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To our neo-liberalist friends: One day we will meet you in hell

By the Uhuru Guru of the South Africa Sucks Blog

15 December 2006

We, the Whites of South Africa are being systematically wiped out in the most cruel, sadistic and inhuman way imaginable.

Every day several of our compatriots lose their lives at the hands of a de facto asymmetrical war against our race. We are being tortured & killed BECAUSE we are white- victims of an undeclared but unmistakeable genocide. It is therefore a perfectly human trait to react with intense hatred towards our exclusively black tormentors.

Sure enough, other blacks also fall victim to crime, but they are rarely tortured and racially abused as we are. During the Apartheid Years, there was no shortage of whites who sympathised with the plight of blacks. Many risked - and paid with their lives- to alleviate the harsh realities of their darker compatriots. Yet in the New South Africa, you will be hard pressed to find any blacks speaking out against the monstrous injustices perpetrated against us. We find ourselves in the insufferable position of being in a low intensity war where the colour of our skin has now become our de facto uniform. As with any conflict, an escalation of hostilities causes heightened polarisation, and with it, the bitter, inevitable choice of which side you're on. It is an indisputable fact that race relations as they are today, have never been worse, compared even to the darkest days of Apartheid. Consider the fact that more people have died in the period from 1994 to 2004, than during the height of the so-called "struggle" period between 1984 and 1994, when the country was embroiled in a civil war. Indeed, a supreme twist of irony for a country which supposedly has the most “progressive” and modern constitution in the world – the same country which has more Nobel Peace prize winners than any other country in the world.

While crime is an unwelcome but anticipated by-product of any rapidly transforming country, the best sociologist & criminologist minds are apparently at a complete loss to explain the excessive, cruel and extreme violence which accompanies most anti-white hate crimes. It rather seems they dare not speak the truth, for this would contradict the Marxian dictum that only blacks can be victims, and only whites can be racist. Researchers have interviewed captured black hijackers in prison, where the hijackers freely admitted that they especially target whites. They also stated that they would usually kill a white person when robbing them, whereas they would rob their own kin but not harm them. See the story on the Chinese victims, as well as the Carte Blance TV interview with black criminals elsewhere on this blog for detailed examples.

While many American & European readers of this blog recognise the extreme racism of South African criminals, some wilfully choose to ignore racist hate crimes against whites, electing instead to castigate and chide us for daring, in the face of relentless ethnic cleansing, to utter racist statements. This is nothing new – for many years, a racial double standard has existed – if Robert Mugarbage had been a white dictator, and his victims black, the Brits & Americans would long ago have landed a Special Task Force to engineer his dislodgement. But because he’s black, and an avowed Marxist to boot, he can literally get away with murder.

So accordingly, we White South Africans defecate with utter contempt on your condescending, hypocritical attempt at guilt projection, shamelessly trying to frame us as the perps while in truth we are the victims. Twenty years ago we were fighting a war on terror. Our cities were being bombed and innocent people murdered. Back then you condemned us for the retaliatory methods we used to protect yourselves. (SADF pre-emptive strikes into neighbouring countries against terrorist bases) Your governments instituted sanctions and your enterprises disinvested from South Africa. How times have changed. Now, post 9-11, YOU are embroiled in a war of terror. YOUR cities, buses and trains are being bombed. Not only are you using precisely the same anti-terrorist methods we did, but your armies are behaving far worse. You’ve invaded and occupied entire countries (Iraq, Afghanistan) and you’ve behaved like mendacious scoundrels. The US-instigated Abu Graib prison excesses and numerous other war crimes committed by British troops in Basra come to mind.

What will follow your current “war on terror” will be a race war, between Asians & Arab Muslims on the one side, and White Christians & Jews on the other (See Dr Samuel Huntington’s book, “Clash Of The Civilisations”, or Jean Raspail’s “Camp Of The Saints”). The United Kingdom is being colonised by a foreign culture, with many areas (e.g. Bradford) as no go areas for the indigenous Brits. Not long ago, a frail old WW2 veteran was set upon by a gang of Pakistani scum and savagely beaten to death. His crime? Being white, and in the wrong neighbourhood. Imagine that – this old man, who fought Nazi Germany for his country’s freedom, not being able to walk in certain parts of his motherland he risked his life for and worse - being murdered by subhuman filth that the socialist bleeding hearts in his Majesty's government saw fit to invite in. Or the English policeman, who last year dared to put a Union Jack sticker in his patrol van. His Pakistani partner saw this as a “racist act” and lodged a complaint. In a sickening act of yellow-bellied treason, the politically correct tribunal ordered the hapless Englishman to remove the offending flag, after which he was transferred to another town. Whose country is it now, you may wonder?

Similarly, the US is under attack from an openly declared “La Reconquista” by Meztizos. California and a few other states already reel as these immigrants now form the racial majority and encumber the social security system. Already, the Chicanos have on several occasions torn down the Stars & Stripes and replaced it with the Mexican banner. At sporting events, they sing the Mexican anthem, drowning out the American descant. They have even named the territory (comprising inter alia Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California) as “Aztlan”. A Chicano organisation known as “La Raza” has almost one hundred branches across campuses in the US. “La Raza” is Spanish for race, and you can be assured the pro-Aztlan La Raza crowd does not include the gringo race in their definition. In the face of this incredible racist arrogance and naked ethnic hostility, all you liberals can say is “appease, appease, appease. Clearly you do not realise that the only compromise between life, and a bottle of poison, is death. In SA, against our better judgment but in line with the morality of the time we compromised, we appeased, we accommodated. Our reward? Humiliation, enslavement, death.

Consistent with the racist double standard you exhibit, we in South Africa have the monstrous travesty of having a “Black Editor’s forum, a Black Lawyers Association, a Black Accountant’s League, ad nauseam. We even have black beauty contests where non-black contestants are barred from participating in. Not even a murmour of disapproval from your ranks! If Whites were even to dream of creating a “White Computer Engineer’s forum”, the conveners will instantly be arrested and hauled off the infamous ‘Equality Courts’ for racism. Post 1994 South Africa with that shiny new Constitution has the most virulent racist policies & laws on her statute books, since the days of Nazi Germany! We suffer from “Affirmative Action” policies – AA was originally conceived in the USA, to benefit a racial minority. Yet in South Africa, the overwhelming black majority are the beneficiaries of this policy. If, within the SA context this is not an (unintended) but tacit confirmation of the supposed “inherent backwardness & racial inferiority” of blacks, one cannot imagine what is. So if your jaw drops at the vitriolic disillusionment exhibited by many commentators to this blog, consider that most of them, like this writer, used to be deluded liberals who once fervently believed that the only cure for racism was colour blindness. Yet you stand here and judge us as racist ogres, while hoping we will for one second take your sanctimonious, hypocritical admonitions seriously? No matter, your thinking will evolve, sooner or later.

Just as we lost our war on terror, you will lose yours, due in part to the appeasement & paralysis induced by your Gramsciite media, but due mostly to your inability to think independently. You stumble through the fog of your brainwashed lives- goose-stepping, veritable peecee versions of the Stepford Wives; inanely muttering whatever politically correct manta du jour sounds appropriate, and like automatons, you mindlessly parrot the memes implanted into your vacuous minds to obtain the short-lived high of feeling moralistic and righteous. Your intellectual castration will soon be a fait accompli, and that is when your race war will start in earnest, as members of your gene pool slowly get murdered by the new majority. Like us, you will vent your futile, impotent rage in forums like this. When you do, I hope you’ll cast your minds back to this day & age, and realise that what is happening in South Africa post 1994 was a harbinger of your own dystopic future. Our fate in the South Africa of 2006 is a microcosm of what lies in store for you, in the next 20 years.

But for now, feel free to smugly assume the self-righteous mantle of your suicidal zeitgeist. Pat yourselves on the back as you deride and diminish the suffering of our people, while moralistically pronouncing judgment on our “unconscionably racist, fascist” wrath. For now, you have that luxury, just as we used to have in times past. But wait, your turn is imminent. We have evolved to depart, by necessity, even by force of circumstance, from our former philanthropic & righteous premises to the "racist, fascist"positions of ethnic survival we occupy today. You too will evolve, as your countries are overrun, as your sacred symbols are dismantled, as your culture and your heroes maligned. Eventually the scales will fall from your eyes, but sadly it will be too late. We do not wish this on you. We do however hope that our anguished cries will wake you from your deadly slumber. For us, it is too late. For you, it soon will be. And afterwards, my liberal friends, perhaps we will all meet again - in hell.

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well written. the blind ignorance of the rest of the world regarding the situation in south africa is something that needs to be adressed.