regardless of cost," he said. "That's the least I can do for her even if it takes me years and millions of rands."

On Tuesday afternoon, Molope underwent voluntary polygraph tests and questioning by police. Henry Senior said police were still processing evidence and it was too soon to know if they had any leads.

Henry Senior said three of his children had already left the country and he was trying to get his two children who remained in South Africa to emigrate too.

Police Inspector Paul Ramaloko confirmed the incident and said a case of house robbery and murder had been opened at the Brooklyn police station.

Henry Senior said his wife's death was a terrible blow. He and Vermaak were set to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary on January 5.

Henry Junior described his mother as very active and a wonderful person and said that he was still coming to terms with her death.

"It's unreal. I have difficulty fathoming the reality that she's dead," he said as his father waited for police approval to clean the room where his wife was shot dead.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on December 20, 2006


Monday, 18 December 2006

The ugly truth about democratic South Africa

By Ilana Mercer

Posted: December 15, 2006

1:00 a.m. Eastern

I sincerely hope that events in Iraq have inched Americans toward a less Disneyfied view of democracy. It is a mistake to doggedly conflate democracy with freedom, and "the freedom to vote" with liberty. Majority rule, especially as it applies in Middle Eastern and African countries, doesn't always empower the right people.

Which brings me to another, less-than Magic Kingdom: my old homeland, South Africa, RIP.

The irony of President Bush's Dec. 8 meeting with Thabo Mbeki, South Africa's president, went unnoticed. Democratic South Africa is yet another spot where the rule of the demos has turned a once-prosperous, if politically problematic, place into a lawless ramshackle.

South Africa is now the most violent country outside a war zone. The country, writes Scott Baldauf of the Christian Science Monitor, has "the highest recorded per capita murder rate in the world – with 59 homicides per 100,000 people. … The U.S., by comparison, had six." So violent is the "free" South Africa that, for a period, the freewheeling African National Congress government imposed an official blackout on national crime statistics. It now releases them once yearly.

In 2003, South Africa had 21,553 murders (population 44.6 million). In comparison, the "high crime" United States (population 288.2 million) suffered 16,110 murders in the same year. According to Baldauf, the number of homicides in South Africa dipped to 19,824 in 2004. The U.S., with 293 million at the time, had 16,150.

The last statistics available, courtesy of the CBS, "showed that between April 2004 and March 2005, 18,793 people were murdered in South Africa, an average of 51 a day in a nation of 47 million." There were 24,516 attempted murders, 249,369 assaults with grievous injury, and 55,114 reported rapes. (And by rape we don't mean what American women consider rape: waking up the next morning after a romp between the sheets with a hangover and some regrets.)

As ghastly as the official figures are, they're most probably doctored. Rob McCafferty, author of "Murder in South Africa: a Comparison of Past and Present," notes that "Interpol have South African murder statistics that are roughly double the official South African state statistics, while the South African Medical Research Council claims there are approximately a third more murders in South Africa than the official police statistics reveal." A discrepancy of over 10,000 murders is, shall we say, more than a margin of error.

Yet Westerners, conservatives included, praise the new dispensation in my old home. According to a columnist for the American Conservative, South Africa represents "the greatest triumph of chatter over machine-gun clatter." "It's not perfect," this flaccid fool effuses, "and crime is at an all-time high in South-African cities, but at least the massacres are a thing of the past and life goes on much better than before."

False. Few people know that during the decades of the repressive apartheid regime, only a few thousand Africans perished as a direct result of police brutality. A horrible injustice, indubitably, but nothing approximating the carnage under "free" South Africa, where thousands of Africans perish every few months. (Let us not beat about the bush; crime in South Africa is black on black and black on white.)

Take the travails of my extended family. Ordinarily, a one-case study does not a rule make. But not in this instance – you'd be hard pressed to find a family in democratic South Africa whose members have not been brutalized by barbarians. Mine includes a sister-in-law suffering permanent neurological damage after being assaulted by five Africans; a brother burglarized and beaten in his suburban fortress at 2 a.m. by an African gang (wife and infant son were miraculously spared). My father's neighbor was shot point-blank in front of his little girls, as he exited his car to open the garage gates. My husband's cousin and uncle were hijacked; aunt beaten within an inch of her life and raped. Two of his colleagues (that we know of) were murdered; one shot by African taxi drivers in broad daylight, as he left his girlfriend's apartment.

Despite the oppressive, undesirable, political aspects of apartheid, law and order was maintained and common criminals were pursued and prosecuted, to the benefit of all. To appropriate the gallant words of Gen. Sir Charles Napier: Before 1994, when African men raped infants because the "practice" is considered a traditional salve for AIDS, South African policemen followed their custom: They tied a rope around the rapist's neck and hanged him.

Since the near-total collapse of law and order, the conviction rate hovers at 2.96 percent!

Much the way Americans dismantled Iraq's law and order apparatus, the democratically elected ANC retired most of the old South African Police and set about reconstructing a politically correct – and representative – force. The demotic orgy of crime reflects the capabilities of the renamed South African Police Services – it is mostly an illiterate, ill-trained force, riven by feuds, fetishes and factional loyalties. In Africa, moreover, as in the Middle East, the extractive view of politics dominates – people seek personal advantage from positions of power.

Corruption is thus the rule, not the exception.

Readers will often admonish me for dismissing those ink-stained Iraqi fingers. I tell them I've lived under a relatively peaceful dictatorship and was fortunate to escape a violent mobocracy. I tell them that voting is synonymous with freedom only if strict limits are placed on the powers of elected officials and only if individual rights to live unmolested are respected.

In South Africa, as in Iraq, these conditions do not apply.

Source: WorldNetDaily

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Neighbour makes gruesome find

12/12/2006 10:01 - (SA)

Sarie van Niekerk, Beeld

Delmas - The bloodied body of a 79-year-old woman, whose hands and feet had been tied and whose head was wrapped in towels fastened with electric cord, was found in her house on Sunday night.

Jan du Plooy, a neighbour who took her some food, noticed something was amiss and called his father, Jan snr.

They found Anna Magrieta Brink's body next to the bath in the locked bathroom.

Upon arrival Du Plooy jnr noticed that the power was cut. He entered the house in Griessel Street with a spare key and noticed the first spots of blood the moment he stepped inside.

Police inspector Smookie Smook said on Monday afternoon it seemed as if Brink was overpowered in her bed.

"There was blood in her bed. Her arms were tied at the elbows behind her back and her feet were also tied."

"The electricity was switched off at the mains. An electric sandwich maker with blood on it stood in the kitchen - apparently one of the objects with which she had been attacked," said Smook.

"There was also blood on the cupboards, which stood open."

"A wooden walking stick with blood on it was found in the passage, as well as two candle sticks, one made of glass and another made of copper, with blood on them. A copper bangle was found next to her body in the bathroom."

Smook said the murderers had jumped over the fence, climbed into a tree and along a branch hanging over the roof, removed tiles from the roof, kicked out the ceiling and entered the house through a back room.

Brink's body was found about 20:30 on Sunday, but she was apparently murdered during the early morning hours.

"According to information obtained from neighbours, she was murdered about 02:00 on Sunday."

Her white Toyota Conquest, which the robbers used to get away, was apparently particularly noisy.

"Neighbours across the street later said they heard her car about that time of the morning," said Smook.


'I raped and robbed because life was unfair'

Tania Broughton

December 12 2006 at 08:52AM

A Lamontville man who raped and robbed a 62-year-old Brighton Beach, Bluff, woman at her home last month, said on Monday that he had committed the crimes because he had no job, no money and "thought life was unfair".

He admitted that the woman had been kind to him in the past and had often given him food, and once even a fridge.

But, he said, when he lost his job with a garden services company he had decided to turn to robbery "to make some quick money".

Thobile Ncanini, 27, was arrested by Brighton Beach detectives last Thursday.

He immediately confessed and told the police that he was sorry and wanted to see his victim so he could apologise to her.

Yesterday he wept continuously when he pleaded guilty before Durban High Court Judge Atkins Moleko.

His victim, whom he knew well because he had often worked in her neighbour's garden, was not in court.

In his written plea, he said that he had gone to the woman's house on November 9 armed with a knife and had entered through the kitchen door. He had worn a balaclava so that she would not recognise him.

"She was busy in the kitchen. I grabbed her and pointed my knife at her, demanding money," he said.

"She fell down, I assume out of shock, but I kept demanding that she give me money."

He said the woman had taken him to her bedroom and had given him R150 from her wallet.

"I asked her if this was the only money she had and she said that was all she could offer. She then took off her gold bracelet. I took off her necklace and took her cellphone."

He said that when he had told her that he was going to have sex with her, the woman had pleaded that she was too old for that.

"I nevertheless continued to cut off her pants and undress her. After raping her, I tied her hands with strips of her pants and fled."

Ncanini is facing minimum sentences of 15 years for robbery and 10 years for rape.

However, state advocate Nick de Klerk argued that the judge should impose more than the minimum sentence for the rape, because "rape is more serious than robbery".

"He humiliated his victim by raping her. He is a young man, he did not need to have sex with an older woman. She will have nightmares for years to come."

De Klerk said that society was "sick and tired" of abuse against women.

Sentence will be passed on Tuesday.

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Mercury on December 12, 2006


'Shut the kids up, or we shoot'

11/12/2006 23:01 - (SA)

Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - It was going to be a special Friday evening, with dinner at a restaurant for the grandchildren.

But four robbers were waiting in the driveway for the family from Rooihuiskraal, near Pretoria.

Six-year-old Amor Armstrong pleaded with the robber who held a gun to her head: "Please don't shoot me."

Her four-year-old sister Bernice, who had started crying, was kicked in the back by another man, and went "sailing over the ground".

The sisters, their mother Sarie Armstrong and their grandparents Willem and Rina de Vos, were on their way out when the robbers struck.

Sarie's husband, Barney, was at work.

Kicked and beaten

The gang repeatedly kicked and beat De Vos and picked up his wife by her hair. She and Sarie were groped while the robbers took their jewellery.

"I walked out of my daughter's house with my firearm in my hand, when I saw the two men in front of me. The one told me to put it down."

De Vos said after he had put down his firearm, he noticed another two men behind him.

Bernice started crying and the robber kicked her, but Sarie threw her handbag at him.

The gang ordered them to lie down, while they took their jewellery, cellphones and R2 400 in cash.

Children threatened

Armstrong said the robbers warned her to keep the children quiet, or they would be shot.

"I put my hands over their eyes, and pressed their heads under my arms."

Amor kept asking her mother why the "ooms want to hurt us".

De Vos said the robbers spoke fluent Afrikaans.

"They were very aggressive and one kept threatening to shoot me, while the other said 'no'."

After half an hour, the robbers dragged the family into the garage, switched the lights off and closed the door.

They fled in De Vos's Uno.

Armstrong said the police were on the scene within five minutes.

"Inspectors Ilse Jones and her team were wonderful and we received counselling the same evening."


To our neo-liberalist friends: One day we will meet you in hell

By the Uhuru Guru of the South Africa Sucks Blog

15 December 2006

We, the Whites of South Africa are being systematically wiped out in the most cruel, sadistic and inhuman way imaginable.

Every day several of our compatriots lose their lives at the hands of a de facto asymmetrical war against our race. We are being tortured & killed BECAUSE we are white- victims of an undeclared but unmistakeable genocide. It is therefore a perfectly human trait to react with intense hatred towards our exclusively black tormentors.

Sure enough, other blacks also fall victim to crime, but they are rarely tortured and racially abused as we are. During the Apartheid Years, there was no shortage of whites who sympathised with the plight of blacks. Many risked - and paid with their lives- to alleviate the harsh realities of their darker compatriots. Yet in the New South Africa, you will be hard pressed to find any blacks speaking out against the monstrous injustices perpetrated against us. We find ourselves in the insufferable position of being in a low intensity war where the colour of our skin has now become our de facto uniform. As with any conflict, an escalation of hostilities causes heightened polarisation, and with it, the bitter, inevitable choice of which side you're on. It is an indisputable fact that race relations as they are today, have never been worse, compared even to the darkest days of Apartheid. Consider the fact that more people have died in the period from 1994 to 2004, than during the height of the so-called "struggle" period between 1984 and 1994, when the country was embroiled in a civil war. Indeed, a supreme twist of irony for a country which supposedly has the most “progressive” and modern constitution in the world – the same country which has more Nobel Peace prize winners than any other country in the world.

While crime is an unwelcome but anticipated by-product of any rapidly transforming country, the best sociologist & criminologist minds are apparently at a complete loss to explain the excessive, cruel and extreme violence which accompanies most anti-white hate crimes. It rather seems they dare not speak the truth, for this would contradict the Marxian dictum that only blacks can be victims, and only whites can be racist. Researchers have interviewed captured black hijackers in prison, where the hijackers freely admitted that they especially target whites. They also stated that they would usually kill a white person when robbing them, whereas they would rob their own kin but not harm them. See the story on the Chinese victims, as well as the Carte Blance TV interview with black criminals elsewhere on this blog for detailed examples.

While many American & European readers of this blog recognise the extreme racism of South African criminals, some wilfully choose to ignore racist hate crimes against whites, electing instead to castigate and chide us for daring, in the face of relentless ethnic cleansing, to utter racist statements. This is nothing new – for many years, a racial double standard has existed – if Robert Mugarbage had been a white dictator, and his victims black, the Brits & Americans would long ago have landed a Special Task Force to engineer his dislodgement. But because he’s black, and an avowed Marxist to boot, he can literally get away with murder.

So accordingly, we White South Africans defecate with utter contempt on your condescending, hypocritical attempt at guilt projection, shamelessly trying to frame us as the perps while in truth we are the victims. Twenty years ago we were fighting a war on terror. Our cities were being bombed and innocent people murdered. Back then you condemned us for the retaliatory methods we used to protect yourselves. (SADF pre-emptive strikes into neighbouring countries against terrorist bases) Your governments instituted sanctions and your enterprises disinvested from South Africa. How times have changed. Now, post 9-11, YOU are embroiled in a war of terror. YOUR cities, buses and trains are being bombed. Not only are you using precisely the same anti-terrorist methods we did, but your armies are behaving far worse. You’ve invaded and occupied entire countries (Iraq, Afghanistan) and you’ve behaved like mendacious scoundrels. The US-instigated Abu Graib prison excesses and numerous other war crimes committed by British troops in Basra come to mind.

What will follow your current “war on terror” will be a race war, between Asians & Arab Muslims on the one side, and White Christians & Jews on the other (See Dr Samuel Huntington’s book, “Clash Of The Civilisations”, or Jean Raspail’s “Camp Of The Saints”). The United Kingdom is being colonised by a foreign culture, with many areas (e.g. Bradford) as no go areas for the indigenous Brits. Not long ago, a frail old WW2 veteran was set upon by a gang of Pakistani scum and savagely beaten to death. His crime? Being white, and in the wrong neighbourhood. Imagine that – this old man, who fought Nazi Germany for his country’s freedom, not being able to walk in certain parts of his motherland he risked his life for and worse - being murdered by subhuman filth that the socialist bleeding hearts in his Majesty's government saw fit to invite in. Or the English policeman, who last year dared to put a Union Jack sticker in his patrol van. His Pakistani partner saw this as a “racist act” and lodged a complaint. In a sickening act of yellow-bellied treason, the politically correct tribunal ordered the hapless Englishman to remove the offending flag, after which he was transferred to another town. Whose country is it now, you may wonder?

Similarly, the US is under attack from an openly declared “La Reconquista” by Meztizos. California and a few other states already reel as these immigrants now form the racial majority and encumber the social security system. Already, the Chicanos have on several occasions torn down the Stars & Stripes and replaced it with the Mexican banner. At sporting events, they sing the Mexican anthem, drowning out the American descant. They have even named the territory (comprising inter alia Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California) as “Aztlan”. A Chicano organisation known as “La Raza” has almost one hundred branches across campuses in the US. “La Raza” is Spanish for race, and you can be assured the pro-Aztlan La Raza crowd does not include the gringo race in their definition. In the face of this incredible racist arrogance and naked ethnic hostility, all you liberals can say is “appease, appease, appease. Clearly you do not realise that the only compromise between life, and a bottle of poison, is death. In SA, against our better judgment but in line with the morality of the time we compromised, we appeased, we accommodated. Our reward? Humiliation, enslavement, death.

Consistent with the racist double standard you exhibit, we in South Africa have the monstrous travesty of having a “Black Editor’s forum, a Black Lawyers Association, a Black Accountant’s League, ad nauseam. We even have black beauty contests where non-black contestants are barred from participating in. Not even a murmour of disapproval from your ranks! If Whites were even to dream of creating a “White Computer Engineer’s forum”, the conveners will instantly be arrested and hauled off the infamous ‘Equality Courts’ for racism. Post 1994 South Africa with that shiny new Constitution has the most virulent racist policies & laws on her statute books, since the days of Nazi Germany! We suffer from “Affirmative Action” policies – AA was originally conceived in the USA, to benefit a racial minority. Yet in South Africa, the overwhelming black majority are the beneficiaries of this policy. If, within the SA context this is not an (unintended) but tacit confirmation of the supposed “inherent backwardness & racial inferiority” of blacks, one cannot imagine what is. So if your jaw drops at the vitriolic disillusionment exhibited by many commentators to this blog, consider that most of them, like this writer, used to be deluded liberals who once fervently believed that the only cure for racism was colour blindness. Yet you stand here and judge us as racist ogres, while hoping we will for one second take your sanctimonious, hypocritical admonitions seriously? No matter, your thinking will evolve, sooner or later.

Just as we lost our war on terror, you will lose yours, due in part to the appeasement & paralysis induced by your Gramsciite media, but due mostly to your inability to think independently. You stumble through the fog of your brainwashed lives- goose-stepping, veritable peecee versions of the Stepford Wives; inanely muttering whatever politically correct manta du jour sounds appropriate, and like automatons, you mindlessly parrot the memes implanted into your vacuous minds to obtain the short-lived high of feeling moralistic and righteous. Your intellectual castration will soon be a fait accompli, and that is when your race war will start in earnest, as members of your gene pool slowly get murdered by the new majority. Like us, you will vent your futile, impotent rage in forums like this. When you do, I hope you’ll cast your minds back to this day & age, and realise that what is happening in South Africa post 1994 was a harbinger of your own dystopic future. Our fate in the South Africa of 2006 is a microcosm of what lies in store for you, in the next 20 years.

But for now, feel free to smugly assume the self-righteous mantle of your suicidal zeitgeist. Pat yourselves on the back as you deride and diminish the suffering of our people, while moralistically pronouncing judgment on our “unconscionably racist, fascist” wrath. For now, you have that luxury, just as we used to have in times past. But wait, your turn is imminent. We have evolved to depart, by necessity, even by force of circumstance, from our former philanthropic & righteous premises to the "racist, fascist"positions of ethnic survival we occupy today. You too will evolve, as your countries are overrun, as your sacred symbols are dismantled, as your culture and your heroes maligned. Eventually the scales will fall from your eyes, but sadly it will be too late. We do not wish this on you. We do however hope that our anguished cries will wake you from your deadly slumber. For us, it is too late. For you, it soon will be. And afterwards, my liberal friends, perhaps we will all meet again - in hell.

Source:South Africa Sucks Blog

Man shot for his bicycle

13/12/2006 19:31 - (SA)

Johannesburg - An elderly man was found dead in the veld at Venterspos, Westonaria, West Rand police said on Wednesday.

Superintendent Milica Bezuidenhout said Piet Swanevelder's body was found with a bullet wound in his stomach at about 15:00 on Tuesday, and his bicycle worth R300 was missing.

It was alleged that on Monday afternoon, the 65-year-old congregation member had volunteered to clean his local church.

"He then cycled to church which was only about one kilometre away from his house."

He did not return home, but his body was discovered by a group of quad bike riders in the veld, Bezuidenhout said.

She said it appeared that the motive for the murder was theft of the bicycle.


Elderly targeted in Gauteng attacks

December 15 2006 at 06:44AM

By Barry Bateman

Within little more than 12 hours in Garsfontein, a 76-year-old man was shot dead and an elderly couple assaulted in their homes in separate attacks.

Ray Rausch was shot in the chest moments after arriving home from church on Wednesday night. That morning, Hans Coetzee, his wife Dalene (both 85) and domestic worker Mary Mnisi were held up and assaulted by three armed men.

Rauche's son Anthony said: "My father arrived home at about 9.40pm from choir practice at the Queenswood Catholic Church. My mother was half asleep in the bedroom with the dogs," he said.

'The crime is unacceptable'

Rauche's widow, Connie, said: "My dogs were going berserk. The next thing there was an intruder in the room pointing a gun at me.

"He indicated with his finger over his lips for me to keep quiet. He walked into the passage. I heard a shot go off. There were no sounds of a struggle, no commotion," she said.

Anthony said his father was found lying dead at the front door of his Eleanor Street home. "It appears he had been shot in cold blood. The only thing taken was a digital camera. After they shot my father they fled," he said.

The family spoke fondly of a man who was retired but involved in his church and very active. Rausch was a founding members of the Magnolia Running Club and had finished the Comrades seven times. "Just last week he had sent away entry forms for races he wanted to do next year. He had also bought a new running top for the new season," said Connie.

She showed a picture of her husband with a gold medal for winning the 10km track event at the Gauteng North Masters' Championship.

'It's not safe'

Rausche's son Derek lashed out at the government. "The crime is unacceptable. It does not help to talk about it; the government must do something about it. They are the only ones who can do something about crime by deploying more police officers on the streets."

Around the corner in Keeshond Street, Coetzee, sporting a bandage on his head covering stitches, said he got out of bed at 7am on Wednesday and made tea for himself and Dalene. "I opened the back door for our domestic worker and a side door for some air.

"While I was in the shower the door opened and there was a man standing in front of me with a revolver in my face.

"At first I did not realise what was happening, then it dawned on me that this was a robbery.

"Three suspects pulled me out of the shower and threw me on the floor. They hit me over the head with something. I pretended I was knocked out so they wouldn't hit me again.

"They tied my arms behind my back with steel wire," he said pointing to black and blue marks around his wrists.

Coetzee said he was dragged to the room where his wife was lying in bed. He said a back operation had left his wife almost bed-ridden.

Dalene said the men asked where the safe and guns were. "When I told them where the safe was and that we had no guns, they told me to keep quiet.

"They slapped me in the face when I asked them how I was supposed to tell them where the safe was when I was supposed to keep quiet. I thought I better not get cheeky or they will really hurt me," she said.

Coetzee said the suspects forced his wife to get out of bed and use her walker to show them where the safe was. He said they took what they could and let his wife return to bed.

The men ransacked the house looking for valuables for about an hour. "They eventually gave up and left. My domestic worker untied herself and untied me. I pushed the panic button and called the police."

Coetzee said they were traumatised and planned to move out of the house they had called home for 24 years. First they wanted to find a place that was safe. "I think if we had resisted the men would not have thought twice to shoot.

"We used to feel safe here; now we have to lock up and stay inside from morning until night. We have a garden and veranda which we can't use because it's not safe."

Police spokesperson Inspector Anton Breedt confirmed Rausch's murder. He said were investigating the matter.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on December 15, 2006


Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Mandela Has no Clothes

by Albert Brenner
December 11, 2006 01:00 PM EST

Tailored guilt comes in varying shades; most of it is black on white. Penance being paid can be worn as many garments, be it a Mandela pin, a Bono/Geldoff Save-Africa rock concert, affirmative action, South African black economic empowerment or a Brangelina Black-baby adoption shopping-spree. Uniform in complexion, all are interwoven with a single strand displaying the conscious intention of its Western wearer to placate a troublesome conscience.

On the catwalk of guilt those who strut their stuff in white are invariably assured of popular acclaim in a moral universe subsisting on blame. To clothe a multi-colored world in the most preciously-held Western ideals demands absolute dedication to perceived universal designs (e.g. freedom, democracy, human rights, and scientific/universal truths). Wearing the most ill-fitting clothes of Western design, Africa continuous to steal the limelight by virtue of parading its moral nudity as enlightened purity. And no amount of African horror can stain the liberal perception that all is to be gained by allowing Rousseau's Noble Savage to dictate the high ground of 21-century morality.

Mandela has, in a recent poll, been voted as the most admired leader in the world. Admired for what? Well, basically for being the best dressed African in Western clothing. Having adorned himself with all that we in the West deem as virtuous, Mandela (as a symbol of African moral purity), has been elevated to the position of judge and jury of all that is good and evil in this complex world we live in.

Credit should be given where it is due; Mandela certainly struts his borrowed clothes like a model of the highest repute (e.g. Naomi Campell), but does the Emperor have any real (home-spun) clothes? People tend to forget that Mandela is of 'noble' birth. I.e. his forefathers (and peers) were/are the dictatorial leaders of the Africa we have become so accustomed to ever since the West ventured to the shores of the Dark Continent. It suffices to say that he was born to lead, come hell (his ex-anti-capitalism) or high water (Apartheid). It also goes without saying that all leaders want rule! But does the quest for freedom automatically translate into adherence to human rights& dignities and true democracy? Even a cursory glance at modern-day Iraq tells us that certain Western assumptions can be used as weapons of mass distraction.

Getting back to Mandelatopia; there were no human rights in pre-colonial Africa, nor were there any freedoms for the individual, scientific progress (a written language, the wheel, etc); nothing we can now, given our own civilization's journey through history, recognize as remotely progressive. In short; there was no Afro-Atlantis, something recalcitrant liberals conveniently forget in their suicidal quest to clothe the Other in their ideals in the hope of straightening the crooked timber of humanity....for all eternity.

Be that as it may, how well does/did Mandela's Western clothes fit him? The most prudent way to judge a leader is to look at his/her legacy. Hitler was a brilliant leader, but what were the consequences (legacy) of his actions? One only has to look at the legacy of the American Founding Fathers to realize what a magnificent contribution they made to humanity as a whole. Their efforts may not be appreciated in modern-day Iraq and Afghanistan, but they surely cannot be blamed for trying to enlighten the unenlightened. Mandela's legacy on the other hand is definitely not as commendable as lauded ad nauseum in Oprahverse.

When it comes to acknowledging universal scientific facts, he failed abysmally. For example, he blatantly ignored dire warnings by the Apartheid government that AIDS will have a devastating effect on the black population. With 800 blacks dying of AIDS per day in South Africa - and having buried his own son because of AIDS, the Emperor must surely take a long hard look at himself in the mirror every morning. Hell, even his chosen successor, Mbeki, still does not belief that AIDS is caused by a virus! It is therefore also no wonder that America asked the Apartheid government to dismantle its nuclear weapons, lest Mandela's old cronies (Arafat, Ghadaffi, Castro, etc) get hold of technology that would have emboldened them to live out their own dictatorial instincts...power at all cost!

When it concerns Western-induced moral imperatives, Mandela also fails to make the grade. He has never, not once, criticized Mugabe's horror regime in Zimbabwe, even though Mugabe exemplifies everything that he (Mandela) is praised (and given a Nobel Peace Prize) for opposing. Moral schizophrenia is nothing new on a continent whose fate is determined by Golem-like* leaders who will not hesitate, for one moment, to use the end to justify the means.

These are but a few examples of how ill-fitting the Emperor's clothes really are, if he has any! What is good enough to wear for the Western goose is obviously not good enough to adorn the African gander. And yet we still 'feel good' when heaping accolades on those who defile the very fabric of all that we hold dear. Africans are above reproach! The race-card is the Joker that always wins the hand for those who excel in the politically-correct game of populist power-poker.

In short; we keep on washing Africa's blood-stained garments with a Macbethian vigor (White Guilt) hell-bent on tearing asunder all that our hard-earned conscience (e.g. the Reformation, the French Revolution, and the American Constitution) shed a million tears for. Who abolished slavery? Who ended slavery and Apartheid? It definitely wasn't Africa. Slavery is alive and well on the Dark Continent; child soldiers, black-owned white sex-slaves and ethnic Apartheid still soil the very ground intended to bear the fruit of our US$ half-trillion investment in Africa's upliftment, not to mention the millions of Westerners who have died to make the world a better place for all humanity.

We surely have taken on a tremendous task in endeavoring to tailor the world according to our designs. Whether our garments will be fashionable in times to come, is obviously best left to the modeling of human history. But, lest we deny ourselves, let us not further the agendas of the naked who have managed to slip into (and under) our moral skin in order to make the Emperor appear clothed.

Here is a link to a video-clip where Mandela sings about killing whites;

(The white man to his left is the old Communist stalwart, Ronnie Kastrils - current Minister of Intelligence in South Africa)

More than 2000 white farmers have been killed in the past 12 years. Here is a link to one of the websites where these atrocities are chronicled (CAUTION: extremely horrific images!)

Source: The conservative voice

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Farmer killed in NW farm attack

30/11/2006 14:08 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A farm owner was shot dead and an employee wounded by eight men at the Biesieslaagte farm outside Wolmaranstad, North West police said on Thursday.

Inspector Sam Tselenyane said Jan Moolman, 37, was busy on his farm on Wednesday night, when the men appeared and shot him. He died on the scene.

A security guard Paulos Mphele, 42, who was with him at the time, was shot in his left foot. He was later taken to hospital.

The robbers drove away with Moolman's brown Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number FLP 728 NW.

"We are not sure what else was taken, we only know of the car," said Tselenyane.

Police were investigating.

Source: News24,,2-7-1442_2038051,00.html