Saturday, 16 December 2006

Neighbour makes gruesome find

12/12/2006 10:01 - (SA)

Sarie van Niekerk, Beeld

Delmas - The bloodied body of a 79-year-old woman, whose hands and feet had been tied and whose head was wrapped in towels fastened with electric cord, was found in her house on Sunday night.

Jan du Plooy, a neighbour who took her some food, noticed something was amiss and called his father, Jan snr.

They found Anna Magrieta Brink's body next to the bath in the locked bathroom.

Upon arrival Du Plooy jnr noticed that the power was cut. He entered the house in Griessel Street with a spare key and noticed the first spots of blood the moment he stepped inside.

Police inspector Smookie Smook said on Monday afternoon it seemed as if Brink was overpowered in her bed.

"There was blood in her bed. Her arms were tied at the elbows behind her back and her feet were also tied."

"The electricity was switched off at the mains. An electric sandwich maker with blood on it stood in the kitchen - apparently one of the objects with which she had been attacked," said Smook.

"There was also blood on the cupboards, which stood open."

"A wooden walking stick with blood on it was found in the passage, as well as two candle sticks, one made of glass and another made of copper, with blood on them. A copper bangle was found next to her body in the bathroom."

Smook said the murderers had jumped over the fence, climbed into a tree and along a branch hanging over the roof, removed tiles from the roof, kicked out the ceiling and entered the house through a back room.

Brink's body was found about 20:30 on Sunday, but she was apparently murdered during the early morning hours.

"According to information obtained from neighbours, she was murdered about 02:00 on Sunday."

Her white Toyota Conquest, which the robbers used to get away, was apparently particularly noisy.

"Neighbours across the street later said they heard her car about that time of the morning," said Smook.


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